been distracted by everything…..but it’s all good.


i guess my brain has turned and i have been neglecting my blog….sort of the way i neglect my purse or cleaning out the back of my car. it’s in my junkin blood. it’s the way i operate most of the time. i have responsibilities, but i put forth the effort for junk or projects instead of what i have to do. then i complain that i’m stressed out. anyone else do that???

i have been fortunate enough to have energy to blog almost everyday, but lately i have been distracted by everything…..but that isn’t a bad thing. i have been distracted by the lack of energy i have at the end of the night when it’s blogging time.  i have been sleeping instead of blogging. i’ve been playing with the kids instead of blogging. i’ve been watching the chiller channel late at night with arek instead of blogging. i’ve been cleaning out tons of neglectful piles of crafting stuff instead of blogging. i’ve been folding and putting away the leaning tower of laundry in my computer room instead of blogging. and mostly…i have been reading at night instead of blogging. i love to read, but reading has been on a hiautus since ron left. i read and nothing gets done. that’s the kind of reader i am. if i start, i stay up all night and then nobody gets breakfast the next day. anyway……i have just 3 books i want to read.

this one is turning my brain….


i love reading books that help me understand arek a little better. it helps reassure me that i only have so much control over what i can get from him. this book is facinating and brilliant. i can’t wait to finish it. it also make me understand that arek has his own brilliance that i can’t even begin to understand. all his garage band songs, music that he makes, little piles of things he creates, endless destruction to my things that he says aren’t destructful, his noises, distractions and lack of focus….it’s all just a part of who he is. it gets better and better every year. i am an optimist.

okay…on with the junk and some zoey photos for dad. i spent most of the day cleaning out my piles of crafting stuff, booth overflow and general clutter. the strange part is that my house does not look any less cluttered now. does this happen to you all when you clean stuff out? nothing looks leaner anywhere in the house. what does that mean??? i just moved crap around from one place to another is what ron would say. why? who cares really….it’s just fun.


my new living room rug. isn’t it fab????? yum.


way too much crap. i know, i know. LOOK.



here are a bunch of close up shots of random stuff that inspired me today……..


found the great fur collar for a song…like 10 cents or something…on the way to brenham. love the rusty clasp.





altered necklace i made from junk….



loving the doll head from marta’s shop!!!! she has a hook at the bottom of her head for prism hanging or baby shoe hanging or spare key hanging…whatever.


pretty lil mirror from crafter’s…donna’s booth…$4. can’t buy lunch for that. how sweet. i love it.


neatest old rusty tom’s rack holding old gacky books. i know…most women would be happy with a new metal baker’s rack or something and i can’t get enough of a rusty rack holding books that are eaten away from who knows what kind of critter. why?




zoey is still going strong with the cheese smile and all her makeup. she talks about makeup all the time. she loves barbie. she loves dressing up like a princess (although you would never know from these photos). she told me she is not a dragon nor is she a prince or a scary man. she is zoey….all 6 chins and cheeks of her.

how many purses does it take to change a lightbulb???? none…because they are all on zoey’s arm….


she has more than this and a basket too. all filled with makeup. whaa??? please, learn to read first. hey…she can count her purses…smart and fashionable. nice.  she loves this little dog. we call him club dog and he plays ludicrus (don’t laugh…i can’t spell)…shake your money maker song and he does a lil dance. she is crazy about him. rachel’s lil doll she made is also very comfy in this stroller. note the makeups and the purses again. i’m in trouble.


okay… all take it easy and enjoy the remaining 5 minutes of your weekend.


i know angus will….

now i am going to check out ROUND TOP blogs. i can’t wait to see photos and hear all the stories. hope you texas girls are whoopin it up and having a good time. the weather is better but this wind is just not fun for a flea market good time. it’s so strong, even those garden statues might blow away….maybe a really cute old one will blow into my yard.

got my reading eyes ready….where is my tea???




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11 responses to “been distracted by everything…..but it’s all good.

  1. Excuse me? Your living room looks fabulous! It’s called bountiful. Love that rug! I see many, many things that I like chez toi. Like that beautiful floral fabric-covered stool.

  2. oh. my. goodness…..CAN I COME LIVE WITH YOU????? I just LOVE your living room and all that you love!!!!! I’m the same way….loving waaaaay too much stuff but it sure makes a home cozy doesn’t it??? Have a wonderful week, xxoo, Dawn

  3. Oh gosh…you did a good job cleaning…and I move piles of junk all the time. I moved many into my bedroom this weekend. Now I’m wondering why I did that since I’m on bedrest and don’t want to look at them. Most of it is stuff I need to price for the shop.
    I went out to one of my favorite antique places out of town. I got a small window box made from chippy scraps of wood, old barkcloth era fabric (lots of damage, but some good spots left), roses doily (tear roses off and use for dolls and animals), and old lampshade that I will tear apart and use bare and some old curtain/valances. I just had to get out for awhile.
    One of my favorite shabby chic stores in town burned down today. Very sad…I almost sold there. So happy I wasn’t there…I would of lost everything! Take care and have a good week…

  4. I just found your blog and boy am I loving all your eye candy pictures! I’m off to work, but I’ll stop by for a longer visit later.


  5. Donna

    Love love love the rusty Tom’s holder and well loved books and awesome display! But my fav is the cherub plaque that reminds me of Zoey’s cheeks.Your home is so snuggable I love it!

  6. Sue

    I know exactly where you are coming from, exactly! My home is constantly evolving, revolving, always trying to squeeze more in, and make more space! Yours is just lovely, I love all your individual displays around the place, I have three teenagers who keep moving mine about, really frustrates me, they just dont get it! Im surprised your kids dont do that, or maybe they do, but they have their mother’s talents!
    That Zoey always steps up to the mark when it is photo time, that grin is to die for!

  7. Kaye

    Love old books…Mike freaks when things don’t look “new” & I love the falling-apart books! Also love the yellow lady. I collect tons of craft stuff but then I hate to use it & part with it! How to get past that I haven’t figured out yet!

  8. Ron

    I think you need to prove to folks that Zoey does have clothes. She is 90% naked all the time and I don’t want child services visiting our lovely home.

    Love ya,


  9. grrrrrreat post, sue! love how you rearranged your house beauties. and that rug!! where’d you find THAT?!?! i’ve been looking for one with those colors for my front room! yummy indeed!

    your home is simply divine, gorgeous, sweet, soft, inviting, cozy, beautiful! love it. love all of it. love the pics.

    next time i come over, i may not leave! you’ll have to take me with you and i’ll be your assistant junk/treasure collector. sue’s apprentice. yeah, that’s it! 🙂

    love and hugs (and extra cheek squeezes for zoey!),
    terry lee

  10. Amy K.

    Give Arek and Zoey hugs from us. We (still) miss you guys! We’re getting ready to get packed out in a few weeks. Remember that shabby red bench in front of your house in Germany — the one I inherited from you… It will now be passed along to Pam M. We’re keeping it in the shabby “circle of trust”. Come see us in Charleston this summer.

  11. Amy

    Love it all. All. Keep the pictures and commentary coming, Sue. Purses! Pearls! Makeup! Ludacris! Texas Wind! Weeeeeeeeee!

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