time to smell the roses…..


HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY….now kids…..put me in a garden and leave me alone. i will come out eventually and do a load of laundry and scream and yell about the wet clothes in the hallway and the pee that is constantly sprayed around the toilet; i will eventually come out and make another round of snacks that pile dishes in the sink and i’ll watch the kids throw all my pillows on the floor and jump on them and then leave them there; i will eventually come out and read another barbie book and do another pig puzzle with zoey when i would much rather make a collage and drink 3 cups of afternoon coffee because i am unable to take a desperately needed nap; i will eventually come out and clean all the dirt (how does it get there?) out of the tub and pick up all the goldfish and pistachio nut shells off the floor because it’s easier and quicker for me to do it then patiently wait for the kids to do it 2 days later. yes….eventually i will come out of the garden. i must. i will take time to smell the roses, but eventually the aphids will get me and i will get hungry and thirsty and i’ll be ready for a hug from the very kids that sent me there….




the kids sent me these beautiful red roses. i’m not sure how arek and zoey made it to the flower shop….probably zoey stole my keys and arek hijacked the car. it’s not clear, but the flowers are nice….thanks kids (ron).

and for my mom….grandma mary and grandma alice……you all take a little time tomorrow to smell the roses. hope you get some time out in the garden to relax. thanks for all you do. thanks for all the sacrafices. thanks for all the love……

zoey is in my lap…flailing about with a a lot of energy and running her mouth. lately, the blogging has started to become more and more of a challenge. my posts are 2 day posts…..a little at night and some the next day. if i was getting paid to do this, i’d be fired.

okay….onto the projects lately…..i’m lovin my new alphabet stamps i bought at hobby lobby….i’m trying to use lots of my lace i’ve tea dyed lately. i’m also trying to use spare old boards, book covers, etc….so i won’t have to get rid of them.







the beginning of a collage…..used old book cover in a window frame and painted it white. added postcard cut out. added part of an old baby shoe for a hat and some buttons. will embellish more and add final details…


finished product….tray from last post….added prism at bottom, button magnets and 2 metal coaster magnets and hung it with wire….



some little compotes i glued together with cast off glassware….


desk is coming along. painted out…glass knobs are added. i will decoupage roses to it or fuse fabric to the front. i’m not sure yet, but for $10 and $4 worth of knobs…..it’s cute enough.

okay….it is almost 11pm and zoey is soooooooo hyper. jumping on me. pulling my hair. acting nuts. i can’t get her to sleep and i’m just ignoring her and typing this blog instead of dealing with it. i’m tired. i want to fall asleep and she and arek are ready to go run around the block. yay…happy mother’s day…..where are the roses cuz all i feel right now are thorns.

go to sleep….haa haaa

thanks for stopping by….




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3 responses to “time to smell the roses…..

  1. cheryl

    OMG! Sue, I just love all your collages with the cream buttons and old lace!! Are you selling any of them? I would love to get one from you! I have to say…you did a fabulous job on the little desk, definitely a keeper! For me, I would add a comfy pillow, a basket of magazines and a lot more cute cozy clutter! LOL! I hope you have a wonderful MoTher’s DaY! We all love you! Take Care! Cheryl 🙂

  2. cindy

    HOW did you get all that done in one day? When I left on Fri ypu had only one or two of those started and no paint on the desk. I love the desk as is: no fabric, no decoupage.
    Glad to see that the compotes got glued too.
    I also worked in my garage on Sat. and got a few things finished and more started. Stop the madness!
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink paint you gave me….a very peachy pink like they used in the 1950’s. I might paint my whole house with it. Think what the HOA would say then!
    Happy Mother’s Day from one worn out mom to another.

  3. amy

    one cannot have too many pearls, too much lace, or too much pink. i love everything!

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