my first entry…new to blog world!!

I am new to the word of blogs!! i need a place to express my creativity and share ideas and interests. i love everything vintage!!! i want to share samples of my work, my treasure collecting, the fun i have with my family and my travels.



5 responses to “my first entry…new to blog world!!

  1. Cheryl Mehaffey

    Hey Sue It’s Rachel. How Have You Been?
    I Miss You And Arek. Zoey Is Sooo Cute 🙂
    Are They Driving You Crazy?
    Well I’m Doing Good In School My Favorite Subject So Far Is Literature (Shakespeare) :]
    I Joined JROTC And Now I Tried Out For The Drill Team (Daddy Doesn’t Know)
    But I Am Somewhat Good.
    Brittany Is Still Taking Tutoring To Get Into Columbus Tech.
    Well I Will Type Back Soon.
    I Love You :]

    – Rachel Allison

  2. Carol Carroll

    Don’t have a website.
    Just wanted to say I love every picture every comment about your stuff Sue.
    I was in to Marta’s and bought two or three of your items. Keep up the unusual , it is all wonderful. Off to Round Top this next week. Can’t wait. You inspire me.. Long been a fan of Carol Boltons and her sister, and sister in law and husband too. Brilliant family.. For sure.

  3. secondhandsally

    love your blog, so many fun, cute, and interesting things to look at and read, and oh so vintage!!
    i am loving all those pretty little plates that keep showing up in your pics!
    oh, by the way, I have the same disease as you,
    but was told there is no CURE…..once you get the fever it stays in your blood for life…..
    heck fire.. but aint havin’n the junkin fever FUN!!

    hmmm do i hear the words to a number one country song about Junkin Fever…LOL
    my pititul new blog is at
    stop by for a visit anytime.

  4. jerry jones

    Just an old friend from the Ledger-Enquirer stopping by to say hello and wish you well.
    A Huge Two Horned Hail to you friend of old.
    All my best… JPJ

    p.s. cool site.

  5. Sue, You are sooooo creative. It would have taken me hundreds of “How to” Books and thousands of dollars to pull off some your “Shabby Chic” stuff.

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