i found my camera, but i left my heart at chuck-e cheese….


good sunday afternoon…okay…i lost my dang camera in the pile of clean clothes that i haven’t put away yet. seriously…it was stuck somewhere between a large bath towel and a wad of arek’s pjs. i didn’t post yesterday because i couldn’t find my camera, so i spent last night watching the chiller chanel with arek and saturday night live (why do i let my 9 year old watch that with me?). i’ve decided after watching the chiller chanel that i need a UNICK to walk with me and the kids. she can become my nanny so to speak and help us out until ron gets back. she will be perfect for early morning yard sales and long lines at carnivals. i would dare someone to touch the 25 cent flower frog yardsale pile with her standing next to us….anyway….i’m diverting.

okay….soooo much to talk about. i spent the better part of the afternoon at chuck e cheese today with crazy arek and zoey. zoey wanted to go there to get lipstick. whaa? she’s terrified of chucke, but will give herself whiplash trying to find him in the crowd!! zoey was shaking all over and said she was scared of chuck. i believed her until an hour later she was burning up with a FEVER. AGAIN. ack. why do i try? i let her eat 15 lolipops (well, she opened them and then got them stuck in her hair and threw them away) for breakfast and plain bread without the wrapper (crust) as she calls it. i have still been pretty sick too…on and off, but i felt so creative this weekend, so i worked on what i could with demanding zoey and hungry arek (i had to stop every 3 minutes of working to help arek get something from the kitchen). arek and zoey both did a little craft with me yesterday. arek made a voodoo doll out of old quilt parts and a sharpie marker. don’t ask. okay….blah, blah, blah…..

i will get to this YUMMY paint color above in a minute, but i want to link you all to LINDA’S GIVEAWAY over at My Shabby Rose Cottage. i haven’t read an issue of PORCH magazine yet, so i am crossing my fingers i win her giveaway!!!! if you would like to participate, please feel free to check out her fabulous blog and enter a chance to win!!!!!!!


thanks linda…..also i have 2 blogs that i want you all to check out!!! my blogging buddy Rachel has started up her blog the CHIPPY COTTAGE CHARM HOUSE. good luck rachel…her wit and charm and talent should not be missed!!!! also Jessica at SUGAR MOON…stunning photos…tons of talent, style and time-worn treasures to fancy your roving junk eye!!! thanks ladies for such cool blogs.

alright (or is it all right?)…onto the blue paint color above. I LOVE OOOOOOPS PAINT and i love this blue color sooo much. it’s such a perfect cottage blue. i found the little can for $2. i will paint everything in my path this blue for this next week. yikes. kids….hide your toys and pets. not only is it the perfect shade of blue, but it is very thick and goopy, so only 2 coats is all i need!!!! i usually open a can of paint and let it sit for a couple of days open so that it will thicken up. rachel ray may know how to thicken her sauces when she cooks, but i have a way with oooops paint…..and i can paint a bunch of trash in less than 30 minutes.




i love to paint cast off junk jewels with regular house paint or spraypaint. if i don’t like the gold or silver tones or it’s a piece i don’t think will work, i’ll paint it.  doesn’t all that junk jewelry look yummy painted blue? i see a collage or pillows maybe? i also found these cheap chandie shades for like 50 cents for 6. i just painted them out blue and i’ll spray them with glitter spray and maybe add a jewel to each. that’s it!! tie a bow around them and they are booth bound…….above is a LARGE lazy susan. i can’t wait to just paint it out blue and add some cute bird and nest inspired things to the top for the booth. collage in the works with the blue frame and the candle holder will become a tart holder with a tea lite and a little bowl on it. perfect.

i was also inspired by cream colored things this weekend. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE DREAM IN CREAM BLOG. i want to change my entire existence when i link to this blog. i’m such a tacky knock off and blog idea theif…but….



here are the finished altered shoes from the g.w. i found these for $1 and altered them with lace and beaded medalions i found off a 10 cent silk shirt. i found the shirt cheap and tea stained it (kathy….it’s coming your way!!) and was going to make a pillow out of that. i cut the beaded disks off the front of the shirt and tea stained them. i really do find a purpose for EVERYTHING. it’s sad. i also tea stained the shoes. i see all these neat, victorian altered shoes and boots and i LOVE them, but i can’t find the old shoes, so i’ve been appropriating with newer ones and copying the antique look. i painted a pair (kathy they are on they way to you too) and just white washed them. i loved them like that. when i find a pair i think i can paint, i snag them up. for a buck, it’s worth the haul.



i found these primitive stars at the g.w. friday. i paid a quarter for 3 of them. i decided to try my hand at stitching and put these lil vintage photos on them. i stitched a button and lace to the top to hold them and made little star collages. arek kept trying to take the needle to put in his voodoo doll. stop.


25 cent heart pillow….tea stained and i added a doily and a pin that i painted pink. i plan to add a few more embellishments to this and it will be cute hanging from a door knob. i may start rusting safety pins and hanging keys and rusty charms from pillows and what not. even wrapping this in rusty wire with an old photo and some buttons would be interesting.

this is the start of a new collage…..


i’m not sure where to go with her yet. i added a buckle at the bottom and another cast off one on top of that with words. i plan to give her a crown of lace and bling…she will get buttons and a saying of some sort. and i think i will add some wire wings i found somewhere crazy to her as well. maybe add some prisms hanging off of those. i also have some neat white wire garden fencing that would look awesome attached to this as well.


what does one do with a 25 cent hand made kitty???? i tea stained this one and added eyes, mouth of rhinestones, pearls, ribbon, lace collar, doily, painted pin and buttons. a kind of whimsy project that was quick and fun. zoey had fun helping me with this one.

that is all the project stuff i could squeeze out this weekend. sad. i did clean my back porch off and that was a HUGE accomplishment. between too much bad tv and waaaay too many sugar snacks, i have to take a craft break. i just have to. i look at other blogs and i am soooooo amazed at what accomplishments folks make with their crafts. there are some seriously talented artists out there. so much imagination. it is just awesome. thanks ladies sooooo much for sharing all of your ideas. it’s wonderful. it’s a necessity for me now. it’s food.

that and a snack break….cuz i have such a BIG sweet tooth. i can’t eat enough sugar. i’ll blame that one on my thyroid. that and my coffee addiction. i had a dose of childhood nostalgia last week and bought some malted milk. arek said it looks gross and he made a face when i asked him to try it. he would have not made in my childhood days. i lived on powdered milk and malted milk during our winters in maine. yum. takes me back, although i don’t like powered eggs…sorry…no green eggs and ham for me or sam and no powered eggs and ham for me…..but i can’t speak for sam.

i made a super yummy sweet tooth hot beverage today before i blogged…..BIG OLE GLASS OF MILK…on the stovetop with white choc. chips, malted milk and a wisk and milk steamer wisk…..heat milk, chips, malt and stir….



enjoy with a dollup…or more like a big, giant, fat spoonful…of whipped (wahiiiped…no whipped) cream. that is for you ron. top with sprinkles, jimmies, cocoa, little gnome hats…whatever. and SIP…..

okay…i am having more lolipop demands and arek roller coaster tycoon demands, so i need to go…..i tell them they both need to go some place where a kid can be a kid…oh…that is in my computer room.




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7 responses to “i found my camera, but i left my heart at chuck-e cheese….

  1. Love the blue paint. Send some my way! Had a busy day junkin with my friend Tesa. She’s opening a shop soon…so we were out looking for display pieces. I bought way to much stuff but had so much fun!
    Love the shoes. What a neat idea…and the kitty cat? Shall I call you a copycat? You were just jealous of my last post with the shabby kitty! LOL
    Have a good week!

  2. Ron

    Don’t you dare paint my bikes with “blue paint”! And the shoes………..I would love to see you wear them to Wal Mart…………Love ya


  3. I love that paint color, it looks like what I’ve just painted my downstairs. Lots of great eye candy here!


  4. cindy

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the shoes. you did a great job with those and yes, Ron, she would wear them, to Wal Mart or your cmdr’s house for tea or even next to you in the sands of a distant country–and look marvelous doing it.


  5. It really is a gorgeous blue…and I’m totally blown away by your collages and other creations…that cat is WONDERFUL!

  6. Rav

    I LOVE that color blue. I just painted a table and a lamp that color.
    I just can’t get enough of the pictures you post and the stuff you make!

  7. ohhh myyy god…youre amazing….i am speechless…those shoes are stunning…and i LOVE the stars….wow…sooo talented and so much beauty within this post its just unbeliveable!!!!!!!!!!

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