and the WINNER IS……..


KATHY HANSEN…..i will find a way to get your address and ship off your package this week!!! congrats kathy and thanks so much for entering!! i hope you like your winning package.

thanks to everyone that participated…..i cut you all out…and put you in a hat…turned my back…mixed you all up and picked a winner.



i had fun hosting this giveaway…..i will plan another soon.

i have a serious candle addiction…..serious. i have an entire 1940 MONDO dresser full of various candles that i can only burn..i candle at a time!  he…….it could be worse. i could collect vintage false teeth or barbed wire. neither smell very good and they aren’t quite as soothing.

anyway….i barnstormed at g.w. this weekend and found this fab, fab, fab candle for a quarter. the smell is sooooo powerful and soothing, i just had to share it with you. after i lit the candle on saturday, i felt like actually doing the dishes. the smell is intoxicating and fills my entire house.



it is a spiced wassail (did i spell that right?) from this company’s seasonal line…

the name of the company is SALT CITY CANDLE COMPANY. i went to their online store and went completely blind. ron told me to stop being so bored. hey…it’s cheaper than therapy, but not as cheap as a 25 cent candle. how can a 25 cent candle turn into a candle order expensive enough to pay a light bill. oh…the irony.

maybe i can light another one and get movtivated to clean this….



i doubt they make a scent for that.

hey…this is the mess that is in the NON decorated-husband/study/office shoebox of a room room. this is also what happens when everyone is sick and we have been housebound. i collect junk….not so unfitting that arek should collect ty bears. make it stop.

oh….i don’t collect clean laundry, i’m just too darn distracted by other stuff to put it away. i hate putting laundry away. i think i would rather pressure wash the side of the house than put clothes away. it’s sooooooooooooooooooo boring. even a good smelly candle can’t put me in the mood for that stack of duds above.

okay….better go take some cough medicine. we are all still sick. arek and zoey are still w/fever and i’ve got a fever for candles, so i guess we all need a good night’s sleep.

nite nite…

congrats kathy!!!!!



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6 responses to “and the WINNER IS……..

  1. Amy

    barbed wire or false teeth…lol!
    get better y’all!

  2. Gee, I thought it was just me who didn’t like to put laundry away. I actually don’t mind the “doing” the laundry part, I just can’t stand the folding and putting away part.

  3. Sue

    Oh, congrats Kathy, shame, I was looking forward to the goodies, well you will just have to have another one soon!
    You all need some good fresh air by the sounds of it, hope you are feeling better soon.And dont worry about the domestic stuff, it will wait for you to get better!

  4. kathy hansen

    OMG thank you so very much.. these are all of my most favorite things and I cant believe I won.. i emailed my home address.. Im one lucky lady. Thanks again.. Kathy H.

  5. Rav

    Putting away laundry is the worst part of cleaning.
    At our house we just stick it all on a table in the laundry room and pretend it doesn’t exist.

  6. I hate putting away laundry too.. In fact it usually ends up getting knocked off the sofa or bed, trampled & re trampled & back to the laundry room it goes.. LOL So WHY do I even start? LOL

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