i love junk. no doubt. i don’t like it as much when i am sick, but i am feeling better….so the ratio of junk in the house to functional items can stay high when i am well and feeling creative. even though i was pelted with hail during a biblical storm friday morning on my way home from a yard sale, i was still optimistic about finding goodies while i drove home thru several inches of standing water hoping not to float away. i made it home wet, tired, scared and junkless….BUT ALIVE. that said (texas can just be way too much), i hit the old faithful g.w. bins yesterday and found enough stuff to get the creative juices flowing….like the gushing rain water that i was avoiding friday morning.

i have decided to have a love affair with chalkboard paint. can’t have the hubby home….might as well find an alternative that won’t be illegal and break my heart. that said….JUNK + CHALKBOARD PAINT = TRUE LUST.

i have seen some really clever ideas lately with painted furniture….suitcases, etc….with chalkboard paint. the suitcase above was a freebie from cindy, so i pulled out the guts and painted the inside. it will go to the booth to hold linens or something. i’m not sure yet. i just think it’s a cute idea. i came up with some other painted items as well….


i plan to mark down several items in the booth for this week. thought this would make a perfect sale sign!! the purse was a freebie from cindy. not in good shape, i decided to paint it with chalk paint. i will probably pull the handles off and put a wire hanger on with pearls. i will tie bows on each handle and put it in zoey’s room and it will say DRESS UP.


found this suitcase at g.w. and decided to paint it with chalk paint. makes a great statement piece and has storage to boot. i ha


thought this tag was appropriate for this case. couldn’t stop with one tag……





a great way to use those old cheap trays you don’t know what to do with. cindy gave me this fatastic burlap stripping and i love it!!! very french…eh?



more tags above. i used some small plastic easter eggs to glue to tags i painted blue and stamped with nests. i used some old envelopes. i love old envelopes as tags. cheap and bountiful. i also used one the pages from my michelangelo book to make fill this tray.

on my g.w. excursion yesterday i found a few vintage books. juxtapose them and this is what you get…..





from one great iconic master MICHELANGELO…..art…filled with symbolism, biblical references, and eternal greatness to THIS…….




to another iconic great master….BARBIE. not only barbie…but QUICK CURL barbie and she is having a yardsale!!!! i’m not sure which great master i am in more awe of at this very moment!!!!!!!

that said….you all let your junk rule and enjoy the sunshine…..




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6 responses to “JUNK RULES….

  1. I think I want to be Cindy’s friend too! Love your chalkboard-painted purse-sign!

    The Texas Woman

  2. Love that purse sign – that is too cool! Of course everything else you’ve done is wonderful too!

  3. cindy

    Cher, When Sue moves you can be my junking friend as I do better at finding it than I do at using it!
    Sue the stuff looks great. I alwasy know that your vision will transform the junk I collect into treasures to behold.
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that you found a Barbie and Ken coloring book with a yard sale. That is jsut too cute! I hope you never part with that one.

  4. I heart chalkboard paint too! I found a painted yellow wagon and did some chalkboard paint on the side so you can use it somewhere and write “flowers” or “garden” or something. Love all your goodies and projects.
    We are now home and trying to take it easy. I’m pretty beat…no projects for me for awhile.

  5. cheryl

    Hey Sue…I am always intrigued by your creativity with fun junk! It was always fun to come to your house, when you lived here in Ga, to see your latest creations! Love the chalkboard painted purse, my favorite. Take care of yourself! Love ya! Cheryl 🙂

    P.S.~ I will be working on your box of goodies this week!

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