just what the doctor ordered……..


so i needed a revival today……

i had a moment of hysteria this morning after running on 2 or so hours of sleep and trying to get arek ready for school with drama, and now i’m trying to recover from not one, but TWO sick kids. zoey has a double ear infection, hives, fever, and a crazy, bad cough. arek now has a fever and threw up in the trashcan in the bathroom tonite. i had one of those days when i couldn’t stop doing laundry (accidents in the bed from arek), when i couldn’t stop cleaning up messes (zoey pooooed on the floor like a puppy and threw dishes on the floor today to watch them break, and i couldn’t stop waiting on kids (arek and zoey both wanted to make a diet coke cake and kept asking me for glasses of milk, something to eat, and army men to float in muddy water out back). i figure for sick kids….they sure are hungry, active sick kids. anyway, i think i had xray eyes today. i had one of those days when i could see all the dirt on the walls and floors….thru the cabinets, walls and carpet. i think i could see the bacteria and viruses like the ones they show on cleaning commercials promising you to get rid of creepy, crawly crud. my poor mom had to listen to me whine and go on and on about how stressed out i am. my poor husband had to listen to me go on and on about how much i wish he was here to help. and my poor kids keep asking me about their grammy and their dad. i think they can only stand so much of my neurosis and mood swings. i feel bad for them, but my crew called in sick again and ‘thyroid’, so it’s just mom trying to maintain a string of sanity and and ounce of energy to keep going. i also ache all over and i have a bad sore throat. i’ve been coughing and feeling really out of it too. i wish i could clone my good self. my i’m happy when i am junking self….where are those cloning sheep when you need them? does anyone have a vintage test tube kit i can use to get started?

so after a morning of meltdowns, my husband called and told me to leave the house. i took his advice. zoey said she wanted to go to the bin store. YAY. fine with me!! so to the bin store we went. g.w. bin store. i found very little, but one of my ‘finds’ of the day was there…..ALL $6 WORTH. after we went to the bin store, we went to a charity shop…..one of the kind with fill a bag of clothes for $1. i can handle that. YAY. found some cute clothes, smalls and a pile of vintage books. i have been buying clothes that have nice prints on them….pretty buttons i can tear off, sequins, etc…. when clothes are super cheap, it’s worth it to use them for projects. i’ve used baby skirts for lamp shades, old slips for stool covers, shirts for pillows….etc.

zoey had a great time at the charity shop. she carried her little baggie around, helped me shop for books and clothes and politely helped me take the hangers off my dresses. thanks zoey…..

on with my finds. a little antidote to a crappy morning and a teaspoon of junk will help the medicine go down…..i was so excited to find this treasure. i can’t wait to put her in my booth for display and fill her with vanity finds, material, small pillows, soaps, plates….etc. whatever!! i am so sure ron is so happy i found this. thanks for suggesting i get out of the house, ron. i can’t wait to move with this thing……..I ADORE IT.


a pink sink!!! love it. only $6. what a find. i wonder what my neighbors were thinking as i was taking this photo outside with a cast off sink, a plate, and some pretty ticking and floral fabrics. swoon.


i also found this crib bumber. no, i don’t have a crib to put it in, but i bought it anyway, because i am a junker and that’s what we do. RACHEL, i know you are eyeballing this, right? can you use it for the baby’s crib? you let me know and i’ll save it for you. it’s soooooooo cute.


found this sweet pillow at the charity shop. it’s so wonderful.


found these two cuties. i totally love these. i found the bunny at g.w. barn and the kitty at the charity shop. i loved vintage toys, but they are a HARD sell at the booth. for the price i found these, i couldn’t just leave them there. i will tie a pretty vintage bow around the bunny’s neck. i will put a sparkly pin on the kitty’s bow.


found some smalls….button pin i plan to paint, pearl candle thingy, birds nests and little garden candles. so sweet.

i also found two really sweet robes for $1 a piece. the one below has a real vintage barkcloth feel to it. i plan to use it to make a pillow….if and when i get that sewing machine to work.



cute books….10 cents and 25 cents a piece. i found about 10 books today. i love them….again, a hard sell at the booth, but arek loves to read, so he enjoys any books i find for him….especially the old school comic books and joke books.

after all the craziness of the day, i made a diet coke cake with the kids….just add a can of diet coke to a store bought cake mix and bake. strange, but it works. you can use regular coke as well. i read this one someone’s blog, but i can’t remember where i saw it. here is zoey before chocolate (i only had a white cake mix on hand, but i added some cocoa powder to it and it worked like a champ)…..




and after licking the spatula……



gross….but hey….a little chocolate is the perfect antidote to a double ear infection and too many rash outbreaks.

guess we all need a little revival…..chocolate, junk shopping, rest and a little diet coke cake slice…..just what the doctor ordered.

now i’m pretending to do this…..


both kids just fell asleep. i don’t plan on sending arek to school. between the three of us tomorrow, i’m not sure if the house will recover. it too….needs a revival.

you all have a great weekend. hope there are an abundance of great treasures out there waiting to go home with you. revive them and then sit back and enjoy.




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12 responses to “just what the doctor ordered……..

  1. Ron

    Poor little Zoey. She looks terrible. I think she needs more chocolate. Hang in there Sue. I love ya!


  2. Becky

    I happened to be blog hopping around tonight and stumbled across your site. I just want to say that having sick kids sucks!! I have been in the house with 3 sick kids for the past 2 days :-(. We have spent a lot of time reading. I love reading to my kids when they are sick. Tonight we read a fun book that they could relate to… “Moose With Loose Poops.” A fun story with lots of great information about gastroenteritis.

  3. Love that pink sink, Sue! Good eye!

  4. Debbie P.

    Sounds like you found the perfect antedote for a crummy day; hang in there – remember this too shall pass. I adore the pink sink; would love to see it again after it has experienced your touch.

  5. Thanks for your email…you make me laugh too. Ear infections stink. I hope all of you feel better soon!
    I don’t need the baby bumper. I have all my stuff already. Since the baby is sharing my craft room/studio and it’s pink and aqua…well those are his colors. I happened to find a bumper in aqua…vintage baby sheet with aqua polka dots and yellow crib quilt (vintage of course) with pink and aqua lambs. Thanks for the offer though!
    Take Care!

  6. Girl I have been there! Boy have been there! WOW..I feel your pain momma….

    btw have you ever tried coke barbecued chicken… Cook chicken in a pot add a little seasoning, a can of regular coke & a bottle of barbecue sauce.. The acid from the soda takes the seasoning all the way through the chicken…. Mmmm. I guess I will be making this soon myself.

    Love your sweet finds.. Take care of your self lady!

  7. Donna

    Sorry you are all feeling so yucky! Your blog transports me back to one of the happiest times of my life.I loved my children being little even with all the day to day stuff.Zoey reminds me so much of my daughter,those blue eyes get me every time.Take it from an empty nester the time really does go by faster and faster.Treasure them little while you can
    as I know you do.Kiss those Zoey cheeks a little extra for me ok.Hang in there kiddo

  8. hey girl,

    i hate to hear that zoey was so sick! glad you took her in. hope all three of you are feeling better by the time you read this. bless your hearts!

    i know EXACTLY what you mean by having a “revival”! i had myself a mini-revival this afternoon (praise the lord). have been feeling crappy lately and figured i needed a little outing. matt and i hit 2 friday yard sales this morning and it was JUST the lift i desperately needed.

    ohmygawd, i LOVE that pink sink!!!! what a ssssssweeeeeet deal!!! lucky lucky lucky you!! too precious. you GO girl!

    anyway, hang in there. call me if you need anything. i think i’m headed to a couple of estate sales in heights tomorrow. dreams of finding the perfect treasure are dancing around inside my head tonight.

    amazing how junking can REVIVE a person!! 🙂

    hugs to you and your sick babes,

  9. Sue, thanks for stopping by to see my furniture remix AND for understanding about that inner turmoil! Love the pink sink and your pretties making it extra special. Hang in there with your sick kids!

  10. I’d love to tell you it will get better, but I can’t! I don’t care if they are 3 or 33, you still feel the need to take of them.
    That pink sink is tutu cute! You really found some great stuff.

  11. Amy

    Oh lord – a pink sink, red toile, bunnies and pearls – love it! So sorry you felt lousy and the kids were sick. Hang in there honey. You continue to inspire me with your creativity, wit, and strength.


  12. Rav

    I used to have two little bunnies like that! one was pink and the other was blue. I got them one Easter when I was really little.

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