still sick…but lots of rain and roses…..


i’ve been reluctant to write lately….late nites…sick, clingy kids still and lots going on. still…i was inspired today by $1 rose fabric samples i found at crafters…so i had to blog about that. it’s the important stuff…eh? it’s rainy and cold and it sounds lovely to hear those drops hit the metal roof of my outside veranda. i am afraid of what stash of crap i have out there getting wet, but who cares really. the rain is needed and welcomed, so i will live with soggy junk.

between idol finals, on demand movies, stomach upsets with zoey now and history lessons with arek (like was china here back in the 1960s mom and lightning too?), i need this quiet time to get inspired. i haven’t felt too much like making anything lately. guess i’m in a little slump. maybe posting will help. maybe it will inspire me or maybe it will quiet my inner need to heat the glue gun and grab another bag of lace.

arek is learning about american history in school right now. i’m not a history scholar at all. i’m so dumb. i think arek knows more about the presidents than i do, but i did talk to arek tonite about the puritans and how they only had one outfit and when folks lied they were stuck in the gallows. i am not sure if that is true, but i want arek to know he has it easy with his high speed computers, cool clothes, disposable toys and lack of chores. i told him the kids (way back then as he calls it)  had to wash their clothes with rocks and they ate boiled corn every night for dinner and there was no ovaltine and no fridge to put frozen chicken rings in.  if it was summer, they had corn and then they had corn again! no slim jims, no late night tv with the power puff girls and  foster’s home for imaginary friends. everyone had to conform and do the same stuff whether they wanted to or not.  never mind learning about wars and presidents…colonies and trade.  i worry about how those poor women way back then had to weave their only dress they wore and i am sure they didn’t have bins, thrift shops, yard sales and antique malls. maybe they had swaps….you know… white bonnet for a pair of black shoe laces. i know when those women finally found out about silks and linens from probably eastern trades or something, they must have went nuts!!! i would have been the crazy collector puritan that was whipped for lying about how many silk slips i had and they would have made me wear like a big L on my one blue woven dress. who knows? i would have started swap day when i was supposed to do bible study or corn picking or something. shame on me, but i don’t think i was supposed to be born in that era.

i guess i am thankful i get to junk. i am thankful i get the benefits of all the history before me. common laws, common people, common wealth and look what it brought over the years….lots of crusty old stuff being passed down again and again….rethought…redone and resold. treasures all the time. so maybe junkers are important historians. and maybe this is all just a bunch of blah, blah, blah. i’ll stop now before it’s totally obvious i don’t know my head from a hole in my only pair of thin, puritan wool socks.

onto what inspired me today. i have been collecting rose fabric for about a month now. i don’t sew. what is my problem? what to do with this stuff???? i will stack it and look at the beauty that it brings me…one $1 piece at a time!!! i get soooo inspired by you sewers out there that stack your linens and fabrics by color, fabric, style and print in neat piles….stacked high, high, high…in a shabby little closet or on a chippy little shelf. it’s so romantic and lovely, so i have decided to start a little fabric collection on a great pink shelf i found. where will i start this??? in the family room of course. why not….right next to the kids books and puzzles that i get so tired of doing over and over and over again. puritans didn’t have barbie puzzles….now go find some string and a stick kids and knit me another pair of socks.














i got most of these fabrics from NANCY at crafter’s corner. she has a great booth in the back of the store where she sells lots of sewing supplies. she has bags and bags of lace and tons of fabrics….all very inexpensive. the above vintage fabric caddy was a GATHERINGS find for more than i wanted to pay, but i’m glad i did. it’s just lovely.

i have some other crafty ideas to share, but i’ll save that for another post. i think i need to go but zoey to bed. i’m letting her sleep on me as i type. her hair is still sticky from a candy necklace she refused to take off last night. i had to pry it from her neck rolls after she fell asleep. tonight zoey now has intestinal issues, but at least her fever is gone and her rash went away. arek on the other hand, was covered tonight with hives. this has been the craziest virus/infection??? thing i’ve seen. rash all over….itchy red rash….i want to blame it on some crazy junk find that is lurking in my house, but i think it’s the sickness. i’m sure i’m next to get it. who will take care of me? arek and zoey will make me eat boiled corn and weave my own blanket to keep warm while they raid the marshmallow peeps and watch too many scooby doo episodes.

you all have a great night and you texas enjoy the rain and watch the rusty garden gates get even rosier.




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7 responses to “still sick…but lots of rain and roses…..

  1. Ron

    Sue, you are so funny. You remind me of Andy Griffith and his great story abdout Romeo and Juliet.

  2. marie

    the fabric is great…you can use it on anything really. get a little liquid starch cut the fabic to fit an area, say the front of a dresser drawer. it’s like wallpaper. i’ve done a few projects like this they came out great. good luck.

  3. OMGosh… I am in tear…total tears. You are HIL-arious. My lil ones are sick today.. and ‘supposedly” sick.. who knows. I am just glad I have only had one bout of vomit clean up duty….

  4. You’re so funny! A great sense of humour will pretty much get you through anything, eh? Hope everyone is feeling better soon. I do love all those beautiful rose fabrics. Unfortunately I never see those vintage shoe bags (lucky you!), but sooo would like to have one.

  5. Mom

    Arek has been a “president” expert for quite a long time. I remember last time you were here he filled me in on a lot of trivia. My favorite was that William Henry Harrison had 48 grandchildren! Who would have known?????

    Love, Mom

  6. cheryl

    Hey Sue! I love all your rose fabric! So many different uses for them all, but having the heart to cut up any of it, that is the hard part! I do look forward to seeing your future projects! I hope Arek & Zoey get to feeling better soon! Take care!

  7. I read your posts for a long time and must tell that your posts always prove to be of a high value and quality for readers.

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