candy day and package day and a lovely retreat….


with most of zoey’s sickness behind me (and zoey), easter’s chocolate candies have replaced small sips of milk and tiny tubs of yogurt. i am pleased by this!! i welcome the tiny bites she’s taken out of the chocolate bunnies she’s eaten today.  gummy worms have been chewed on and she even ate a plate of mac and cheese and some strawberries. that’s more food in one day than she has had all week…..

i don’t think the candy above was eaten. she has carried candy eggs around with her for a few days lately and let them turn into this…..although messy….the perfect shabby shades of pastel, easter colors….

between the two packages i received today (one from RACHEL and one from MOM)….and the lovely time i had at margarite’s house (thanks sooo much), it was a full day. a good day. a relaxing day. i felt the need to get out of my very messy house and visit with friends. margarite’s house is always a doorbell ring away. BT…WHERE WERE YOU??? i am lucky to have friends like that here….cindy rongey…you are one too. you all help me get thru this deployment more than you know.

rachel….thanks soooooooo much for such a sweet (literally) package. i am in love with the bunny basket and the kids went crazy over the candy. the pink bunny melted all over zoey’s hands during our road trip today and arek and zoey both carried those worms around with them like pets…



i love this card and i love the angel too. she will sit on one of my pink light that cheryl gave me.


after zoey opened her boxes today, she wouldn’t look up. hey…at least she is dressed!!!!

MOM…thanks for the candy, animals and the $$$$$. the money was a hit. the candy was a hit and that FABULOUS fabric a BIG hit. i love it. thanks so much.


margarite…thanks again for dinner and your wonderful retreat of a house. it’s relaxing and i always feel at home. all those european treasures look as good here as they did in germany. they make me calm and i don’t feel like i’m running around all day just trying to keep my head above water with all my clutter and chores….





you can build a small cottage at the end of your yard and rent it out to folks. i’ll be the first in line.




thanks again….sorry we ate all your m&ms and put fingerprints and chocolate stains on your countertops. arek and zoey had fun……i did too.

you all have a great easter…..RON….happy easter. we can celebrate your birthday and have an easter egg hunt when you get home. we will hide slices of filet mignon nstead of goopy jelly beans and malted milk eggs…





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5 responses to “candy day and package day and a lovely retreat….

  1. Have a wonderful Easter. I think it must of done you a world of good to go visiting…you sound so much more relaxed and that’s a good thing!
    You are so fortunate to have such loving friends and unbelievably beautiful children.

  2. Ron

    I’m glad you got out of the house and visited the “Grables”. You always make me laugh and brighten my day when I see my kids and read your narratives. Too bad BT didn’t show up. He might be headed to school and his new assignment. Love ya


  3. Ron

    In the last picture, it looks like Angus is finishing his drink out of the fish bowl. Poor fishy….and how in the heck did you fit that giant table in our little bitty kitchen……

  4. cheryl

    Hey Sue, I really enjoyed talking to you the other day. I think we both needed to vent! LOL! I’m happy to hear that Zoey is feeling a lot better, just in time to hunt easter eggs! She looks so cute and content in helping with the treats! Hope you guys enjoy your day to the fullest!~HaPpY EaSteR!!~Love ya!~Cheryl 🙂

  5. Hi Sue ~ glad you were able to get out of the house…even for just awhile! Am very glad that Zoey is feeling better! Love the colors in her hand…it looks more like paint than candy gook!

    Have a great week!


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