poor dad….we are missing you on another birthday!!!


hi ron…I DID NOT FORGET YOUR BIRTHDAY…PROMISE, we took a photo for you for your birthday, but my camera battery went weak, so the kids and i had to resort to the above. NICE. you get a sweet vintage hand knit hat, a cake you really can’t eat because it’s a piece of art and some pretty little statues and rose paintings you care absolutely nothing about. haa haaa.

sorry we missed your birthday. sorry this is late. zoey is very sick. she has pushed my limits of motherhood today and i am feeling like i may be a particle in a dirt pile or a leaf on the ground. that’s how much i’ve been away from the human world lately…ugh. have i forgotten the adult english language??? i think all i can manage to say lately is ‘AWE..poor thing and arek pick up your mess’.

please enjoy a trip down memory lane….it’s not a cake. it’s not a new wheel for your bike or a subscription to your favorite magazine. no card either. i apologize. i’ll just try to cheer your birthday after with a little (well a lot) of little photos and blips…whatever that means…….have another cookie and another scoop of icecream. do you remember back in the day when you made your guys buy you that girlie cake and sing to you and wear hats? i have a photo of that somewhere. i should have scanned it for you, but it was one more thing i would have to pull out of a cabinet and i can’t have one more thing pulled out of a cabinet today. it might send me into a state of who knows what. between zoey’s fever, blisters, bad breath and refusal of medicine and demand of being held all day, i can’t have another thing to clean up…..ALTHOUGH…arek cleaned zoey’s room today for me!! he did such a fine job.  okay


in case you have forgotten what it feels like to be 38..


in case you have forgotten arek’s obession with letters…..


in case you have forgotten what it was like to have the best neighbors in the world and the simple things to keep the kids happy….




in case you have forgotten how much you love your hobbies….


in case you have forgotten how to be silly and be OCD about computer monitors….



in case you have forgotten what the beach looks like and i used to look like when i was hot….





in case you can’t remember how much crap i had in our old, fun house…how long my hair used to be… and how i loved to make arek homegrown halloween costumes…..


in case you can’t remember how crazy my house clothes were when it was snowing outside in germany….







in case you have forgotten what a vacation is…..


in case you have forgotten your family pet…



in case you have forgotten arek’s photos he loved to take during your last deployment……god, i was HUGE….only 7 months along i think.



in case you have forgotten why i was so huge…..



in case you have forgotten zoey’s breastmilk caffeine high……


in case you have forgotten this little dish……



and this and this…


and this BIG dish…


and in case you have forgotten what it tastes like to have a glass of wine and work on a REAL computer….


know you will always have a place to sit when you get home


a smile on our faces….


and some new photos to take for birthday memories next year…..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD….WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU…even though you are old…but not as old and crusty as mom or all her dumb junk!!!!




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12 responses to “poor dad….we are missing you on another birthday!!!

  1. Happy birthday, Ron, and thank you for the service to your country!

    Loved your post, Sue! (Oh, and that brown chippy cabinet!)

    The Texas Woman

  2. What a great post for your husband’s birthday. He’s so lucky to have you, Sue! BTW, love that table, chairs and chandelier!

  3. What a great post! I’m sure your hubby will appreciate it so much…he’ll have lots of laughs with this one.
    I think we all could put that picture in for our husbands…remember…when I was hot? Not feeling it today…maybe if I could get rid of this enormous belly…that might help just a little.
    Have a good week…get better Zoey!

  4. Ron

    Thanks babe, that was real sweet.


  5. Sue

    What a sweet post for your hubby, all together now,”HAPPY BIRTHDAY RON”!! A trip down memory lane is the perfect present.

  6. what a sweet post & photo tribute to your husband for his birthday! chin up girl…sweet Zoey will get better, Arek will do something awesome to make you smile, and your husband will be home again. some days life is so darn hard, but you gotta hang in there! you have a beautiful family…thanks for sharing with us *elaine*

  7. Amy

    I laughed and cried at the same time. Beautiful post, Sue. Ron, Happy Birthday! And to all of you, a deep thanks for your sacrifices.

  8. Thanks for sharing Ron’s birthday gift with us! A million kisses to you all. Debbie

  9. Happy Birthday Ron! And thank you for serving our country. What a wonderful post Sue! Great to see pics of the kids when they were little…tooo cute!

    Great pics of you too…


  10. that was an amazing post sue. i am sure your husband is pround to have married you. cheers.

  11. Michele

    Happy Birthday Ron!
    We miss you guys here in Columbus!


  12. Kaitlin and Margarite

    hahah we like how kaitlin is in the background of that picture in barcelona.

    and how you’re drinking wine in our backyard.

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