saturday salvage GIVEAWAY….my first one!!!!


okay…i admit it. i’ve never had a giveaway. i’ve had a cazillion posts and haven’t once given a thing away…   sooooo i have been on a tea staining kick and the family is feeling a bit better today, so i put a package (because that is about all i can do) together for anyone out there that likes tea stained linens, old ephemera book pages, and some pearls and smalls…..SALVAGED STUFF….PRETTY STUFF….NEAT OLD STUFF….

i appreciate all the support and readership of my blog. without the folks and friends that stop by to support me, i would have to turn to shopping on ebay  and etsy instead of writing a bunch of blah, blah, blah and sharing my day to day life in the midst of a deployment, junking jaunts and kid crazy dazes. soooo thanks so much for comments and support.


i’ve tea stained most of these items… except the doily bowl above. i love it. i love the lil white salt shaker as well. perfect for hatpins. also, a stone egg from germany, pearls, a key, buttons, a lil angel, tulle…and some gloves and runners (tea dyed of course)….and another view….


more… like this frame, old lace, mill flower and doily underneath.


a bracelet i made from old lace and a button….


a sweet lace bonnet (head not included) for you all that love old dolls and doll heads….


a vintage hat…filled with lace (all tea stained), a vintage slip, another picture of the gloves…..


another photo……


i will also throw in some other small surprises as well……

just comment an i will add the names to a hat (vintage of course)…have arek and zoey help me pick a name and then i will annouce the winner on monday night!!!!! that gives everyone that wants to participate almost three days!!!!!!! i don’t think i’ll post anything from now until then.

whomever wins can send me their address and i will do my best to mail out their package next week…i HATE to go to the post office….rachel and ron can vouch for that.

arek and zoey are getting a little better. they are fighting as i write this, so that means they must be feeling better. argh…what can i say?????

you all have a great weekend….

thank GOODNESS for all of you. you all are an inspiration and you help me get thru my crazy junking life….one day at a time….




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32 responses to “saturday salvage GIVEAWAY….my first one!!!!

  1. It all looks wonderful! I love tea stained items…I recently tea stained some egg shells, check out my blog for that!

    Have a great weekend~

  2. dana leigh

    Dear Sue,
    I have so much to say, but I don’t know what blog etiquette says about the length of a comment. So, I will keep it short-My husband drove me 60 miles to see your booth. . . I HAD SO MUCH FUN!! I bought so many things! I bought the pink bucket, and various other things (trying so hard to keep this short). Gatherings in Georgetown has always been my happy place. Now your booth is too! The lady working at the counter said I had just missed you. I would have loved to meet you. Thanks for the goodies.

  3. Michele

    due, you forever inspire me. keep up the fabulous finds and creativity! miss ya, ‘chele

  4. vintagesue

    dana….read this if you can. you can send me your email address if you want. i will put you in for the drawing! thanks sooooo much for the booth compliments. means a lot to me!!!
    i wish i could have met up with you, but then again…i had the kiddos and that always makes for an interesting time.
    take it easy….

  5. Chanah Greene

    Hey Sue just wanted to enter your giveaway. I love your booth, I probably go every week just to see all the new stuff or old stuff I missed. I just went Friday and got some old chairs from you to put in my garden. My mom and I have actually bumped into you a couple of times at Crafters. We love reading your blogs. Think we are I just bought that the little white doll (along with the chairs the stool and lots of other things on Friday) that you added some jewels and lace to and my daughter has not left it since I gave it to her after school. She has had a hard time with her dads third deployment and for some reason this doll gives her some comfort so thanks. Thanks for all the great stuff and keeping me laughing with your blogs. I get some great ideas from just looking at your blogs and booths.

  6. Awesome giveaway!! Thanks so much for the chance to enter ~ I love reading your blog and seeing all the vintage goodies!

  7. dana leigh

    Hey sue, I don’t mean to let the whole blog world know how dumb I am, but I don’t know how to give you my e-mail address. I am relatively new to “blogging”. I would love to be entered in your giveaway. As far as meeting you with the kiddos, I babysit my granddaughters everyday and take care of my parents-I KNOW what an interesting time is!

  8. Hey love your blog and would love to be entered in your give away. Lauri@chippys

  9. Count me in for your fabulous giveaway! Glad the kids are feeling better.

  10. hey…don’t enter me in the giveaway…just wanted to say I made another post and have a few pics of my house. Take a look when you have a chance. Everybody else can check out my blog too!

  11. I just love all your salvaged goods, they are amazing. What an awesome giveaway. By the way, I just love your blog….

  12. Sue, plz enter me in your giveway. Love all your things and what you write about.

  13. What a wonderful box of goodies! I host giveaways all the time and I usually do boxes of items like yours. Everyone loves them! A little bit of something for everyone.

  14. marie

    well…i would love all your goodies. glad your kids are better. keep talking to us.

  15. cheryl

    Hey Sue! Congratulations on your first giveaway. I am happy to hear the kids are doing much better. Thanks for the tea staining tips, I am having fun with it. You are an inspiration to all of us! Take care!

  16. Hi Sue,
    Hope everyone is feeling a lot better today…
    Would love to be entered into your giveaway…but I’m in the UK…if that’s a problem, just count me out…I love reading your blog anyway…you are great fun!
    Enjoy the rest of your w/e,

  17. Marta's Room


  18. kathy hansen

    Wow, everything I love in one give-away, love your blog and love your style. Please enter me into your lovely giveaway, and keep up the wonderful blog

  19. Oh I just love it all!
    That doilie bowl is darling.

  20. Sue

    Love it all, I want it all, so count me in!! I hope you will post to me in Australia….please!!
    You are so talented and full of energy, and of course, your children are adorable.You make it real! Dont thank us, we should thank you!

  21. vintagesue

    for those of you over the ponds….YES, of course i will ship to you if you win….yes, yes, yes!!! good luck ladies…

  22. omg those prizes are amazing!! would love to win!! love your blgo!

  23. Kate

    oh wow that is the coolest giveaway i have seen!! Crossing my fingers and hoping i win!

  24. tami

    Please enter my name I love every thing you make!

  25. Kristi

    Just happened to run across your blog while I was searching for Harley and Maudes. And while I never found the entry about H & M, I did enjoy reading many of your past posts. Seems we are sisters of style! You’ve inspired me to dust off the camera and start snapping all my junk piles . . . and, yes, I’d LOVE to be entered in your drawing! How cool?! Keep up the creative work.

  26. Jane

    Wow, what a tremendous give-away. I love it all!! You had me at the first picture with the bird egg, salt shaker, and blue bird runner. I wish your booth was closer. I know I would be a regular customer.

    I’m so glad Zoey and Aerck are on the mend. I was worried about you guys for a while there. For those of us addicted to your blog, the suspense was torture, not knowing what was wrong with Zoey, and if you succumbed to the virus too.

  27. Sue,
    I love your blog. You are an inspiration to me.
    Congratulations on your first giveaway. I love your choices. You are amazing.
    Thank you for the opportunity to win!

  28. Hi Sue, I live in Australia, if you are able to send here, please, please enter me in your draw! Such gorgeous goodies! Suzanne:)

  29. Joanna

    Throw me in there, girly! I’ve got a 1930’s style wedding to pull together, and tea-stained linens would do me just fine!

  30. Very cute a creative! I love that your DH is commenting….he must be out of town! Roses, vintage and wicker are my true loves.

    Will add you to my blog,


  31. Pick Me Pick Me! everything looks so yummy….

  32. WHOOOOA! I can’t believe I missed this! Haly Cow (haly is right.. there are no holy cows) LOL

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