booth info and spooky brenham photos….


as promised to you ron…here is the OBSCURE AREK GHOST PHOTO SERIES. i wish i had the energy to write something tonight, but i’m way too tired. it is already very late. the time escapes like an animal. i would too.

no funny stories really….took the kids to the doc and arek played his recorder really loud in the patient wating area. i was mortified. he would not stop. he would play okay and then get nuts and blow really hard so the recorder squealed and made my head hurt. oh well….

okay…i’m falling asleep. here are the photos we took in brenham and i altered to make them look haunted. arek would only pose this way if i would pretend he was a ghost. um…okay…creepy. he’s 9.










i will post more tomorrow about the booth. i restocked today and took some photos. CRAFTER’S CORNER is having a sidewalk sale april 4th. if you are in the area, come check it out.  okay….night night. i am yawning so.

good night….



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4 responses to “booth info and spooky brenham photos….

  1. Ron

    Arek, I feel your pain! Be happy!


  2. Ron

    Great pictures Sue. Arek looks like a sad and depressed ghost. Poor boy.


  3. Amy

    Is there any thing creative you CAN’T do? Photography, too! Brilliant composition. I especially love the last 4. I’m thinking Sonic Youth album art.

  4. dana leigh

    You’re stocking your booth? Yay ’cause I got a trip to Copperas Cove for my birthday yesterday! Will be there on Saturday!

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