hill country…wine country…and a couple of small projects….


it’s the first day of spring break, and i spent it spazing about who knows what??? i had great intentions to make it a stress free day with pretty little birdies, sunshine, sweet kids playing in the backyard and lemonade……


not quite…..

instead i got a very, very, very intolerable toddler that cried almost all day long…….she insisted on wearing her bathing suit the entire day. i tried to keep her and arek busy today, but it was a day that fell flat. i’m lying if i say it was great and i was the happiest mother on the planet. i felt like i was the only mother on the planet. argh. one demand after another for this…for that…nuts. i wanted to go somewhere, but we had to stay home and wait for a UPS candle shipment. it didn’t come. it will come tomorrow. i’m confident. i need to sign my sig for an undisclosed amount that i spent on candles???? they should give me the shipping FREE after i bought that much. arek, zoey and i will sneeze tons tomorrow smelling all our new candles and i’m smitten that at least one will shatter on the very minimal area of floor tile that i do have. and oh…those packing peanuts??? don’t get me started. then all day, zoey had a low grade fever. of course she felt bad and clingy. i wanted to make a craft, put that dreaded stack of laundry away, clean the kitchen floor, wash the bathroom, clean the backyard up from the rain, get 2 loads of dishes done and try to take a bath. i think only 1 of these things got done today. zoey wanted to be held all day. i did manage to do 2 projects and zoey helped me paint this cute chair above blue…cuz i’m in my blue phase….but that is about it.

do i sound stressed? well….i was, but then i remembered what ron said to me a couple of weeks ago when i was complaining on the phone that i really missed his help and that the kids overwhelm me sometimes……RON said to have a glass of wine when i felt a little stressed at night. WEEEELLLLLL that would be every night, ron, but i will pick the worse nights….i remembered the bottle of pinot grigio that i had in the back pantry….ready for consumption. i was saving it for ron and i to share, but i decided that the texas hill country sunshine day couldn’t wait any longer for me to have a couple of small glasses, so i did. I MUST ADMIT….life got better instantly…like in less than 15 minutes. it was like the epideral that i needed during the transition time of the day. what is the difference really???? labor….stress??? sometimes a little something something takes off the edge. i try soooo hard not to rely on something that instantly gratifying very often, but if any of you have gone thru a deployment w/o your DH for a long, long, consecutive time, and no family around that you miss everyday for years and years, sometimes mother’s little helper needs to be a sweet little italian grape. i’m not afraid to say it. i’m not ashamed to drink it. mom…..are you reading this? no, a grape could never replace you.

anyway…blah, blah, blah. i’m just having a slumpy day. i miss you again ron. this blog is turning into a i miss my husband very much and oh yeh…by the way…i’m a junker blog, so on with the projects and fun stuff. i will try to be more uplifting from now on….so on with the fun stuff. I LOVE to make button flowers. fun, easy, somewhat quick, but i decided on a little variation today. i made some button flowers, but i added some small doily parts, tulle, some old book page cutouts and a few plastic prisms that look a little like leaves….i like it….fun, easy and zoey helped me pick out the buttons. i find sweet, cheap vases all the time, so little arrangements are the perfect, quick craft…..



i also made a lil junk arrangement today as well. totally rusty trashed picked wire from germany….lots of little rusty baubles and a photo i plan to alter some and put a little saying on her to finish this out…..i just dangled a bunch of keys, prisms and cast offs from rusty, bent wire. would also look sweet with feathers and white roses or dried hydrangeas…



i found this lamp for about 75 cents at the g.w. i added the blue band around the bottom and rusty, naked shade. i added the prisms too…..


i love these light bulbs…they last forever and they don’t cost very much. about $3.50 or so a bulb. they are a halogen (you know i can’t spell)  light, but don’t cast that blue tint that so many of those types of lights cast. the light is bright, clear and white…..and the bulb is gorgeous…very heavy and cut like crystal….nice.


can you tell i LOVE THIS BLUE…..i plan to decoupage this french paper and painted rose to this old framed pic i painted over. i will add the words pink rose cottage i think. i’m not sure.


i find these candle holders all the time. i painted this one out and added the glass holder. i plan to fill it with moss and a couple of bird’s eggs. i think i will dangle a small sign from it that says nest or something….when i get time to…when i have the energy to….when i’m not so drunk (i’m kidding).


okay…..i’ll leave you with my new favorite song…..i’m old, so i can say that i’ve followed (yes, i will follow) U2 for a long time…..i’m not the most political, biblical, poetic or literate song interpreter by any means, so i’m not so sure i can even pretend to know what this song is about, but i have my own ideas. i just love it though……i’m so proud that this band has stuck together for over 25 years, and stayed true to their sound, their message and their rock and roll spirit. i remember being in 11th grade and thinking the name of the lead singer was pronounced BO-KNOW. like sonny and cher….whaa?? but after hearing the edge play and seeing that sweet face of larry mullen jr., i was HOOKED. that was well….over 25 years ago. seeing U2 play makes me feel my youth again for only a moment and listening to them now reminds me that i still have that young part in me. not to mention these guys look still look amazing….way to go….sorry i can’t actually put the video in this post. for some reason i can’t remember how to. must be all that wine.


i’m tired…must sleep…after all…tomorrow is another day to wait for the ups man…and enjoy this sweet texas sunshine.

you all have a great night. you too ron…




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9 responses to “hill country…wine country…and a couple of small projects….

  1. cindy

    buttons, dolies, old paper AND prisms. These are a few of my favorite things. GREAT arrangement.

  2. I’m hoping the one thing on your list that got accomplished was the bath. Nothing wrong with a little of the bubbly mixed with bubble bath. Nothing wrong indeed! Cat Daddy was out of town when our 2 were small, so I can totally sympathize. It’s hard, no two ways about it. Looking forward to Warrenton and hope to meet you there! Debbie

  3. You and I need to quit stressing over our houses. I want my clean so bad…but come on…four boys…with another on the way! Yeah right!
    Sounds like Zoey can’t kick her sickness…I’m dealing with the same thing, but it’s me and tummy problems. What’s up with that?
    I hope you can get a break soon…I feel for you! Hang on…and love the button bouquet!

  4. OMG…I love those flowers..what a cool idea! OK..I have a stupid question for you…how do you get your stuff to look so distressed? I’ve tried doing that, but it looks so stupid. I love that lamp too!

    Hope Zoey feels better soon!


  5. I loved looking through your blog and seeing all your wonderful things. I’ll be back!

    The Texas Woman

  6. Ron

    It breaks my heart to see my little girl cry………she needs a cookie……that’ll make her feel better.


  7. Debbie P.

    Even though Zoey doesn’t feel well, she’s holding onto that lipstick for dear life! ha! Love all the projects! simple yet fabulous.

  8. dana leigh

    My husband said he had to go to Temple, Killeen, and Copperas Cove for business meetings. I BEGGED him to let me go so I could go to Crafters Corner and he said “No, I’ll be working”. So, I BEGGED him to just pop into your booth and buy me something, anything-grab bags whatever.
    Well, he SURPRISED the heck out of me and bought me grab bags. I had so much fun looking through them. Like Christmas! He said the lady at the counter said something about something happening there April 4, but he wasn’t paying attention. What is it?

  9. What a great blog!! How cute is she!! I had one that wanted to only wear her undies, all year long. Clothes where not permitted in her eyes..lol


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