i can’t curb my enthusiasm…..


i tried to not look curbside this week for freebies and redos, but i couldn’t curb my enthusiasm for those lurking cast off delights that desperately cry out for my rescue….”i’m an old chair….paint me”; “i’m an old dresser….paint me”; i’m an old broken table….paint me too”…….so i had a moment of weakness and hauled a few goodies home for a face lift. i’m at a point where ron will be home soon.  i can’t give dates, but i can say this is the specific time during a deployment (for those of you that have been thru them, you know what i mean) for anticipation, excitement and sheer panic. what to do with change???? all that change…..rules, schedules, lifestyles, and junking habits. time to junk now as much as i can. it’s like eating all the chocolate before your big diet debut. enjoy the pleasures of your weaknesses and selfish habits. oh wait….is junking a weakness and selfish habit? i think not. tell me it isn’t……..it can’t be.

anyway….blah, blah, blah….i found some okay cast off on tuesday and made the best of what the curb had to offer.  i took no before photos, but i can assure you that these goodies were sad little trash piles before i had a mad moment of vision for what should have STAYED in the garbage. oh well…..i hate to see stuff get crunched up.

on to the redos…..


found this mirror frame and glued plates around it and added chalk board paint. i bent the spoons on the bottom and nailed them to the chalkboard for hanging aprons. this went to the booth yesterday. it was a really fun, easy project….used a craft apoxy for the plate glue and drilled holes in the wood at top and used a heavy gauge rusty wire to hang. i also just flattened the spoons with a hammer, bent them and nailed them to the board. easy, easy, easy…..but oh so cute.


found this dresser w/ one broken drawer up top. took the other drawer out too and hung a wire to hold a doily to cover the missing drawers. i painted out the dresser in a birds egg blue and fused the doilies to the fronts of the drawers with glue. sprayed the handles pink and scuffed them with sand paper. soooooooo easy. it’s on the tacky side of cottage. i think it is perfect for a studio to hold what else????? linens and doilies. one of the sweet vendors at crafters gave me a HUGE bag of linens to ‘do as i please’. what a gift!! the cost of this project was almost free……free linens….free dresser……almost free paint….time. even the rusty wire was given to me.



fun stuff…..

found this crazy cabinet and had no clue what to do with it when i got home. i decided it  would look sweet in zoey’s room as a craft cabinet. whatever….she is using it as storage for her barbies and baskets of lipstick??? why??? she’s 2.


i painted out the top with chalk paint….added the white shelf….replaced the knob….added a metal thingy to the side to hold chalk….added some clips and hooks on the side to hold baskets/drawings/bags……kinda fun for free. it was a pitiful little thing before it got it’s new wardrobe.


also found 4 pink boards to maybe shelves????? love the pink…….made a collage from one…..


it looks small in this photo, but it is about 3 feet across. i used those stick on plastic jewels to put around the lady…glued plates and hung a teacup from the board at the bottom. fun and pretty easy….


10cent frame….printed picture….i painted the background and used a conte white crayon to add some dimension. stamped and added bling…….

better go….yawning, yawning, yawning…..always this tired at night. i’m old…..

you all have a great enthusiastic flea friday……




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6 responses to “i can’t curb my enthusiasm…..

  1. Great makeovers, Sue. You’re doing your part for the environment, girl!

  2. Sue

    What a great cupboard for little Zoey…She will have lots of fun with it! The drawers look great too! Im in the process of fixing up a few things, hopefully after the weekend, I can post the befores and afters!
    Have a good one!

  3. where to begin? WHERE. to. begin?!

    absolutely LOVE the mirror frame with plates and chalkboard paint. how SWEET is that? sigh.

    and the dresser re-do is killer, sue. and that pink board with lady dreaming of vintage pink rose china dishes is toooooooooo wonderful.

    so basically, as usual, i LOVE IT ALL. love zoey’s pic at the top too. how adorable!!!!!!

    i’m soo freakin’ depressed about you leaving, sue. i can hardly stand it. i cry into my pillow every damn night. don’t go!!!!!!! stay!!!!!!!!!!! puhleeeeeze!!!!!!!!!

    okay, fine. i know you have to go. family and all that jazz. but just remember this:


    terry lee

  4. junkology

    The altered photo of your daughter is quite possibly the cutest thing I’ve ever seen…


    p.s. I am SO stealing your empty mirror frame idea. I have one and was planning to do corkboard in the center, but chalkboard paint would be soooo much easier! Thanks for all your inspiration. Wish I could’ve visited your booth : (

  5. Hey Sue Your curbside, rescued re-dos are fabulous!! I have a hard time passing a good trash pile, but then it seems my “treasures” languish in the shed or up in the barn, and then I forget what I’d planned to do with them…sounds like a personal problem, eh?? LOve the altered photo of Zoe…super cute and creative!! *elaine*

  6. Carolyn Galbraith

    Sue – I think we were separated at birth. SERIOUSLY. I came upon your blog tonight for the first time ever. I didn’t know anyone else out there that felt the way I did about curbside treasures. I just finished 5 consecutive weeks of spring cleanup in our city, followed by 1 week in a nearby town plus 2 more in a small city nearby. So I haven’t been out “dumpster diving”, “curb-crawling, “junking”, or as my 11 year old neighbor calls it – “springcleanuping” for about 2 weeks now and boy am I ever jonesing to go again. I know what you mean about getting it all out of your system before your sig. other comes home. My sig. oth. complains about my hauls and doesn’t see junking for the fine art that it is. I must ask – how big of a city are you in and how do you find good stuff on a regular basis – not just the spring cleanup time of year?

    Anyway, love your stuff, love your style. I have my found treasures tucked away throughout two properties and never get the time to work on them. We have just bought a fixer of a farmhouse on one acre and I can’t wait to get to work decorating with my finds. You’re quite an inspiration to me.

    Keep on junking!

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