bag lady, pack rat, hoarder, shopaholic….if it quacks like a duck, it’s probably spring or something like that.


yes….that is me. the bag lady. what does one do with a hyperactive two year old, way too much rain, a sore throat and $20 in her pocketbook (well, if i can pick one out that is)???? she heads off to the g.w. bins and buys more crap!!! i found this little heart that says THE BAG LADY today and it made me laugh. i want to alter it and glue buttons to it or something, but i think i may keep it and hang it in my closet to remind me what a pack rat i really am. i have great intentions of clearing the clutter. i dream of organizing and downsizing the sweet junk in my life, and i do…..BUT i go back out again and again and buy more, more, more. what do they call that????? crazy. but it’s way too much fun. my back porch looks like santa’s workshop….only i have no elves to help me work.

i have no idea what my post header means,  but i know that it’s spring almost and that means cleaning out. so why do i not do that? why do i insist on bring more home???? welllllllllllll……i think shopping for junk over and over again spawns new ideas over and over again. the process of picking thru bins and plowing thru baskets gives me an opportunity to come up with new ideas.  i see my old existing junk with new light and my new junk finds are exciting, so it justifies my junking cycle. life has cycles….frogs have cycles….seasons, crops, ad campaigns….why not junk?

after i hit g.w….i put some new goodies in the booth and took zoey lipstick shopping (she has more of it than a drag queen with a $1000 macy’s gift card) and told her we had to hit the sally store next. i didn’t hit pay dirt, but i did find some super cute stuff!!  a vintage scale (from the 1940’s and cottage green!), a lazy susan (my twin), tons of vintage pictures and frames, glassware, shabby chic curtains, a few linens, a really big metal lamp, teacups, saucers, and a pink riding toy for zoey. total spent…..$35. is that too much? ack. i had to carry 4 bags of crap….including a metal, rusty scale and a lazy susan that wouldn’t fit in the bags and a HUGE metal suitcase (99cents) packed with all my other crap. zoey was wearing flannel p.js. (cuz that is what she wanted to wear) and pushing her toy down the shopping center sidewalk and i was carrying all my crap. the ladies at the german bakery laughed at me. i know i looked like a freak. i was still wearing the same sweat pants i’d had on the day before and the day before that. what a shame. what have i done to myself????? ron…you must come home.

i don’t even go near the mall. i go nowwhere near department stores. i stay out of’s way and i try not to go to the bookstore. this justifies my junking habit. i think i didn’t pay more than 75 cents for any of those purses above. i really have been like this since i was small…..a collector….a visualist….a decorator. i don’t think that justifies the 4 bag of plastic eggs (very cute ones may i add) i paid 25 cents for the other day. like i can’t stop at one cuz they are 25 cents.

blah, blah, blah….oh….why is it that i can find a cute vintage purse for 75 cents, but i can’t find ziplock bag of food that will open correctly? is it just me or do others have problems with those darn bags that say ‘tear here’ and then say on the front that they will zip back up for your food’s freshness. whaaa? i get so frustrated. i can’t ever find a pair of scissors when i need one to cut the bag. i can’t tear it. they DON’T tear. i end up cutting them with a knife (almost slicing my fingers) and then securing them back with a vintage plastic clothespin. so much for convienence. and don’t get me started on opening salad dressing bottles with all that plastic and then the little thingy you have to pull off the top of the bottle with your teeth???? and spices???? whaaaaaa….i end up piercing them with a fork and then i rip that little shaker thing right off and just use them that way.

see…vintage stuff is simple….easy to use….the way it’s intended to.


pillow i glued together with an old slip bottom and toile cutter fabric i found for a quarter.




found the french book at the knot hole last weekend. i love these handwritten papers i found it the book. i put the book at my booth, but i kept these papers. they are so wonderful. i also put the statue shelf at my booth. i flanked it with postcards i found in france a few years ago. flea marts in france are waaaay too expensive for me, but the postcards are plentiful and cheap. i wish i would have bought more actually.


found the shabby curtains for $6. i am saddened about the closings of rachel ashwell’s stores. i read her blog and she’s so true to her style. i am sure things will work out. i am sure she has ‘people’ working for her that can help her restore and rethink her stores, products and image. i think she is writing a new book or already has. i CAN’T WAIT. loved rachel since day one!!!


since my sink is ALWAYS full of dishes, i make sure they are cute ones!! i love florals, melmac and silver plate trays and bowls. i also love clear glassware….little plates, cups, serving bowls and trays. i don’t use paper plates. i’m too lazy to take the trash out….so i have dishes to do constantly.


found the shoes today (vintage 80’s) and plan to alter them.


love this book for 25 cents.


primitive stars, quilt, and rusty can for less than $2. i plan to alter these stars with old photos and buttons and rhinestones. we’ll see.


love this….i know it’s vintage because nobody has just 4 toothbrushes in their home anymore. i like 10….some light up…some have themes….some vibrate….some sing……it’s too much.

i plan to use this as a vase of some sort to hold button flowers.



random studio stuff….vases filled with plastic prims, big ole wood buttons i spray painted egg blue, candles, little cloche with egg….just random things to inspire me.


here is a new statue i found for $4 at crafter’s!! that is her original patina blue paint. yummy.


random pretties in a vintage cream bowl…..zoey keeps rearranging it for me.


what to do with all those cute sheets you find at yard sales???? i found this one for $1. i tossed it over a brown round table and now it looks completely elegant. it was quicker than paint and less messy.


let’s see how long it takes me to fill this basket with pink doilies???? why???

okay…i’ve gone on long enough about absolutely nothing. it’s a good distraction from worrying about other stuff i don’t find as interesting….like for instance…the lady at g.w. that told me today that her son was potty trained at 15 months old. i don’t want to think about how that is TRULY possible….i mean really trained…how?? how can a 15 month articulate their bathroom business when they can’t even talk yet? i hear people tell me stories of their 8 month olds potty training and their 11 month olds potty training….but i just can’t believe it…not TRULY anyway. sorry. anyway, she just couldn’t believe that zoey wasn’t potty trained. she said she didn’t ‘DO’ babies (funny she called her that) that aren’t potty trained. i felt like telling her i don’t ‘DO’ adults that aren’t people trained.

will this sore throat ever leave? i better go put arek to bed and sip some tea. time to do nothing else but rest. the junk will still be there tomorrow…and i’m afraid, the day after that too.

you all have a great weekend filled with ideas, cool junk, lots of bag lady tendency shopping trips……




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8 responses to “bag lady, pack rat, hoarder, shopaholic….if it quacks like a duck, it’s probably spring or something like that.

  1. Don’t worry about the potty training thing. People should just keep their comments to themselves. All my boys were potty trained around 4…yes 4! And Hayden was later because of his disability. But of course I still had a relative trying to tell me he was ready to be potty trained while all the autism experts said…probably not.
    Love the junk…I haven’t been able to junk since last Saturday…I am still sick. I feel a bit better, but I’m so tired of stomach bugs. Have a good weekend!

  2. You’re an amazing junker/thrifter, Sue! I always like what you find. And hey, I’ll admit it, I’m a bit of a packrat like you, and always full of ideas and projects (I’m just missing that little time part…oh, well). LOL!

  3. Hey girl, looks like you’re feeling much better!! I love junk hunting…did that last week and came home with massive furniture! Oh..and a few little things. I love it all until it’s time to clean, then I just want to pack it all up for a while….hehehe. While I love my awesome finds, I also love things neat and uncluttered, so I am always fighting with myself.
    You found some great pretties to alter…be sure to post them as you get them made.

    Oh…and if you have a chance, run over to my blog and sign up for my March Give-a-way. Have a super weekend!

    Warm hugs,

  4. hey sue, i don’t know if you’ll remember me but i you at the carol carol garage set-up…you were with marta from belton. i bought your large pouffy crinoline thingie (which i am now using as a table skirt). i wanted to get in touch with you because there was a torn photo of a beautiful woman that you wanted but marta wouldn’t sell you, but later sold it to me. i know you wanted a copy of the photo. i have recently set up a blog of my stuff. if you want i can post the pic so you can copy it. please visit my blog and let me know. i would appreciate it. also, i need directions to your store. thanks, jessica (sugar moon)

  5. Sue

    Im speechless! Your junk is so cheap over there, great stuff, and I had to laugh out loud when you were walking down the street with you suitcase and arms full, and Zoey in her pjs….I can so relate to this is so many ways.Except I dont have a child to help me, Im on my own! The looks I get, and then the stuff takes so long to get from the car to the verandah.I can drive around for weeks with it overflowing with junk! You crack me up, is there any hope for Zoey and Arek??? They are destined to inherit the life of a junker!LOL, does your hubby like all this stuff?

  6. Happy Sunday Sue…glad you’re feeling better! Your blog always gives me a good chuckle…do people still chuckle? Your finds are divine, and Zoey with her new toy in her pj’s…gotta love it. I have to say I don’t know how you do all you do with 2 small kids. Mine are all grown up, and I’m still in the same sweats I wore yesterday! Sad, huh? Keep us smiling, lady! *elaine*

  7. I just loved your post, because I’m the same way! I even get worried about the amount of “junking” I do! I think it’s some sort of addiction on my part! I just can’t help it!! And, about the potty training, I say who cares! It’s not like she’s going to be in diapers when she’s 11!!!!~ I am new to your blog and I just love it! I think your one funny and classy lady!!! Let me know if the classy parts wrong! hahahaha.. Just had to make ya smile! Take care!

  8. Amy

    Genius. Genius!
    OMG the SHOES. And that dress form. Why do you do all that junking? ‘Cause the soul loves what it loves. Shakespeare said “To thine own self be true” which is what you embody every day.

    “I don’t do adults that aren’t people trained” – brilliant quote. Someday this blog will be a book. I love you my wise friend.

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