project limbo land filled with light and too many pillows….


okay….zoey officially has that hand, foot and hoof disease….or whatever it’s called. foot, hand and mouth….only she has blisters just in her mouth and not on her hands (with the exception of one) and hooves. my days lately are spent watching sex and the city reruns and hugging zoey because she wants to be held. okay. whatever makes her feel better. her mouth hurts and she can’t eat. she’s pissed off most of the day and not in the mood to play with make up and eat chips and dip like most days. i feel bad for her. she needs to get better. i need her to get better. i need to craft some and complete some projects. it is project limbo land here and i can’t get anything completed lately. gee…i wonder why. i think about how much i wished i could go to ROUND TOP. i just couldn’t make it this time with sickness everywhere…..

first off….when kids are sick in this house, my house always feels cluttered and dirty. feels that way most of the time when they aren’t sick. i’m in this house so often, that the flaws are noticed more than they were when i worked full time….kinda like being in a long term relationship. after some time, the newness wears off and the beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. i know that most folks don’t feel the same excitement i get from my house. they are neutral about it all….but i see the beauty and the flaws.

like i mentioned before….i have been in project limbo land lately so the best way to clear the fog is to shop….zoey wanted to go to ROSS. i go there 2 times a year to buy clearance clothes from the junior department, even though i am 44. what does that mean? it’s rhetorical. i already know the answer.  PILLOWS GALORE…for cheap….lovely…




the one below is a project in progress….tea stained pillow with tea stained 10 cent shirt.more to come.


i was also inspired today by lamps. i saw this lamp today on Jessica’s post. this made me think of all the lamps i have scattered about the house. i have lamps on all the time. drives ron crazy. i have a lamp addiction for sure…..lamps on in the middle of the day….lamps on to create little moods….my own private theater.











there are more, but i think you get the drift.

i have some random blah, blah, blah stuff…

picture i found for $1. i will paint the frame. says bless this home, but i think i will change it to MESS this home IS.



loving this font i found for free online. i will make some paris signs and a sign the says VINTAGE with them. one day.


i found the sweetest rose soap from italy. they are booth bound soon. i plan to put them in the PINK DISPLAY SINK to sell.


loving these roses from one of marta’s hats i bought from her. this has nothing to do with anything. just like the roses….

that is my project limbo land blog post filled with a bunch of BS and i need to go hit too many pillows for bed. you all have a great night. i have heartburn and ADAM from american idol still reeling in my head. tears for fears…..good job adam. great show tonight. only wish it was longer!!!

for you michelle dude…i COULD NOT stop laughing about your comment with zoey and the peep art. half, half, half. missing you too.

for all you bloggers supporting me…thanks for stopping by. your comments are great and it gets me thru this deployment one day at a time. it really helps!! i enjoy reading your comments very much and visiting your blogs as well….

hope you all can get thru your projects quicker than i can. my house looks like my first apartment 25 years ago. that’s a shame. i have not progressed. only i don’t have plastic milk crates for tables anymore. okay…zoey is crying again….ack




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5 responses to “project limbo land filled with light and too many pillows….

  1. Love your pillows. BTW, did anyone tell you it’s impossible to have a clean and tidy house with two small children for longer than about 3 hours? And that rule goes out the window if anyone’s sick. When things get rough, just sneak peeks of your pretties, on a regular basis, and don’t forget that glass of wine…

  2. Marta's Room

    Ok,What’s up with people getting sick and the unability to get well? I have talked to more sick people still out and about than ever. And the worst is they can’t shake it off. I know that is not fun , specilly when the kidos get it. I pray you all get better soon. Check out the post Jessica, of Sugar Moon did of the shop. Knowing you it is going to feel like chicken soup and a warm blanket in a cold rainy day. As always beautiful. Love u, take care of the babies and specilly of yourself. MARTA.

  3. marie

    i enjoy your blog!! keep your creativity flowing, this will keep you in a happy place and your children will always benefit from a mom who lets all that energy flow.

  4. Michele

    {HUG} So glad I made you laugh 🙂
    You are dearly missed, but always know we’re behind you.


  5. Oh girlfriend…I’m so sorry Zoey is still sick. I hate it when little ones get zapped so bad. I love all your lamps..I have one that I want to do something with…not sure what yet! I have so many projects to do too…but I just can’t find the energy anymore. Sucks getting old!


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