calm before a trip always leaves me blue…..


i have been reluctant to post. i am like carrie bradshaw on the episode during season 5 when she and her friends had a dry spell and carrie had nothing to write about but french fries and men like socks….her column socked and i feel like this blog post might too, but ron told me to post something new, so here goes.

i have been in the house….still sick (me this time) and up to my armpits in arek and zoey. we have just piddled and rested and hung out and i’ve watched them fight and play and then fight more. my project list has been very diversed week. i do projects as i can, and sometimes i get a few brief moments when arek is actually playing with zoey and not taunting her. i have also been preparing for a small road trip, so i’m distracted by that. it’s calm now, but the day has been crazy.  sometimes it is a home, home sweet….but today it has been a home, home wreck. i’m so messy with kids home all day. it’s CRAZY. i’m also still in my blue phase…how many more things can i paint blue??? me and picasso.

my projects have been quick and easy this week….simple, but they keep my mind rolling. small projects are better than no projects. this day is a blur now. i’m trying to block it out. it started out with a picnic in the backyard, followed by a half of box of wasted goobers, soggy choc. chips, (i know, i know…what the ^%$ kind of picnic is that?) and wet clothes and a huge fight over a pink plastic teapot. whatever???? who has the sweet kids that sit still and shy on the grass and pour tea for each other….serving each other with a smile and grace???? not me.

i think after that zoey had a fit because she couldn’t wear my hair pin and then zoey lost her lipgloss lids and it went down hill quickly after that. arek is a homebody and want to stay around the house and zoey always wants to go to the store to buy something. just like grownups….the men watch tv and chill and the ladies are busy finding treasures. is this foreshadowing??? i’m not sure. i managed to get us out and about for a couple of hours tonite, but before that, arek and zoey had a fight over the hose and a mud puddle. why? how can they both think that is all the dirt in the world? i have more than that on some of the stuff i drag out of the trash. they could rinse off my junk pile and have mud hole large enough to water safari animals. i give up. oh…then zoey drew all over her hands and stomach w/red marker. i had to clean the car before our trip. zoey touched stuff and smeared marker on the NICE family car. no ron…i didn’t let her. i stopped her and you would have thought i cut off a limb. between that and brushing her hair tonight, i’m sure the neighbors think i’m taking candy away from a baby…..and i am so to speak.

here are my projects in the making and some complete……





i’ve been making egg pictures lately….they are so easy. i have soooo many cast off frames. i just attach a frame to an old sign or book cover…add words, some grass, egg paint, wire to hang and i’m finished. i the little bird on the top will hang from the bottom of the sign.

i also made a little sign that says porch. i find so many old drawers in the trash that are falling apart. i take the wood apart and voila….a board great to make a sign instantly!!! i printed this word out…decoupaged it….added some small rhinestones, shoe polish to make it look aged and a prism and buttons.

the angel above is actually a candle. i just painted it blue. i may add a little halo or crown atop her head. i’m not sure yet. i just thought she needed to be blue. she was a cast off and now she’s as good as a statue.

oh…i was recently asked how i make everything look so distressed….my BIGGEST AND BESTEST FRIEND….really rough sandpaper and acrylic paint. a semi-gloss will actually peel better and i let the paint sit out w/out the lid so it will get super thick and goopy. it will sand off easier if i let it get thick. i just paint and scrape with the sandpaper and that is it. NO tricks or special techniques at all. i’ve tried wax and petrolleum jelly and i can’t make those work. i’ve also tried those in collages and couldn’t get them to work. i also PAINT EVERYTHING. i don’t even prime stuff. i just paint right on top of whatever is there….other paint, fabric, metal, whatever. the trick is having really thick paint.

i found the greatest silver flower frog at the sally for only $1 yesterday. you can’t see the detail in the bowl part, but it’s gorgeous….tarnished and perfect. i am using it to store smalls…..


also been printing words to use for collages and tags. i print them out on heavy stock paper and they work as well as the ones pre-bought. they are cheaper and you can just type what you want. i have been typing little sayings to add to my booth lot bags i’ve been making…..below i painted a vintage bracelet pink. it was a dull goldtone and brown stones. i wasn’t feeling that, so i painted it a shabby pink. i will add something to each stone. i think typewriter keys would look awesome or small broken china. i also have some old, small cameos i could glue to each or a mother of pearl button and pearl.




found these sweet, sweet, sweet trio of vintage birds at the sally for $1. i have no plans for them yet. they are very small and adorable. may dangle them from a collage.

i put them on a compote i glued today. i find the prettiest mis-matched plates and saucers. i also find lots of tea cups, candle holders, tins and vases. marry the two and you have a sweet, unique compote…..


i happened to glue this plate to the top of an old flour shaker. there was only one shaker and i didn’t know what to do with it. this would look great in a kitchen with a bar of soap, or holding a glass with your favorite measuring spoons in it. you could do this with tins that say coffee or tea and have them hold glasses with cute silver teaspoons in them. make it stop….


found this little bunny in a BIG yard sale craft bag. he is so adorable and made from clay.


i got so nuts, i even painted my knock off crocs blue……..ron….are you reading this???? what has happened to me? i think i will glue some cuteness to these too. what the heck. my fancy shoes…..mary randolph carter has a pair of shoes she photographed for one of her books. i think it was GARDEN JUNK. i loved that her shoes became another one of her junk displays. they say to walk in another man’s shoes, but i haven’t ever heard to walk in another junker’s painted cast off crocs….


it (the craft area) has stayed in this debaucherous state all week….it’s like a party here that doesn’t end….someone needs to go home so it can clean itself up.

i will leave you with photos of  arek and zoey playing with my lazy susan…nothing lazy about these two. they were spinning each other around on it. why??? they have tons of yard toys and a BIG ole trampoline and they insist on getting right in the middle of the junk…electrical cords…lamps…frames….old boards….oh…this is safe and what is arek wearing???? and why isn’t zoey wearing anything again???? hey…she has a bag of makeup.



arek planting seeds for cubscouts…..



he is wearing an indian outfit that is 3 times too small for him. we had the meeting at my house, so he was in his PJs. i wish i could get away with that…oh wait…i do.

some art from arek. why does this bear have pins in his head? why does arek decorate his stuffed animals with my vintage straight pins? this is papa bear that my mom made me when i was 8. i don’t remember ever putting straight pins his head when i was little. hmmmm. boys….


it is a cd cover for one of arek’s garage band cds. nice. trent reznor in the making. yikes.

okay….i smell catfood, but i’m nowhere near angus’ bowl. better go investigate. you all have a great night……

blah, blah, blah…..yes dana…my husband tells me CONSTANTLY that i am a giant run on sentence and this blog entry has no theme and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever…..




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6 responses to “calm before a trip always leaves me blue…..

  1. Ron

    Blah, blah, blah………….painting your shoes? I think you’ve done that once upon a time. Arek needs a haircut and Zoey needs some clothes on her body……What is all that crap on our back porch? Oh, am I trying to run your life while half way around the world…….half, half, half…Love ya


  2. You are one creative woman, Sue. Love all of your projects. Honestly, I don’t know how you can be so prolific. And you do find the best stuff, with two kids in tow!

  3. As always…so very creative! My craft room is the disaster of disaster areas. Did I even spell that right? It’s way to early for spelling anyways. And my poor new baby has to share that disaster area with his mom. Poor kid!
    Can’t say I’ve ever painted my shoes, but did marker them all up once upon a time.
    I’m sick again…the 4th time this month…When will it end? You and I are just long lost twins suffering the same stuff far away from each other! LOL
    And no…Arek doesn’t need a haircut…and Zoey can run around like she wants to! My kids do!

  4. Sue, your life never seems to be boring. And your kids are always so adorable, even if they are fighting. Hope you have a peaceful weekend and get to feeling better.

  5. dana leigh

    sue, LOVE LOVE LOVE your giant “run on sentence”! Great tips, love all your projects (I want them ALL!), the craft room picture where all the great stuff-man if you had workshops-I would say “sign me up!”, the Sk8er boi pic-is that a nod to Avril Lavigne? (I had to take my daughter and 6 friends to one of their crazy concerts one time) and the antics of Arek and Zoey! Entertaining indeed!

  6. Michele

    You are the epitome of ‘stream of consciousness’ and ‘juxtaposition of dissimilar elements’…..and it wouldn’t be you any other way. 🙂
    Love & miss ya,

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