can you put a price on junk????


so i am now the one that is sick. zoey is well. arek is well. i have a virus. yuck!! the intestinal kind….i read online that there is no such thing as a stomach flu. as a matter of fact…intestinal viruses are just that….a virus that takes place in the small intestines i think i read….not the stomach. SO WHY DOES MY STOMACH HURT SO DARN BAD???? i haven’t eaten in 3 days. three days are like cat years for me. each one represents at least 5 years!! ugh…i also have a very, very painful headache. where does that play into a virus of the digestive system? since when does one’s head connect to one’s colon??? i don’t get it, but i do know i hurt. my teeth hurt. my eyes hurt. my legs feel like jelly and i haven’t eaten in what did i project????? uh 15 years. and yes….that include COFFEE. geeze…  i have spent 2 days in bed and my house looks like a dr. suess book, but whatever. i just want to feel better. i want my heartburn to go away and all my aches and pains. maybe it is a sign that i need to eat better or wash more hands more often or something. with all the junk i handle, you would think i’d get tetanus before i got a stupid non stomach virus.

well….it’s okay. the perfect antidote today was a fabulous and VERY, VERY gracious junk run from my junkin bud, crafting bud, and sewing extraordinare….CINDY. thanks cindy for all those goodies. if i didn’t seem too over joyed, blame it on the energy and junk appreciation zapping virus that is sucking the very creative love for all things vintage and fabulous out of my body. I LOVE WHAT YOU BROUGHT. can you put a price on junk???? i guess not. i asked cindy for the total price i owed and she said FREE. she said the price of friendship, listening, bickering, swapping of other great junk and just the overall excitement i may get from creating something great out of cast off what nots that she had hangin’ around was enough payment for her. THANKS. that is payment enough and that is a gift. seems like nothing is free anymore.

i not only got some great junk, but yet another sewing lesson. okay cindy…after you left, i tried tonite to sew a little purse for zoey and the NEEDLE BROKE. where have i failed? i’m like an elephant in a room of swans when it comes to sewing. i just break stuff.

did manage to pull off this pillow…..well, cindy did. i sewed on the buttons. how hard can this be???? i just want to make some quick pillows. i will get there…i will get there.


cindy also brought me this little lovely. she’s all pink and shabby…torn and worn and ready for some new love…


i got this fabulous pink candle. i love the gold mixed in with the pink. it is too pretty to burn. you know those kind of candles. they were especially popular in the 70’s. i had a unicorn candle, a pig candle, a pink dragon candle…..all too pretty to burn. i didn’t understand the candle thing? why not just make statues instead? okay…i’m off track.


this pretty little plate….


pretty hand painted cards….these are great!! i plan to make tags with these.


wooden hangers….always a hit with me.



tons of stuff to paint white above and below a suitcase filled with cast off what nots…..what is in there????? i don’t care. it was FREE. i will take it!!! is that liquor???? i know cindy….it’s not, but it would make a great story…


sweet doll that zoey claimed….


the best egg napkins from germany…..


there is more, but this is all i could squeeze in tonite……i need to go rest. ron….look at arek’s long ole hair. CRAZY cute long. like a 1970’s cute long. it’s tough having a boy with long hair. i have to schedule in hair washings during the week and it’s drama….just like a girl….i have to wash, listen to the crying, then condition and listen to the crying. oh well….it’s worth it. it’s the price to pay for serious hair.


you all have great night!!! kaye…if we ever get stationed together again, i’m bringing my birds for you. sue from down under….thanks for all the inspiration and support…michelle too….both michelles!!! and the rest of the readers out there….thanks so much for hanging in there with me blog after blog about a bunch of blah, blah, blah…….

time for more vitamin water….




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10 responses to “can you put a price on junk????

  1. Poor Sue…you and I need to get together…us sicklings…I’m always sick too…and this never ending crazy pregnancy. We need to stick together. Love all the goodies you got…I don’t have friends that throw free stuff at me! How do you get so lucky?
    Don’t worry…Ashton and Cole’s hair is longer then Arek’s right now…Cole was begging for a haircut today. I didn’t have the energy to take him. He says everybody at school says he needs a haircut. Oh well…if only this baby would get here so I could walk…then I could take him to get his haircut! LOL
    Go read my little poem on facebook about the baby (it goes something like the night before Christmas) I think you’ll like it! Take care and get better!

  2. Ron

    Arek’s got rock star hair. My hair was long and frizzy when I was his age. Now my hair is short, balding, and receding. It sucks getting old……love ya


  3. Sue

    I have to check in on you daily to see what crazy things you have come up with, and check you are all still alive!! I hope you can shake off these viruses soon, I need a junk fix, your kind of junk creating! You make me laugh and inspire me, hang in there!Get out into the sunshine for some ‘vit D’!
    I have a good friend who gives me junk too, they understand the need…the need for more junk!!

  4. Cindy

    You are welcome for the free junk. Didn’t know 3 boxes of crap could bring me so much love.
    As for the headaches, as I was reading your blog it occured to me that your headaches are from a lack of caffeine. You are used to drinking coffee everyday and 3 days without gives you withdrawl headaches.
    Next WEds, 10 AM we go junking together!

  5. I am so sorry you are under the weather…sounds more like a flu bug to me.
    I love wooden hangers! Looks like quite the haul to me.

  6. Michele

    {HUG} {HUG} {HUG}
    Go get:
    – B complex vitamin with C and Zinc added (Nature Made). I swear by it….the zinc does wonders.
    – Green Tea with Antioxidants (Herbal). Start drinking when you feel something coming on.
    – Margarita (with salt). I owe you several.

    pots & ***


  7. Ron

    I had to laugh when I read:

    – Margarita (with salt).

    to make you feel better…I can just picture a doctor saying take two of these and a margarita and call me on the morning.


  8. Carol Casey


    Wow, what treasure you scored!!! I especially like the white frame, er, whatever it is, on the stand. What is it, and will it be for sale? Please let me know,

    Carol Casey

  9. Oh Sue…sorry you’re feelin crappy. I was gonna say the same thing about the headaches….no caffeine will do it every time..specially when you’re used to having the coffee!

    Feel better soon…thrifting and junkin always makes me feel better!


  10. the answer is a definitive NO. you can NOT put a price on junk!! but i suspect your question was rhetorical anyhow.

    first let me say that i’m concerned about your health, miss vintagesue girl. as your on-call nurse, i agree with the girls’ comments about caffeine withdrawal headaches. also, if you’re not eating, you’re suffering from hypoglycemic headaches as well.

    hopefully by now you’re feeling better!! at least try to stay hydrated with something that has electrolytes or sugar.

    now, on to the GREAT loot from cindy! wow! love it all! that pink candle is AWESOME … and the gorgeous plate and doll and pillows!! nice job, cindy!

    it’s a blessing to have friends who understand this love/need/desire for junk/treasures. that’s how i feel about YOU, too. 🙂

    please try to feel better. keeping you in my prayers (though as you know, mine make it as far as the ceiling and then bounce back to slap me in the face … but still, i try). 😉

    love and hugs,
    terry lee

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