sick zoey, sick me, tired arek, great idol night and projects galore……


first off….great idol night. i was blown away!! can’t pick a favorite tonight…really can’t, but i loved LIL ROUND. all the contestants were dynamite…to be so young and talented. i can hardly sing a happy birthday song at a kid’s party w/out sheer shame, so kuddos to all who can carry a tune.

between sickness, wind, change of weather, and overall grouchiness in this house tonite, i am greatful for the short time i had to knock out projects today. tuesday is usally my project day. i forfeit food shopping for project day and continue on the path of mac and cheese, dry milk, apples (we have an endless supply), raisins, cheese and nuts. those are my staples….my project food. that and sonic. i was going to take the kids for a playdate after school, but arek was too tired for the golden arches. how can a kid be too tired for that? then arek said in his LOUDEST voice after i put him in the car this afternoon, “TAKS test day sucks”. okay…that is why you are in school learning to read and write. so you can find better adjectives than SUCKS. it’s okay if i curse and scream….you know…do as i say and not as i do. anyway, the 45 page, 15 hour long test is over, arek. you can eat junk food now and watch quicksand videos on youtube. that will steer you into academics and success in the future.

zoey on the other hand is sick with a virus of some sort. she broke out into spots tonite and her ear is red. i think it is time i stop self diagnosing her and take her to the doctor. the hives/rash/spot thing is freakin me out. kids….work, work, work. so hard. so stressful and worrysome. i can hardly keep one side of the sink cleaned out and i’ve been put here on this earth to raise these children??  it’s daunting sometimes, but the rewards of imeasureable ( this even a word?). see….this is why i push arek to learn to write and read… he will spell words correctly and not look like a dummy.


i worked hard making some signs. i love to make signs. i could do nothing else but paint old boards and make crazy vintage like signs all day.

the sweet and shabby above came from cast off boards, thrift shop red letters and layers of paint. easy, easy, easy. i will add some kind of flowers or something to the boards to jazz it up some.


i finished this paris flea mart sign. i added a rusty wire to hang it, a sweet lady image, lace and a prism to finish it out.

also finished is this…..


i shabbypearls

i made this collage out of a cast off piece of burlap and some muslin. i glued this entire piece to an old suitcase i covered in patterns.


i also covered some old boxes with 1940’s pattern book covers. i love old patterns. the graphics are so sweet and the paper is super soft and easy to decoupage.




here are some tags i made. i decoupaged a bunch of pattern papers onto vintage cardstock. i let it dry and then cut them out w/fancy scissors. easy, easy, easy.

i have also been using brown shoe polish to make my collages look a little more worn and old. the polish is cheaper than BRIWAX and works just as well.

i went to a blog not long ago that showed those battery operated tealites in a jar. i loved it, so i found 6 of them thrift for 19cents a piece. i put them in 29 cent glasses and set them atop some salvage pillars. i love the way they look.



for those of you that are thinking about tea staining some newer linens to look old…..i can’t get enough of it. tea staining just transforms new linens into something really antique looking….

i am actually a little ashamed to show you all my work hands, but here goes……….




am i the only one??????

i have one more photo to share and then i need to go wake arek up and take zoey to the doctor. she still has spots and it’s morning and she can’t stop crying. poor thing.

i hope the photo below inspires  you for spring…….i gotta go. zoey is having major freak out.





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8 responses to “sick zoey, sick me, tired arek, great idol night and projects galore……

  1. dana leigh

    Saturday my husband is taking me to your booth. Man, do I hope that the box with the dress pattern pieces is still there!

  2. Love all of your decoupage projects! Hope Zooey feels better soon!

  3. cheryl

    Hey Sue! Love all your projects! I have been more creative lately, trying not to sit on my butt at the computer so much! I hope all is well with you and the kids. Love ya! 🙂

  4. Yes Sue…you’re not the only one with project hands. Try Nivea Refreshingly Soft Moisturizing Creme…I love it. Hayden has such raw dry hands from washing constantly…I use it on him and his hands get soft too. If you want to splurge then Satin Hands by Mary Kaye is good too. I go on ebay and try to get the kit cheaper then if I order it through someone.
    Thanks for taking a peek at my new blog. I have much to learn.
    Westin decided to “drink” out of the bar-b-que sauce bottle this morning. Then he thought it a good idea to smear it all over the kitchen floor. And of course I just mopped it yesterday afternoon. I GIVE UP!

  5. Michele

    LOVE the decoupage boxes!!!! You have inspired me. Give Zoey a hug for me.

  6. Hope everyone gets to feeling better. And how did you get my hands in those pictures? Ha! You are not the only one:)

  7. Sue

    I always miss a bit of paint on my arms or legs when scrubbing it off, and keep forgetting to get it off for days! People think I dont have showers….I do, I really do, and my hands look like yours too!
    Youv’ve been busy as usual, I hope Zoey is ok now.

  8. OK…I need to learn how to tea stain…I’ve never done it before and I love the look.

    Poor Zoey…I really hope she feels better soon..there is some major crud going around!


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