can a true junker really downsize all her cluttttter?……


so i have news to share, but i think it is too early to release my future plans……so i will keep quiet for now and just blog. i will say a move is in the works soon and i am wrapping up 2 years of what i considered a very productive and creative time at crafter’s corner. i appreciate all of you that supported me during those years. terry lee….thanks sooooooooo much for all of your support…marta…you too. and everyone else that has helped make vendor 030 a success story. i officially put my 50% off sign in the booth today for all the merchandise that is there.  the booth is still stocked quite well and what does not have a price will soon. as much as i need to stop junking and creating….it is hard, so i will continue to at least make gestures at my craft table and keep some projects going up until it’s time to pack. i hope to resume the junkin bug again and restore order to a new booth beaming with fun displays and great finds and creative projects.

i think i am the only military spouse that can pack a house fuller than a museum in less than half a decade. how????? can one live???? with so much stuff???? please tell me i am not the only one!!!! i love my little piles of cute things. i love my little collections of vintage cuteness that helps keep me inspired, creative and motivated. i can’t get rid of it all. that and two kids and one BIG craft area = cluttttter….with a bunch of TTTTTs. i guess between being sick all winter long and the crazy swine flu scares, i need to just enjoy my crazy junkin life and be happy that i have for one day, a really fun hobby that i completely love.

i did rescue a small collage i made not too long ago from the booth today. it’s one that i decided to keep and take with me.


she is hard to see, but i used a cast off belt buckle to put the photo behind. that lace, and a black cast off ribbon from a vintage necklace help finish it out. it says ‘a lasting impression’. that is what texas left for me, so i will take this collage with me to remind me of fun times.


i have still been into the wax collages lately. i use a ton of tea stained fabric scraps, an old book cover, lace, pearls, and a vintage collar, key and some paint and wax to make this collage.

i shot some photos of more flea market finds from this weekend. just some smalls, linens and a few other misc……i have been on a linen kick lately. i am struck by the graphics of old tea towels and hankies. i just adore them.






found a HUGE stack of these quilt cuters. i can’t wait to use these to make wreaths.

i also came across 4 of these hanger covers… the sweet flowers on them.



bowl of goodies…..zoey can’t stop carrying the GIANT rhinestone with her everywhere she goes in the house. she call it her ….jewries….


love the jar of buttons….and the trio of vintage, plastic angels. they will probably be glued to a shelf. i found a cute shelf at G.W. for $1.50. it is super HUGE, but now it is super WET because of the rain. i didn’t even get a chance to alter it. would have looked soooooo sweet with a rose plate covering the primitive heart at the top and these angels glued onto the bottom. oh well… least the idea is there.



loving these sweet old socks…..back in the day….order a magazine subscription and you get some little bo peep sweet hosiery… the form of children’s socks. nowadays….you just get a huge bill for missing issues of overpriced magazines you pass onto your friends.


i found this sweet fabric in the form of a crib bumper not too long ago at the bins in g.w.   total cost….50 cents. what to do???? i cut the batting out of each panel and will reuse the fabric. i will reuse the batting to make small pillows out of my old linens….


lastly…..i found this project somewhere on a texas blog out there, so i certainly can’t take credit for this one at all!!!


salt shakers that don’t have matches…..put a wire into the top of them and then they can hold a cute photo……love it.

zoey’s sweet hand and arm filled with home grown tattoos by arek…..that is what happens when i don’t pay attention to the kids for 10 minutes…..i am too ashamed to show you the rest of the tattoo destruction…..arek even drew zoey a new butt crack. hummmmm. arek too those foam stickers and drew on the sticky side of them with washable marker. then he stuck the design (sticky side) on zoey’s skin and made prints of his design. very clever arek… go take a bath.


okay…stomach is totally hurting. why???????? stop.

better go and figure out why i have this terrible stomach ache…..again.

have a glorious night….enjoy your clutter and don’t watch too much news….




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8 responses to “can a true junker really downsize all her cluttttter?……

  1. Oh Sue, I wish you the best in your new junkin adventures, where ever the road may lead you (I do hope it’s still in Texas, but it’s probably not…). I know you’ll keep blogging, or at least I hope so, even though I don’t always leave you a comment, I still check in on ya. And your kids are not only so cute, but very creative. My 21 year old son still draws tatooes on his arm, it’s because he secretly wants one and his dad and bro have said No. He feels he needs their permission, more respect than anything I think, but I feel sure one day he’ll get one 🙂 anyways my friend, I wish you and your family the best!! Your secret junkin buddy, Theresa

  2. Marta's Room

    I don’t think you are aware of how many people love you. Last Saturday at the city wide Ms Ivette was selling her beautiful things, but she make sure nobody touch the things she have save for you. That is the kind of effect you have in people. Then with the typewritter that I beat you to, your reaction to losing the bargain to me, was so sweet. I wish there were more people like you. That is the reason your are blessed the way you are. I will never sell some of the things I got from you. Everytime I looked at my shoes and the beautiful tea stained pillow I will think of you. Wherever you go you will be succcesful , promise you will never stop creating, such an artist. And something else, please, don’t stop blogging, that will make the distance seem closer. Love you to pieces, Marta.

  3. Sue, you are a magpie, just like me. We love to collect things that speak to us. We love our stuff (even though it drives my husband crazy). That’s who we are. And you’re super creative too, so don’t ever stop creating, or you will not be happy. BTW, it’s so good for the children too!

  4. Kaye

    Oh…the wonderful world of the Army! Love the hankies. I used to always look thru them at stores trying to find one as close as possible to one that my grandmother used to let me play with in church. Had purple violets all around the edge…still looking! Oh Arek…tattoos are addictive. Have four & already have the next in my head!

  5. Michele

    dude, LOVE the salt shakers converted to hold photos… always thought “out of the box.” That’s what I love about ya. 😉

  6. I just love that little Zoey’s hand…and even the tattoos on there! Good luck in wherever life takes you. I was kinda hoping it would bring you closer to me so I would have a junking friend!

    Take care…big hugz,

  7. lisa nichols

    Please tell me you are coming back to Columbus. I miss yall so much and would love to go junking with you and have playdates with Zoey and Kaitlyn. Good Luck in whatever it is you are doing.


  8. Kaye

    Oh…I’d be happy just to be back on the east coast & out of soggy central! Get sooooo sick of the rain & gloom up here!

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