alone time at the city wide…….leads to a clutter binge!!!


i have not blogged in a million days it feels like. i have been distracted by many things lately. i will share those bits of news soon! good stuff…..but change…it will be a coming. i have decided to close down my booth by the end of the month of may. i am sad, but i have to do it. i have been reluctant about buying things lately, so i haven’t blogged much because of that. wellllll…….today changed that. i had 6 hours to myself for the lampassas city wide, and it was wonderful!!! there are folks out there that were willing to help me with the kids so i could have some alone time. i shopped until i ran out of money, strength and space. what clutter….what fun! thanks miss evette for all the goodies!!!! marta….i am glad you beat me to that typewriter!!!……and….i will share some of the really pretty vintage clothes i got soon. i also found a 25 cent bag sale at one booth that left me with at least 8 vintage dresses (not fab, but cute enough!!) and a vintage beaded sweater that nobody took. i found a 50% off table too……but mostly today i found linens galore!! i have to take a junking hiatus for the next few months, so this flea trip was a last hoohaa as my friend sally would say for the next couple of months. RON….SO SORRY THE TRUCK LOOKS INSANE. it will declutter soon… has to. i am way too ashamed of myself for my sloppy antics. i should go to clutter rehab, but then i would get addicted to the cookies we would share at the beginning of the meetings and if i eat those like i gobble junk…..oh know.


this is the back of the truck. i have 2 big boxes and other stuff…..what is the ladder and zoey’s toy doing back there???? and a rug from arek’s room???? and there is a car booster seat that has a black spider living in it that is so big, i’m afraid to disturb it for fear that it might consume me and all my pretty vintage dresses.

i brought about $100 with me today. i used to bring about $40 for all my flea attempts, but today was a special day. i think i did very well with my $$$$ funds. i collected so many neat things. i will show them as i unload them. i took a few pics of some of my finds. i am so into lace and linens right now. also anything pink/pottery/dishes, smalls, figurines, little clutter and old photos. i scored with some of those today.















i just can’t help myself.

starting next week i will mark ALL items in the booth 50% OFF. i will bring in some lot bags of stuff as well during the month and maybe a few other goodies too. the last week in may will be my blowout week. i will seriously discount what is left and will even take bids on all items left.

i have enjoyed my little booth endeavors ooooohhhh soooo much. for all of you that have supported my booth and my blog……thanks a billion. really……thank you. the blog will continue of course, and i plan to get back into the junk bizness sometime in the fall. once junk is in your blood… stays there i think.

hope you all had some happy hauls this weekend…..time for another glass of water and this wind to stop already. ooohhhh yo gabba gabba time…gotta go.

take it easy…..




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7 responses to “alone time at the city wide…….leads to a clutter binge!!!

  1. WOW!! What an awesome haul! I don’t know what I like best, but the old “instant ancestor” photos are defintely at the top! Sorry to hear you’re closing down your space…it’s hard to do, I know, my friend Steph & I closed ours down in December. The only one making any $$ was the lady who ran the store. So, now our shed’s are overflowing…again…and we feel guilty buying stuff, cause where, oh where, are we gonna put it??!! Don’t stop blogging…I really enjoy your photos and you always bring a smile when I read your blog! Happy Sunday *elaine*

  2. Looks like you had a great junking day! I like the “clutter” collage.

  3. Sue

    Sad to hear your stall will be ‘no more’, but I think where there’s a will, there’s a way….I’ll give you 2 weeks and you will be back out there buying and finding and digging, breaking your back to find that special piece of junk!!! You cant just go cold turkey, you have to ease your way out of the obsession, ha, thats coming from me…..!
    Loved all your stuff, now show us your talents, and create till your heart is content!
    Blogging is good therapy for all of us!

  4. great treasure finds, sue! i can’t believe i didn’t see you. bonnie and i were there for quite a while … long enough for me to get sunburned! but come to think of it, that doesn’t take very long with my skin.

    i was within seconds of getting that vintage typewriter AND the desk it was on. would’ve been PERFECT on my vintage typing stand. but something else caught my attention (i think it was the gorgeous rose plates across the way … more on those in my upcoming, elusive blog) and i never went back to it. i’m also glad marta got it (hi, marta! i’m still planning that trip to waco for my peach trees!).

    ANYways, i want you to know that as sad as i am to see you close your beloved (by many) booth, i support your decision. your lovely treasures and creative talent will be greatly missed. but more so, YOU will be missed.

    hope you and the kids are healthy and happy. take care and hope to see you soon!

    terry lee

  5. Thanks for stopping by my blog! I have been reading your blog for quite some time, I am just a bad commenter. I don’t know why – because I love comments on my blog. Sory about your booth. I had one for a long time and sometimes I wish I had another. They are a lot of work though. I love the two little vintage bunnies in one of the photos. I adore well loved vintage toys – especially bunnies. Come back by my blog! – Shara

  6. Oh sheesh, you scored big time! Soooooo…do you have any old vintage and rhinestone jewelry in your booth? I’d be happy to take it off your hands and pay for you to ship it to me…since I’m like a million miles away from you!!!


  7. Michele

    Can I bid on something? I need a ‘Sue junk art’ piece!
    “We are powerless over our addiction!”

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