feathering my nest…..trying to keep the piggies out….


with the onslaught of pig flu and elevation 5 pandemic scare, i decided i would try to take my mind off the world’s troubles by creating some of my own….yes….more clutter. so the word is out….i’m out of here. i will be leaving texas sometime at the end of summer and moving closer to my family in maryland. i am soooo happy about this. ron got a job where we can reside closer to my yankee roots and take on bushels of crabs and festive beach play. i can hardly wait, but my house certainly isn’t ready for any yankee party quite yet. i mean….how does a junker survive a 2 or 3 year stay in one place before leaving again and reorganizing all that junk….again….and again??? i’m not sure. i know i do it. over and over. i can’t help collecting. i would change if i could, but i think it’s too late for that now. i spend more time stressed about the piles i’ve created all over the house….organizing and re-organizing….over and over. i just keep feathering my nest….it’s the curse of being a vendor, or ebayer or online seller. clutter all the time for me. i visit friends and relax in their nice, stress free uncluttered homes and then i come home and ask myself….WHY? why must i save broken lamps, single salt shakers, piles and piles of cast off linens and lace, stacks of old books, boxes of old papers and junk jewels…..buttons, tubs of paint, ribbons, drawers of odd things to glue and collage with. why not just live in my house the way it was intended? why must i alter it all???????

i guess because i love to create. i love to see what inspires other artists, vendors, and collectors. then i want to imitate…which is the dearest form of flattery….and create my own version of something from almost nothing. i watch american idol every week and remember that it’s okay for those sweet kids to become artists. it’s okay to love what you do. if it is okay for a 20 year old, then it must be okay for a stressed out mom waiting for another deployment to end. i think that is what got me into the junking biz…a hobby i needed to separate myself from the stress of deployments….and i don’t regret it at all. i’ve met some incredible folks along the way and i’ve grown as somebody that may want to do this full time one day.you can’t pay any professor any amount of $$$ to learn those skills. they come with time, experience and determination.

so back on track….i took some photos of little things around the house….more linens i got from cheryl and buttons and other smalls…and some upcoming collages that i plan to bring to the booth. now that i put my 1/2 off sale sign up, i’m starting to sell like crazy!! please come back and check in with me. i will bring up a couple more BIG loads before the end of may. if i don’t sell some of it, the movers will quit their jobs and have to go to therapy after they see all my crap


this is a piece on worked on today. i plan to add a little bird nest to the bottom corner and it’s ready for hanging. i may add a few little hooks to the shelf to hang earrings.


what does one do with a cast off, stained pillow case???? i found this one for almost nothing. i tea stained it and then just added a cheap pillow. i folded over the case and added a rhinestone pin. sooo super easy.


what does one do with a christmas card holder????? i found this one for 50 cents. it had a giant red bow on the top and i cut it off. now it holds cards and old photos for inspiration by the craft table.


this was one of my cheap, plastic angels i found at the flea market this past weekend. i just hot glued it to a giant chippy column i have in the house. hot glue is great. easy to undo, so you can glue anything without too much of a permanent commitment.


i found this sweet little ironstone pat from cheryl and the small composition head as well…i love that her plate looks like a hat or a halo. found the pink bowtie from somewhere, but now i can’t remember???? who gave that to me? rachel???? anyway, i love it.


diggin this old sewing screen. on the inside are thread spools and 2 sewn baskets to hold sewing notions. i think it makes a great table top statement.


just a small redo….had to move my manequin.



stacks of linens from cheryl. too bad the sew machine is broken still. ugh. like i have time to sew anyway.

i love these old songbook covers. got these from cheryl……everybody looks so happy and energetic or completely in love or heartbroken.






i wish i had those perfect eyebrows the women had back in the day….what a life…..okay….so they were a bit repressed with their beach attire (although i would take perfect comfort in those flapper suits anytime now) and other feminist issues of the time with employment and equal rights and blah, blah, blah, but really they were sooo ahead of the game. they knew you could be sexy and witty and still smoke a big ole long smoke and swim the english chanel in a wool body bathing suit with a fat, plastic cap and still look like a rock star with those eye brows, long lashes, smoky eyes, red lipstick and perfect hair under their beaded cloches. they were feminist goth rebels before we could define it. i’m lucky if i wash my face and brush my teeth everyday. i can’t imagine looking that scrubed and beautiful.

oh…i’ve gone on and on again about a whole bunch of nothing. the wind is soooooo bad outside, i had to take down all my hanging things for fear they may blow into my window and break my glass. i want hanging plants, not swinging weapons. geeze….i am sure my new neighbors are wondering why there are vintage linens and old fake flowers blowing thru their yard. could be worse….could be flying pigs like a vintage pink floyd record or something.

i feel like this song today…..little pig let me in or i’ll huff and puff and let the texas wind blow all your stuff away…..

Big man, pig man, ha ha, charade you are
You well heeled big wheel, ha ha, charade you are
And when your hand is on your heart
You’re nearly a good laugh
Almost a joker
With your head down in the pig bin
Saying “keep on digging”
Pig stain on your fat chin
What do you hope to find?
When you’re down in the pig mine
You’re nearly a laugh
You’re nearly a laugh
But you’re really a cry.
Bus stop rat bag, ha ha, charade you are
You BLEEP up old hag, ha ha, charade you are
You radiate cold shafts of broken glass
You’re nearly a good laugh
Almost worth a quick grin
You like the feel of steel
You’re hot stuff with a hat pin
And good fun with a hand gun
You’re nearly a laugh
You’re nearly a laugh
But you’re really a cry.
Hey you Whitehouse, ha ha, charade you are
You house proud town mouse, ha ha, charade you are
You’re trying to keep our feelings off the street
You’re nearly a real treat
All tight lips and cold feet
And do you feel abused?

pink floyd animals….PINK FLOYD PIGS (3 DIFFERENT ONES)…

okay….eyes are shutting. must rest…you all have a nice night settled into your nests…..and try to keep the piggies out. thinking of you all….




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6 responses to “feathering my nest…..trying to keep the piggies out….

  1. You’re going to miss Texas but I think Texas junkers will miss you too! Glad you’re happy to be going closer to home!

    The Texas Woman

  2. Oh, I so identify with you when it comes to clutter…. No matter how hard I try there are piles of stuff everywhere!! I am always horrified when someone rings the bell!! Love all your finds!!

  3. Sue

    You’re moving to MD? Where? Bring your junk to me!

  4. Barb

    I absolutely love this website..Rachel shared with me & its my secret pleasure..I check in at work to see what awesome things you’ve made & read your blog..You are very talented & I love your take on the world…keep up the good work…you are awesome…and you always make my day!!!..thanx. Barb

  5. I’ve got piles of stuff too. Now I’m panicking a bit because I’m swamped at work and my whole family is coming to stay with us this weekend for my son’s Confirmation. Yikes! I think I need a bigger house 🙂 The way I see it is we’re collectors and creators (we need to build up our supply of stuff because we never know when inspiration will strike or we will have time to make something). Plus, I think we like bountiful. I think the trick is to find a way to manage the bountiful, but not let it overwhelm us, don’t you think? Well, that’s what I need to work on…

  6. Sue

    If I was closer to you, Id help you pack all those wonderful treasures, though I wouldnt trust myself, Id probably pinch them!! Have fun packing, dont forget those gorgeous plates in your garden! Look at it this way, you will have a blank canvas to start all over again with decorating!
    I havent moved for 10 years, but I moved alot before, and that was the part I enjoyed, starting fresh with decorating. Hated the packing and unpacking!

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