junkin food diet…..no foolin!


this ain’t no april fools……i love junk food almost as much as i love junk!!! seems fitting, righ? well…not really cuz nothing fits. i stepped on my pretty, vintage country green scales today and i realized i should lay off the SPARKLE (as zoey calls them) donuts and stick to some lowfat yogurt and a rice cake instead. then i remembed how delicious these babies are and i realized that the world runs on donuts and coffee. i’m part of the world…therefore i fit the donut equation and x=custard filled with chocolate glaze. yum.

arek and zoey insisted we buy a dozen donuts yesterday after school. okay. arek touched like everyone in the display case, so i had to buy a bunch.  then they both begged me for one before we could get to the car.  don’t you love when kids throw a fit about eating something they just can’t wait to devour while you are driving somewhere??? i don’t let them eat in my car, but ron’s truck is a feeding trough for this power hungry family of 3. sorry ron. i am sure there are hard tator tots that have fossils in them by now under your seat.. you truck is officially the chow mobile.

anyway, i gave zoey a colorful sprinkle donut to eat on the way home. by the time we got there, she had licked all the sprinkles off and squeezed the remaining donut cake in each hand until her hands oozed with sugar and glaze. her face was sticky and she had a sprinkle mustache and her clothes (yes, she had some on) were covered with little, sticky crumbs. yum. she asked me very politely when we got into the house to ‘wash the sticky donut off her hands’. she used an adjective and i was so impressed. then the real feeding frenzy happened………

me…i ate FIVE of those evil cakes. my gosh…i’m starting to gain so much weight. i have a very active sweet tooth after i get the kids home from school. i pig out on JUNK and drink coffee and then i want to sleep. today i turned U2 on the ipod in the kitchen and adjusted my fatique to a much more manageable level. i consider the sugar a creative surge to make it thru to the evening. i know a walk would be much more beneficial, but i’ve habitually turned to carbs the way i do to junk. woe is me. where is the treadmill? richard simmons….would you like to join me in a tea staining project followed by an hour of disco sweat? i need to be workin at the car wash instead of eatin in the carseat.

anyway…onto just a few projects and some really fun jewels i found at a new junk haunt on the way to georgetown, texas. it is a trading post and packed with lots of rusty, dusty, neat old stuff. i didn’t take photos of the other finds yet, but i did find a bunch of costume jewels i thought interesting….




love the rhinestone pins!! they were marked $15 for the set, but i am sure i got them for less than $1. score.

i plan to use the prisms for a chandie redu i’m in the process of finishing and a funky, retro chandie lamp i will finish soon as well. it came with these 60’s green prisims…


i think i will use them to make necklaces with. also may use them for my white chandie redo!!

i also found these brilliant old bingo cards and dusty playing pieces at the trading post as well. i took several cards to the booth today.



i washed all these pieces and took them to the booth as well. they just go on and on! if they were donuts, they would stack to the ceiling like a dr. suess story.


i found this statue at the trading post as well. she was painted gold, but i had to put a creamy coat of white on her. she resides with 4 other ladies in the living room now. they are competing for a space on the next season of the bachelor. i made this little collage quickly last night and thought the statue was golden once, so she deserved a tribute to her past look.



this is the best arek could give me. at least it’s not a ghost pose. i was told today by arek that he ‘broke up’ with his girl. broke up? what grade are you in? a third party female was the wedge that divided him from his ‘girl’. how can this happen already? please…just go play with your legos and make roller coasters on the computer and have another sparkle donut. yikes.


if you are in the area this weekend….. please come shop at CRAFTER’S  for a SATURDAY yardsale/sidewalk sale!!! should be lots of bargains and i think the weather is going to be nice!!!the sale has already started today…tomorrow…friday and saturday will be the BIG outdoor day for the sale!!!! i won’t have tons and tons to sell for the yardsale part, but i sure will be buying!!! sorry ron. i will have a 20% off sale for my entire booth on saturday only. i have also marked several items down as well.

hope to see you all there!!!!!!

okay….i need some water and a 5K run. that means i am going blogging instead…..need to see what the gals at round top are up to!! you all stop foolin around and go get ya a snack already….that way i won’t feel like the only one…




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6 responses to “junkin food diet…..no foolin!

  1. Ron

    Don’t worry Arek………there are plenty more fish in the sea. Love ya,


  2. Love all your fab finds. Wish I could eat donuts (I’m allergic to eggs), so just eat a couple for me!

  3. cheryl

    Arek breaking up with a girl…Oh my, Doesn’t that make you feel like you are getting older way too fast? It just seems like yesterday that Brittany was getting him out of the car seat everytime you came to my house….and Arek still carries around BearBear?? Just tell Arek to put the girlfriend thing on hold say… for about….10 YEARS!! LOL! I’m loving all that bling…oh, and especially the donuts…Save me just one! With sprinkles! Love you guys! Take care!

  4. Hey…I made a pan of peanut butter/chocolate rice krispie bars last night and guess what I had for breakfast? So don’t feel so bad. I heard a donut a day keeps the doctor away anyways.
    Love your jewels…waiting for more of your inspiration. I haven’t gotten to junk for a week again…darn bed rest…and I am dying. Do some junkin’ for me! I may just go out today anyways…I have a doctors appointment this afternoon. Have a good week!

  5. Junk and junk food. You’ve opened my eyes to the connection. I don’t feel so bad now! Thanks. Love your painted lady.

    The Texas Woman

  6. Kaye

    Man…love the green prisms! Can’t wait to see what you do with the. Be sure to take a pic!

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