springbreak 09!!! it was a break….right????


okay….we made it thru a springbreak 09 ROADTRIP. me and the kiddos! i think i was the only mom w/o a dad, grammy, auntie, friend or nanny of some sort w/me. everywhere i went, it was me and the crazy kiddos minus one. we looked a little misplaced, but we did have a great time. somehow, i become a little bit gypsy like when i take off w/the kids w/o dad. sorry ron, but it’s the only way i can manage!! like for instance, i hit a million yardsales on the way to the BLUEBELL ice cream factory in BRENHAM even though i should have stayed focused on the task. for those of you that know texas, you know that BRENHAM is a stone throw away from ROUND TOP. what a neat, old town. i think it’s haunted, but it has the right to be. it’s in washington county…..the birthplace of TEXAS. naturally, that constitutes grounds for haunting….but back to the yardsales.

okay ladies…do any of you have the same challenges i face when we are ALL in a car together and driving to a certain destination???? my husband refuses to stop anywhere but our destination. what ever happened to enjoying the scenery as you go along….you know…enjoying the process and not the solution…enjoying the trip along the way and not just the destination???? well….i did indeed. when i saw a yardsale sign, i WENT!!! arek screamed out the window for me to hurry up, so i almost felt like you were there ron. oh….and you texans…no offense…drive WAY too fast for me. who can enjoy the scenery if they are driving that fast??? not me. i had to pull over in the stupid breakdown lane a million times to let crazy people pass me. how rude. get off my bumper already. i was going between 70 and 80 mph and that wasn’t fast enough. even in europe the truckers can only go 55mph. i don’t get it. i grew up in the city where i used public transportation all the time and when i didn’t, i was stuck in traffic, so i didn’t really drive fast. blah, blah, blah.

when we got to BRENHAM, i became infatuated with this town immediately!!! all those old homes, azeallas, big trees, and old buildings. what a gorgeous little town, but that isn’t where the story starts. it starts at the BLUEBELL ICE CREAM FACTORY. yes, that was the intent of the trip. who knew that the creamery IS spring break. was the entire state of texas there on friday afternoon????? just about. we had to wait over 2 and a half hours to get into the factory. by then, we had eaten our ‘free’ ice cream before we got it free and i had witnessed like 5 meltdowns (not ice cream ones)  and 150 ‘i just want to go to our hotel’ sentences over and over and over again. i remained as calm as i could. it was very hot and folks were started to get annoyed. hey….my thing is, if you can’t help me…don’t judge me. i’m a skeleton crew. the folks behind me had the ‘most well behaved’ 2 boys of ALL time. the were soooooooo good. of course, dad was there and had that look. if he left for 2 days, i bet those boys would take down the roof. who knows???? anyway, they (the mom and dad) kept stepping away from me and staring at me like i had a disease. hey….count your blessings mom. you HAVE someone to help you. now stop staring already.

the folks in front of me were sooooooooo super nice. they actually kept a place in line for us while i tried to keep the kids busy. they pushed the stroller for us in line (it was a mom and her mom and 3 BOYS. they GOT IT, so they helped me. really…there are generous people out there still. i can count on the human race again. it’s nice to know strangers can still help each other). i tried to take the kids to a bouncy castle that looked like a giant gallon of ice cream, but they weren’t buying it. arek couldn’t bounce in there because it was all GIRLS and just him. zoey got scared. oh well….moving on. only 2 hours left to wait.


i had to bribe arek to not freak out completely. we walked all around, went to the bathroom twice, went to the country store (that was a mistake), and went to visit the big metal cow in the front of the building. who knew the cow was soooo popular. there was an ambiguous line started for ‘cow’ ride pictures. did i know that? was it official? some woman yelled at arek because he was standing somewhate near the cow while she was trying to get a picture of ONLY the cow and NO kids????? wth?? i don’t understand people sometimes…really. i didnt’ know she was the cow police. she didn’t have a badge or name tag with the cow police on it.  i wanted to start a fight, but i knew that was rude and i couldn’t change a old woman’s mind about her manners or lack of style. it is a PUBLIC cow lady. anyone who wants to can stand near it. back off…stop being rude and go get some ice cream already. i told arek he did nothing wrong and that some people are just rude.

by the time we got to the cow from our ambiguous line of kids waiting….arek was too scared to sit on it and so was zoey, so this is all i could take…..



after the whole ordeal, we were all loosing our patience…so i found another way for arek to understand and interact with the history of this famous texas creamery…….




there is a statue of the three men that led their innovations to establish this company and then there is arek and bear bear. i think they had something to do with the establishment of a new flavor of ice cream or the company bonuses each worker gets if they eat at least a scoop of birthday cake ice cream a day.

we did make it thru the factory….we did make it to the hotel. the creamery is fun if you have time to visit and are passing thru brenham. really….it’s worth the stop, but i don’t know if it’s worth 2 hours in the hot sun w/2 kids kinda worth the stop.


we did make it to the hotel…..


this is THE most important thing about a hotel, right????? zoey has donut sugar all over her face and arek SWEARS the floating orb to the right of him on the wall is a GHOST. there were orbs in a lot of our photos. i swear brenham is haunted, but why the best western hotel outside of town????? it’s not old, but maybe some old spirit is still encountering the joy you get when you jump on a soft, hotel bed.  anyway, i think arek and i have been watching WAAAAY too much chiller chanel television.

between this activity and the pool, i was surprised we got to make it downtown to see anything. we did….i found some great shops (arek was not impressed) and a few bargains. lots of old books for $1 and some other goodies. the three of us walked around and i screamed at the kids to pay attention to crazy fast downtown drivers a million times, but we still had fun……




i thought these were cute. i made arek kiss this chick. germs….i know, i know. and i wonder why we are all sick all the time.

i didn’t share any restuarant photos, cuz i was too busy trying to eat while i could. restaurants are tricky with the kids. the first one we went to, arek went thru my purse looking for quarters for the jukebox and left a mess. zoey was wild and throwing food and drinking creamers. i was hungry and trying to scarf food down. arek did go get our fruit salad at the counter w/o my help. he did that on numerous occassions this trip. this is a HUGE improvement from where i was with him last year. kuddos to you arek. i also managed to have zoey stand up in a chair in the fanciest restaurant we ate in and announce to the entire dining area that she was pooping. STOP. i couldn’t even share a laugh w/anyone really. arek and i got big eyes and took her to the potty right away. arghhh……

you know i can’t get thru a trip w/o at least one fabulous store that just takes me all in…….this store was called PARIS FLEA MARKET at LILLY’S. located downtown brenham, this sweet, neat cottage funky shop packed a HUGE shabby inspired punch. i was wooed by all the vintage, shabby madness…..wonderful displays….super cottage colors….great prices. the owner was so kind and helpful. i bought a HUGE hooked rug, a rose painting for only $12 and a vintage hat that was handmade with blue tissue flowers. i kept arek busy by allowing him to take photos and zoey slept in the stroller while i shopped. it was tricky, but we got thru it.


i love that she used canvas make her store signs….love it. very clever.


lots of tole chandies, garden fancies and pink, aquas and yellows…..and purples. wonderful.


shabby manq. window display….love the lace.


pink cabinet madness. love it….shells in a net on a manq. in the background….


big sign and metal tiles on the ceiling add sophistication and shabby delight…..


lots of lighting for sale….


baskets…trays everywhere, mosaic crosses and shabby furniture…..all displayed so cleverly.


i fell in love with this chair and sewn slipcover made from cast off linens….it is darling….


pretty blue repainted furniture and colorful columns…..


cherubs….more lighting and doilies….



lots of mccoy and other type planters….figurines…baby pillows embellished with pins…..mirrors…and furniture galore.


this fancy lady resides behind the checkout counter. my rug is peeking up in the left corner. it is large for an old wool rug.

if you are passing thru BRENHAM on your way to round top, this store is MUST!!!!! so clever and eye candy everywhere….

before we headed out, i had one more cup of coffee and took the kids to a ‘vintage’ store as arek would say and made them smile for the camera…



onto arek photos. i wanted some photos of arek near some old buildings, but he only wanted to act like a ghost. whaa???? okay….so i made a small series of photos of arek acting like a ghost in scary, haunted downtown brenham…..most folks take their kids to olin mills for fancy, studio shots and i take scary photos that arek won’t let me put on this posting, so i will save it until next post.

you all have a great sunday…….hope you get a break.




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8 responses to “springbreak 09!!! it was a break….right????

  1. Ron

    I was HAHAHA laughing out loud at what you wrote. Thanks for brightning my day darling.

    Love ya, Ron

  2. Looks like you had fun…who cares about what other people think? Let them walk in your shoes for a few minutes…I just have to shrug people off too!
    Love the shop…wish I could go there…looks incredible!
    Westin loves seeing pics of Zoey…I asked him if he was going to marry Zoey and he said yes. Time to set something up, eh? Have a good week!

  3. Your kids are SO cute! Looks like you all had a great time. Sure sounds like a LOT of fun hitting all those yard sales and all. Definitely my kind of trip!

  4. ohmygawd, sue! i agree with your hubby … that was sooo totally hilarious! you, my dear, sound just like ME around those kinds of people. i hate to sound so freakin’ cynical, but people really do get on my nerves a lot. i’m glad you got some help from those angel ladies.

    cow police indeed!! i would’ve pinched her head off if i’d been there. good thing you didn’t invite me along! ha!

    love, love LOVE the pics and the shops downtown brenham. hubby and i went there a couple of years ago during bluebonnet season (odd you didn’t mention a peep about them!) and stayed at a little B&B there. VERY sweet, quaint little town. oh! and i wouldn’t be a bit surprised if it’s haunted. you should SEE all the orbs in my savannah pics!

    glad you made the trip and the kids had fun. they are so adorable! you are blessed!

    love and hugs,

  5. Some people just don’t get it…what good is a photo of a cow without a child in it…it’s Blue Bell for gosh sakes, the happiest place on earth!!!
    Hey and don’t worry. You’re doing a great job if you can take your kids into antique shops, you are one up on all those perfect mom & dads out there.
    Brenham is one of my favorite Texas towns. I hope you got a chance to go out to the Antique Rose Emporium and also to see the birthplace of Baylor. Debbie

  6. junkology

    Your children are adorable. And don’t worry . . . you’re in good company when it comes to their gaffes(?), if that’s even an appropriate description. We used to get the poop announcement in the most interesting places . . . and one of my sons flinged a hot dog at an elderly woman who had just commented on his good behavior. hmmm. So’s life. I’ve never been to Brenham, but have always meant to go. Thanks for the peek into that lovely shop. Now you’ve inspired me once again.

  7. Oh Sue ~ I think your kids are adorable…and the poop thing…mine decided to say it in church..yup, that’s my girl!

    OK…did I miss something – where is your hubby?


  8. Amy

    Oh lord this story and pictures brightened my day. You all are so adorable. Sue you are fabulous.

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