not too late for giveaway entry!!!

LADIES…thanks for entering my first goodness giveaway!!! no, i haven’t posted a winner yet. you all still have time to enter!!!

please be patient with me tonight. my computer is insane because of the texas wind. my internet is touchy right now and seems defiant at the moment. i won’t post a winner until LATE tonight. probably not until 11pm, so keep entering up until about 10 tonight!!!

the box is wrapped up and ready to go. i still don’t understand the whole ‘send me your address’ thing, but i’ll worry about that when i get to it.

if i can’t get my computer to work tonight, i’ll post a winner in the morning if it is working better by then.

soooo annoying this wind and cable situation. ack.

i need a nap. arek officially has an ear infection, goopy eyes and fatigue. zoey still has a fever and i can’t stop coughing. i thought we were getting better, but this ‘whatever’ it is, has officially beaten us.

you all hang in there and thanks so much for your participation. i loaded my treasure box up with fun stuff for the lucky winner.

take it easy…




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2 responses to “not too late for giveaway entry!!!

  1. junkology

    Last night I left you a post letting you know that I had discovered your blog while looking for a Harold and Maudes site. You were such an inspiration, that I got my blog up and going today. I’m thinking this is going to be a blast. Thanks again for getting me going, and please visit junkology.wordpress if you get a chance. Even though there’s not much there yet, I’d love your feedback . . . Kristi

  2. Amy

    Aw rats I missed the goodness giveaway! Next time…

    Hey hope the kids get better soon. LOVE the photos. LOVE you.

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