candle distractions and creamy light paint…..


it has been a stressful afternoon and i’m in a bad mood, but i will try to blog with good intent and blah, blah, blah about something that is very important to me….


i have somehow turned into the kool-aid mom. i am the home the strays come to for food and shelter lately. i don’t understand why parents just let their kids wander the neighborhood hoping some shmuck like me will open the door and let them in. i give these stray kids one hour to play and send them on their way. i don’t feed them or make eye contact with them. am i the only mom that doesn’t understand other parents presumptions and feel that it is an imposition when a child is just sent over uninvited???? i don’t want to be mean, but i have to be firm and sometimes that does not work. i am hardly able lately to handle my own kids, much less the few that come to me on the weekends and after school hoping for leisure time in my house with my snacks and computer. it just isn’t not right. i don’t get it. then i have the ones that run to me after school begging to come to my house….’if i can pick them up’. NO. i am no taxi. i don’t know these kids’ moms. i wouldn’t just let anyone pick arek up and take him after school. i also wouldn’t allow arek to beg another adult to come over. i’m not much of one for boundaries. i am a pushover and don’t have much of a will power when it comes to discipline and consistency with arek and zoey, but i do have respect for the most part when it comes to after school home invasion!! geeze. i must admit i have a friend or two that reciprocates the playdate….and that is awesome. that makes it work.

anyway….after how many zoey meltdowns in a day??? after how many requests for drinks and food??? how many fights i break up between arek and zoey and the enormous amount of energy it has taken lately to get them dressed and ready for bed and asleep, i am way too tired to deal with other kids as well unless their parents are at my house with them or i’ve arranged a play date hour with their parents and we all agree on the RULES of the house and the time they have before they are ready to leave…am i over reacting?? any advice??? or do i just let the kids rule the roost??? sad thing is…i am the one doing all the work, while the parents that send their kids off into wander around the neighborhood land are home relaxing and getting things accomplished. i actually got rid of a few kids during a couple of recent moves. one was not shy at all. she would ask me for several drinks of milk…food….craft items…etc. she would barge into the house and just hang out….i must have sucker written on my head. WHERE ARE THESE KIDS’ PARENTS????

okay…i vented. i need to be more firm. i get it.

on with my candle obsession. i just wanted to share some of my favorite candles/scents with you all. i have a deep love relationship with my candles and wax melt tarts. they have gotten me thru umpteen deployments and many stressful days. i remember burning soy tarts during the harsh winters in germany…pregnant..stressed..a soy wax melt tart would mellow me out and make me feel content. the aromas were perfect for cold, snowy, windy nights while i sat in my big clothes watching tv and listening to the wind thru the cracked windows. i couldn’t help myself. my obsession grew with delight. i ordered my tarts from SOYFUL JOYS…(on my blog roll) and they would get shipped by miss alyce APO and very quickly. LOVELY PRODUCT… PERFECT CUSTOMER SATISFACTION…


i just received an order of wonderful tarts….12 to a bag….scents like lemon biscotti and red hot love (smells just like red hots), vanilla pine cones, harvest spice, gingerbread, and raisin pumpkin royale…YUM. i also love cini buns, cranberry crunch, winter candy apple and frost bitten berries. these tarts last and last and the throws are strong!! will smelly up the entire house sometimes!!! yum.

i like tart burners, but i try to find cast off things to make my own. i use glass bowls and old dishes to stand on old silver burners or candle holders that are stray. makes tart burning much more interesting.


i used an upsidedown pretty small rose dish and put a tea lite on it. i put in on this interesting silver bowl holder


i am also in love with FOR EVERYBODY CANDLES. i find them on sale from time to time at ROSS. when i do….THIS HAPPENS.


these candles burn pretty clean most of the time, but they burn really hot, so be careful!!

also…THE ORIGINAL CAKE CANDLE company is great. i love cake candles. they are rather expensive, but the sales online will yield some good burning ones for around $6-10. the chunky candles burn clean and long. smell is good as well.i also ADORE the WALMART mainstays HAZELNUT CREAM candle. for less than $5, this candle is well worth the cash. the smell is wicked good and the burn is clean. ALSO…love local candles. anytime i can find canning jar candles that smell good, i buy them. usually the burn is extremely clean and the candles are not that expensive.


i have other companies i buy from as well……i buy from VILLAGE CANDLE and COMMON SCENTS (thru i haven’t bought from either of these companies lately, but when the mood strikes. i guess you know what i give as gifts for all occassions…..duh…candles.  also martha stewart FLOWER SHOP is fantastic as well.

okay…enough about that little secret that isn’t a secret anymore. i guess we all have our things we collect.




i stumbled upon an incredible dresser w/a marble top about 3 weeks ago. it cost me a whooping $10, so i snagged it. needless to say, i painted it a creamy white and decided to keep it. sorry ron…




it is amazing what a coat of creamy paint does to a object….

i changed a few things around this weekend…..trying to make room in the ‘studio’ area creates an entire front house makeover.



my 10 euro table that i keep reinventing because i am too lazy to paint it a creamy light paint. i just draped fabric and created this look…


i added storage to the top of this cabinet by adding stacked suitcases. always a good way to increase storage. i saw the cutest idea for an old suitcase. paint out the outside….open it up and paint the inside with chalkboard paint. PERFECT DISPLAY and a place to write display item, description and cost!!


looks like zoey has been in the white paint…although it is my scary foot cream. i’ll save that for another post…..

you all have a great night…i need to go deal with destressing…my hurting hiatal hernia (arghhh) and lack of sleep.

aaahhh…i am only a candle away from feeling better… aroma at a time.





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5 responses to “candle distractions and creamy light paint…..

  1. Ron

    Don’t let that tea burner thingy fall on Zoey’s little head……………..remember when you were little and you ate all of Marlene’s wonderful food…………I guess it’s payback time. I don’t think Zoey should have foot cream near her mouth. OK, OK,

    love ya,


  2. Love the lacy loveliness of your pillow and table. Very pretty.

  3. Ooooo Sue, I love that white dresser…just gorgeous. As is the lace that you put on that round table.

    Love that little Zoey…she’s too cute! And I agree with you about parents with letting the kids just show up unannounced. I had one that just started going through my cabinets and fridge….I’m like…whoa…that’s enough of that crap!

    Stick to your guns girl…stand firm!


  4. Kaye

    Love those birds…am so jealous that you find them everywhere!

    Ever had a mom call you to arrange a playdate for a specific day…at your house? Happened to me. Guess she needed a babysitter. Well, I owed her one but still thought she had a lot of nerve! As for neighborhood kids…with exception of one I just don’t let them in!

  5. I love the dresser–it is all beautiful!

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