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monday distractions…..


i don’t wear red lipstick ever because lipstick gives me coldsores on my lips, but then again i am not an old composite doll with a smoke in my mouth….and i’m not blond. that said….i am lucky to get a bath or put my sunscreen on. today was not an exception. yes….i have a million things to do, but i can’t stay out of the craft area. i seem to have the ideas coming faster than i can make stuff. maybe it is because i know this is the end of a vendor era for me. boo hoo.

i should be making dinner for arek, but instead i gave him specific directions to make a sandwich and clean up his mess. that will translate to…..make a sandwich….smear the crust into the couch; leave the plate on the couch to sit on later and spill the crust; smear the peanut butter on the couch; spill whatever he is drinking on the floor, leave all the bread and sandwich makings on the counter; watch too much bad tv; say he does not get enough attention and zoey gets it all; and follow it all up with a demand for gum. why?

onto some monday distractions….these are what i took to the booth today and sold at the booth today….



i used some cast off shutters and old wallpaper on a cupboard door that was headed for the junk pile. i hammered in some nails at the bottom, put a prism on the bottom and hung with wire….



i decided to hold on to this collage for me….


that is about it….enjoy the beginning of another week of inspiration and junking highs…..





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can a true junker really downsize all her cluttttter?……


so i have news to share, but i think it is too early to release my future plans……so i will keep quiet for now and just blog. i will say a move is in the works soon and i am wrapping up 2 years of what i considered a very productive and creative time at crafter’s corner. i appreciate all of you that supported me during those years. terry lee….thanks sooooooooo much for all of your support…marta…you too. and everyone else that has helped make vendor 030 a success story. i officially put my 50% off sign in the booth today for all the merchandise that is there.  the booth is still stocked quite well and what does not have a price will soon. as much as i need to stop junking and creating….it is hard, so i will continue to at least make gestures at my craft table and keep some projects going up until it’s time to pack. i hope to resume the junkin bug again and restore order to a new booth beaming with fun displays and great finds and creative projects.

i think i am the only military spouse that can pack a house fuller than a museum in less than half a decade. how????? can one live???? with so much stuff???? please tell me i am not the only one!!!! i love my little piles of cute things. i love my little collections of vintage cuteness that helps keep me inspired, creative and motivated. i can’t get rid of it all. that and two kids and one BIG craft area = cluttttter….with a bunch of TTTTTs. i guess between being sick all winter long and the crazy swine flu scares, i need to just enjoy my crazy junkin life and be happy that i have for one day, a really fun hobby that i completely love.

i did rescue a small collage i made not too long ago from the booth today. it’s one that i decided to keep and take with me.


she is hard to see, but i used a cast off belt buckle to put the photo behind. that lace, and a black cast off ribbon from a vintage necklace help finish it out. it says ‘a lasting impression’. that is what texas left for me, so i will take this collage with me to remind me of fun times.


i have still been into the wax collages lately. i use a ton of tea stained fabric scraps, an old book cover, lace, pearls, and a vintage collar, key and some paint and wax to make this collage.

i shot some photos of more flea market finds from this weekend. just some smalls, linens and a few other misc……i have been on a linen kick lately. i am struck by the graphics of old tea towels and hankies. i just adore them.






found a HUGE stack of these quilt cuters. i can’t wait to use these to make wreaths.

i also came across 4 of these hanger covers… the sweet flowers on them.



bowl of goodies…..zoey can’t stop carrying the GIANT rhinestone with her everywhere she goes in the house. she call it her ….jewries….


love the jar of buttons….and the trio of vintage, plastic angels. they will probably be glued to a shelf. i found a cute shelf at G.W. for $1.50. it is super HUGE, but now it is super WET because of the rain. i didn’t even get a chance to alter it. would have looked soooooo sweet with a rose plate covering the primitive heart at the top and these angels glued onto the bottom. oh well… least the idea is there.



loving these sweet old socks…..back in the day….order a magazine subscription and you get some little bo peep sweet hosiery… the form of children’s socks. nowadays….you just get a huge bill for missing issues of overpriced magazines you pass onto your friends.


i found this sweet fabric in the form of a crib bumper not too long ago at the bins in g.w.   total cost….50 cents. what to do???? i cut the batting out of each panel and will reuse the fabric. i will reuse the batting to make small pillows out of my old linens….


lastly…..i found this project somewhere on a texas blog out there, so i certainly can’t take credit for this one at all!!!


salt shakers that don’t have matches…..put a wire into the top of them and then they can hold a cute photo……love it.

zoey’s sweet hand and arm filled with home grown tattoos by arek…..that is what happens when i don’t pay attention to the kids for 10 minutes…..i am too ashamed to show you the rest of the tattoo destruction…..arek even drew zoey a new butt crack. hummmmm. arek too those foam stickers and drew on the sticky side of them with washable marker. then he stuck the design (sticky side) on zoey’s skin and made prints of his design. very clever arek… go take a bath.


okay…stomach is totally hurting. why???????? stop.

better go and figure out why i have this terrible stomach ache…..again.

have a glorious night….enjoy your clutter and don’t watch too much news….



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calm before a trip always leaves me blue…..


i have been reluctant to post. i am like carrie bradshaw on the episode during season 5 when she and her friends had a dry spell and carrie had nothing to write about but french fries and men like socks….her column socked and i feel like this blog post might too, but ron told me to post something new, so here goes.

i have been in the house….still sick (me this time) and up to my armpits in arek and zoey. we have just piddled and rested and hung out and i’ve watched them fight and play and then fight more. my project list has been very diversed week. i do projects as i can, and sometimes i get a few brief moments when arek is actually playing with zoey and not taunting her. i have also been preparing for a small road trip, so i’m distracted by that. it’s calm now, but the day has been crazy.  sometimes it is a home, home sweet….but today it has been a home, home wreck. i’m so messy with kids home all day. it’s CRAZY. i’m also still in my blue phase…how many more things can i paint blue??? me and picasso.

my projects have been quick and easy this week….simple, but they keep my mind rolling. small projects are better than no projects. this day is a blur now. i’m trying to block it out. it started out with a picnic in the backyard, followed by a half of box of wasted goobers, soggy choc. chips, (i know, i know…what the ^%$ kind of picnic is that?) and wet clothes and a huge fight over a pink plastic teapot. whatever???? who has the sweet kids that sit still and shy on the grass and pour tea for each other….serving each other with a smile and grace???? not me.

i think after that zoey had a fit because she couldn’t wear my hair pin and then zoey lost her lipgloss lids and it went down hill quickly after that. arek is a homebody and want to stay around the house and zoey always wants to go to the store to buy something. just like grownups….the men watch tv and chill and the ladies are busy finding treasures. is this foreshadowing??? i’m not sure. i managed to get us out and about for a couple of hours tonite, but before that, arek and zoey had a fight over the hose and a mud puddle. why? how can they both think that is all the dirt in the world? i have more than that on some of the stuff i drag out of the trash. they could rinse off my junk pile and have mud hole large enough to water safari animals. i give up. oh…then zoey drew all over her hands and stomach w/red marker. i had to clean the car before our trip. zoey touched stuff and smeared marker on the NICE family car. no ron…i didn’t let her. i stopped her and you would have thought i cut off a limb. between that and brushing her hair tonight, i’m sure the neighbors think i’m taking candy away from a baby…..and i am so to speak.

here are my projects in the making and some complete……





i’ve been making egg pictures lately….they are so easy. i have soooo many cast off frames. i just attach a frame to an old sign or book cover…add words, some grass, egg paint, wire to hang and i’m finished. i the little bird on the top will hang from the bottom of the sign.

i also made a little sign that says porch. i find so many old drawers in the trash that are falling apart. i take the wood apart and voila….a board great to make a sign instantly!!! i printed this word out…decoupaged it….added some small rhinestones, shoe polish to make it look aged and a prism and buttons.

the angel above is actually a candle. i just painted it blue. i may add a little halo or crown atop her head. i’m not sure yet. i just thought she needed to be blue. she was a cast off and now she’s as good as a statue.

oh…i was recently asked how i make everything look so distressed….my BIGGEST AND BESTEST FRIEND….really rough sandpaper and acrylic paint. a semi-gloss will actually peel better and i let the paint sit out w/out the lid so it will get super thick and goopy. it will sand off easier if i let it get thick. i just paint and scrape with the sandpaper and that is it. NO tricks or special techniques at all. i’ve tried wax and petrolleum jelly and i can’t make those work. i’ve also tried those in collages and couldn’t get them to work. i also PAINT EVERYTHING. i don’t even prime stuff. i just paint right on top of whatever is there….other paint, fabric, metal, whatever. the trick is having really thick paint.

i found the greatest silver flower frog at the sally for only $1 yesterday. you can’t see the detail in the bowl part, but it’s gorgeous….tarnished and perfect. i am using it to store smalls…..


also been printing words to use for collages and tags. i print them out on heavy stock paper and they work as well as the ones pre-bought. they are cheaper and you can just type what you want. i have been typing little sayings to add to my booth lot bags i’ve been making…..below i painted a vintage bracelet pink. it was a dull goldtone and brown stones. i wasn’t feeling that, so i painted it a shabby pink. i will add something to each stone. i think typewriter keys would look awesome or small broken china. i also have some old, small cameos i could glue to each or a mother of pearl button and pearl.




found these sweet, sweet, sweet trio of vintage birds at the sally for $1. i have no plans for them yet. they are very small and adorable. may dangle them from a collage.

i put them on a compote i glued today. i find the prettiest mis-matched plates and saucers. i also find lots of tea cups, candle holders, tins and vases. marry the two and you have a sweet, unique compote…..


i happened to glue this plate to the top of an old flour shaker. there was only one shaker and i didn’t know what to do with it. this would look great in a kitchen with a bar of soap, or holding a glass with your favorite measuring spoons in it. you could do this with tins that say coffee or tea and have them hold glasses with cute silver teaspoons in them. make it stop….


found this little bunny in a BIG yard sale craft bag. he is so adorable and made from clay.


i got so nuts, i even painted my knock off crocs blue……..ron….are you reading this???? what has happened to me? i think i will glue some cuteness to these too. what the heck. my fancy shoes…..mary randolph carter has a pair of shoes she photographed for one of her books. i think it was GARDEN JUNK. i loved that her shoes became another one of her junk displays. they say to walk in another man’s shoes, but i haven’t ever heard to walk in another junker’s painted cast off crocs….


it (the craft area) has stayed in this debaucherous state all week….it’s like a party here that doesn’t end….someone needs to go home so it can clean itself up.

i will leave you with photos of  arek and zoey playing with my lazy susan…nothing lazy about these two. they were spinning each other around on it. why??? they have tons of yard toys and a BIG ole trampoline and they insist on getting right in the middle of the junk…electrical cords…lamps…frames….old boards….oh…this is safe and what is arek wearing???? and why isn’t zoey wearing anything again???? hey…she has a bag of makeup.



arek planting seeds for cubscouts…..



he is wearing an indian outfit that is 3 times too small for him. we had the meeting at my house, so he was in his PJs. i wish i could get away with that…oh wait…i do.

some art from arek. why does this bear have pins in his head? why does arek decorate his stuffed animals with my vintage straight pins? this is papa bear that my mom made me when i was 8. i don’t remember ever putting straight pins his head when i was little. hmmmm. boys….


it is a cd cover for one of arek’s garage band cds. nice. trent reznor in the making. yikes.

okay….i smell catfood, but i’m nowhere near angus’ bowl. better go investigate. you all have a great night……

blah, blah, blah…..yes dana…my husband tells me CONSTANTLY that i am a giant run on sentence and this blog entry has no theme and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever…..



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i found my camera, but i left my heart at chuck-e cheese….


good sunday afternoon…okay…i lost my dang camera in the pile of clean clothes that i haven’t put away yet. seriously…it was stuck somewhere between a large bath towel and a wad of arek’s pjs. i didn’t post yesterday because i couldn’t find my camera, so i spent last night watching the chiller chanel with arek and saturday night live (why do i let my 9 year old watch that with me?). i’ve decided after watching the chiller chanel that i need a UNICK to walk with me and the kids. she can become my nanny so to speak and help us out until ron gets back. she will be perfect for early morning yard sales and long lines at carnivals. i would dare someone to touch the 25 cent flower frog yardsale pile with her standing next to us….anyway….i’m diverting.

okay….soooo much to talk about. i spent the better part of the afternoon at chuck e cheese today with crazy arek and zoey. zoey wanted to go there to get lipstick. whaa? she’s terrified of chucke, but will give herself whiplash trying to find him in the crowd!! zoey was shaking all over and said she was scared of chuck. i believed her until an hour later she was burning up with a FEVER. AGAIN. ack. why do i try? i let her eat 15 lolipops (well, she opened them and then got them stuck in her hair and threw them away) for breakfast and plain bread without the wrapper (crust) as she calls it. i have still been pretty sick too…on and off, but i felt so creative this weekend, so i worked on what i could with demanding zoey and hungry arek (i had to stop every 3 minutes of working to help arek get something from the kitchen). arek and zoey both did a little craft with me yesterday. arek made a voodoo doll out of old quilt parts and a sharpie marker. don’t ask. okay….blah, blah, blah…..

i will get to this YUMMY paint color above in a minute, but i want to link you all to LINDA’S GIVEAWAY over at My Shabby Rose Cottage. i haven’t read an issue of PORCH magazine yet, so i am crossing my fingers i win her giveaway!!!! if you would like to participate, please feel free to check out her fabulous blog and enter a chance to win!!!!!!!


thanks linda…..also i have 2 blogs that i want you all to check out!!! my blogging buddy Rachel has started up her blog the CHIPPY COTTAGE CHARM HOUSE. good luck rachel…her wit and charm and talent should not be missed!!!! also Jessica at SUGAR MOON…stunning photos…tons of talent, style and time-worn treasures to fancy your roving junk eye!!! thanks ladies for such cool blogs.

alright (or is it all right?)…onto the blue paint color above. I LOVE OOOOOOPS PAINT and i love this blue color sooo much. it’s such a perfect cottage blue. i found the little can for $2. i will paint everything in my path this blue for this next week. yikes. kids….hide your toys and pets. not only is it the perfect shade of blue, but it is very thick and goopy, so only 2 coats is all i need!!!! i usually open a can of paint and let it sit for a couple of days open so that it will thicken up. rachel ray may know how to thicken her sauces when she cooks, but i have a way with oooops paint…..and i can paint a bunch of trash in less than 30 minutes.




i love to paint cast off junk jewels with regular house paint or spraypaint. if i don’t like the gold or silver tones or it’s a piece i don’t think will work, i’ll paint it.  doesn’t all that junk jewelry look yummy painted blue? i see a collage or pillows maybe? i also found these cheap chandie shades for like 50 cents for 6. i just painted them out blue and i’ll spray them with glitter spray and maybe add a jewel to each. that’s it!! tie a bow around them and they are booth bound…….above is a LARGE lazy susan. i can’t wait to just paint it out blue and add some cute bird and nest inspired things to the top for the booth. collage in the works with the blue frame and the candle holder will become a tart holder with a tea lite and a little bowl on it. perfect.

i was also inspired by cream colored things this weekend. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE DREAM IN CREAM BLOG. i want to change my entire existence when i link to this blog. i’m such a tacky knock off and blog idea theif…but….



here are the finished altered shoes from the g.w. i found these for $1 and altered them with lace and beaded medalions i found off a 10 cent silk shirt. i found the shirt cheap and tea stained it (kathy….it’s coming your way!!) and was going to make a pillow out of that. i cut the beaded disks off the front of the shirt and tea stained them. i really do find a purpose for EVERYTHING. it’s sad. i also tea stained the shoes. i see all these neat, victorian altered shoes and boots and i LOVE them, but i can’t find the old shoes, so i’ve been appropriating with newer ones and copying the antique look. i painted a pair (kathy they are on they way to you too) and just white washed them. i loved them like that. when i find a pair i think i can paint, i snag them up. for a buck, it’s worth the haul.



i found these primitive stars at the g.w. friday. i paid a quarter for 3 of them. i decided to try my hand at stitching and put these lil vintage photos on them. i stitched a button and lace to the top to hold them and made little star collages. arek kept trying to take the needle to put in his voodoo doll. stop.


25 cent heart pillow….tea stained and i added a doily and a pin that i painted pink. i plan to add a few more embellishments to this and it will be cute hanging from a door knob. i may start rusting safety pins and hanging keys and rusty charms from pillows and what not. even wrapping this in rusty wire with an old photo and some buttons would be interesting.

this is the start of a new collage…..


i’m not sure where to go with her yet. i added a buckle at the bottom and another cast off one on top of that with words. i plan to give her a crown of lace and bling…she will get buttons and a saying of some sort. and i think i will add some wire wings i found somewhere crazy to her as well. maybe add some prisms hanging off of those. i also have some neat white wire garden fencing that would look awesome attached to this as well.


what does one do with a 25 cent hand made kitty???? i tea stained this one and added eyes, mouth of rhinestones, pearls, ribbon, lace collar, doily, painted pin and buttons. a kind of whimsy project that was quick and fun. zoey had fun helping me with this one.

that is all the project stuff i could squeeze out this weekend. sad. i did clean my back porch off and that was a HUGE accomplishment. between too much bad tv and waaaay too many sugar snacks, i have to take a craft break. i just have to. i look at other blogs and i am soooooo amazed at what accomplishments folks make with their crafts. there are some seriously talented artists out there. so much imagination. it is just awesome. thanks ladies sooooo much for sharing all of your ideas. it’s wonderful. it’s a necessity for me now. it’s food.

that and a snack break….cuz i have such a BIG sweet tooth. i can’t eat enough sugar. i’ll blame that one on my thyroid. that and my coffee addiction. i had a dose of childhood nostalgia last week and bought some malted milk. arek said it looks gross and he made a face when i asked him to try it. he would have not made in my childhood days. i lived on powdered milk and malted milk during our winters in maine. yum. takes me back, although i don’t like powered eggs…sorry…no green eggs and ham for me or sam and no powered eggs and ham for me…..but i can’t speak for sam.

i made a super yummy sweet tooth hot beverage today before i blogged…..BIG OLE GLASS OF MILK…on the stovetop with white choc. chips, malted milk and a wisk and milk steamer wisk…..heat milk, chips, malt and stir….



enjoy with a dollup…or more like a big, giant, fat spoonful…of whipped (wahiiiped…no whipped) cream. that is for you ron. top with sprinkles, jimmies, cocoa, little gnome hats…whatever. and SIP…..

okay…i am having more lolipop demands and arek roller coaster tycoon demands, so i need to go…..i tell them they both need to go some place where a kid can be a kid…oh…that is in my computer room.



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lace, buttons, wind, creams, hats, photos, notions, cast-offs……..


i can’t believe it, but i managed to sew like three things today on my crazy sewing machine!!! i’m not a seamstress at all. i’m not even a a straight line sewer. i can hardly turn my gosh darn machine on for crying out loud, but today was project day, so persistently i sewed. and sewed. and then i did a whole bunch of crap to the machine because i couldn’t figure out what was going on for a while and then i sewed one last time before a wad of pink thread bunched up on a piece of lace.

i managed to make a little pillow cover front for this pinky pillow above that i found for a dollar at g.w. i get sew (ha haa) inspired by all you blogging ladies out there that have mother load sewing and collage talents and i just sit in AWE of your fabulous blogs everyday. i look and then i decide what my little brain can make. i embellished a few slips today, made a little makeshift craft bag that holds linens, ephemera, yarn, or whatever whatnots need a little storage other than a ziplock bag….i say that because i am the queen of ziplock bags.

i was inspired by this palate today….all the pinks, creams, pearlies, buttons, the sheerness of the prisms….


i dyed this slip pink, added the little trims and added bows to the top. it’s really not one to wear, but it looks sweet just hanging in the laundry room or bath area or hanging in the front yard in my case. i’m sure my neighbors are calling those little white coat people as we speak.



here is another half slip i added a trim to…a tulle flower i made with a glass button and 3 lil doilies. i bleached and then tea stained the lace on the top of the slip. when i find trims that are too harsh or stark or dark, i bleach them and then see what happens to the color. if they lighten up enough, i tea stain them or dye them pink.



i also embellished this doll below that i found in a lot box of stuff. she was just plain white, so i added trims, bling, lace, and a little chenille hat. i think she’s pretty fancy now. quick, easy project.


another very quick project….paint out cast off mirrors pink, shabby the sides with sandpaper, add little lace bits and a pearl….


i have people that give me cast off stuff all the time. i was blessed with some cast off hats that had no hope…..i altered them with buttons, pins, lace and whatnots. i am in the process of tea staining one i just got and i took a photo of this one i finished last night.


i actually sewed the tulle in the back of the hat ad added a flower. not it is a hat that went from crap to phat.


little collage on cast off book back….


i love the look of old books that are naked. old book guts…..why does this look make me happy???? well….here they are…booth ready.



i managed to crank out this waify shell of a craft bag. there is a little pocket on the front for papers and the bag can hold lace clippings, trims, etc….  for those of you that sew, i hope i don’t offend you with my naive….very naive…sewing skills. i was just playing around to get to know my sewing machine. if i can understand it enough to make little collages and pillow fronts and maybe some lace jewelry, i’ll be very happy.


i made this little fabulous collage from a key chain a friend gave me. i knew i wasn’t going to have a fabulous key chain, but can i throw any little bit away???? i guess this collage answers that question.

when i clean my craft area after making a huge mess….and i complain about the kids….i try to put something back a little cuter than it was before i started. it helps motivate me to clean up….and i need that motivation. i made a little jar collage of my buttons and pearls….and this divine lady looking for a way out of my jar.


okay…time to pick up the kiddos. i still haven’t brushed my teeth and i’m still in p.js. what does that mean?????????? crafting before grooming. it’s my new mantra. hey …. at least i took the time to eat a healthy lunch……fat free yogurt, whipped cream and yogurt raisins. it looks like something i would give the kids.


okay….i need coffee to get thru AMERICAN  IDOL tonite!!!! between that and the bachelor, i am set for the week!! i wonder who jason is going to pick. i just don’t think either of those ladies will keep the romance going after they have to clean the stinky little boy and BIG boy urine up off the bathroom floor 4 times a week! good luck ladies….you gonna need it.

peace out and let me go get my mary poppins umbrella to blow me to arek’s school. the wind in insane out there!!!!! i couldn’t even do outdoor projects today. yesterday i flew a barbie kite with the kids and i thought we were all going up with it!

take care,



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purging, book racks, dentists, and enchantment by the way of buttery lace…..


it has been a few days since my last post. life is crazy busy right now. i’m in the process of purging. it is time. may be moving on soon, so i need to start getting organized. for those of you with the junking bug… know how hard this is to do. i have been organizing lace, trims, jewels, boxes of papers, what nots, etc, etc and that is just in my craft area!! i know…my priorties are a little skewed, but that is where i bulge the most with my junk. i have things in boxes…boxes of boxes…foolishness and crazy. i have tons and tons of buttons mixed in with my jewelry, mixed in with my pliers, mixed in with my wire, mixed in with a tangle of necklaces and old earrings. nothing was where it should be a few days ago. i had glue sticks mixed in with safety pins and scraps of paper i don’t even need. wads of old tape stuck to the sides of beads….utter debachery for a night of craft supplies….like a wild party with no supervision. it’s my way of storing stuff i can’t seem to stop buying. i love the way things looks when i buy them.

i become ‘enchanted’ (thanks sally for using that phrase) by the looks of old lace in a bag…sweet old buttons in a jar…a stack of old postcards or bottles of trinkets and what nots that have only a need to come sit on my craft shelf and wait for participation in my collages and lot bags. it’s complete madness.  junk is  the poison apple of my life. it tastes so good, but it is tricky and haunting when it comes to having too much. but clearing it out is my kiss of a prince….i become once again….enchanted by lace…buttery lace; sweet doilies; pearl buttons in jars; old broken shiny rhinestones in bags; old pearl colors; vintage purses; tattered, faded trims, ribbons and linens. vintage pretties cast their spells on me and i take the bite. what can i say???? i told my husband i was starting to purge my stuff and he told me to relax and go have fun. what does that mean????? it means X=LACE. i don’t have enough. the equation is solved. i will continue my hunt. thanks ron.

this is the AFTER. it took me 2 days to clean. it is only 4 shelves worth of stuff. argh.


i have started cleaning my back porch studio area too. same demise….same solution. just keep clearing and clearing until X=LACE and i can continue my hunt for more. i’m almost there. then there are the closets….oh dear….the closets. do any of you have those dreaded cluttered closets???? yikes. i used to store tons of my vintage clothes in arek’s closet when he was little, but if i do that now, his friends will tease him or become jealouse cuz their mommas don’t stash vintage bias cut slips in their closets. i can’t do that to arek anymore. a growing boy needs his space. i redid his room today because i’m trying to clear the clutter from his closets as well. arek is a MAJOR book worm. he loves to read. he loves his books. he still read the ones he read when he was 5. i trashed picked this fantastic rack from germany and i’ve stored his books in here for about 3 years now.


i also recently bought some vintage racks to store the vintage books….very cool…i bought them from a woman that lives on a huge farm. i had so much fun driving to her ranch and digging thru her shed of junk. i bought mainly big items and keepers. i thought it was time to not clutter me up with tons of little things for a change. big things are easier to see, so i know when to say stop (well….not really  little things get lost and hidden and shoved back into corners. it’s hard to know what i have or how much until i have to got thru it.



i know these are juvenile, but zoey sits here and draws while arek is playing in his room. i use both of their rooms as double duty. stuff both of them can play with in each other’s rooms. this is a painting i painted in collage. those dark artist college days….i don’t paint like that at all anymore. i don’t even paint. i craft now….i’m a mom. i don’t have time or energy to paint anymore. i just create. it’s a positive way to look at art making as busy mom.


found this cute french looking fabric face at a junk shop a long time ago for 50 cents. i glued it to a pillow and i thinks it’s super cute.


folk art i collected when i lived in georgia. i totally love folk art….it’s pure and narrative and fun. arek made the wizard of oz sign. i love it. dorothy has a poppy red head and toto looks like a bat. all of the characters only have 3 fingers. talk about folk art.


i also have some photos of cute things i picked up at crafter’s. i am in love with a white butterfly shelf i found for $3 and a gorgeous white cotton shirt i found for $3 as well. i became enchanted…..



sweet pink tickets i found at walmart today….enchantment….


bliss sign going to the booth…  i also altered a box, a little vintage clutch purse and made a huge refrig. magnet all going to the booth…..don’t have pics of the other things. i managed to make like 25 $2 grab bags that i will take to the booth this weekend as well….each filled with bits and pieces of my ‘enchantments’ i have purged to make room for more….lol.


i also took zoey to the dentist for the first time this past week. she did great. she has huge bunny teeth and a 90% overbite. how can a 2 year old have a 90% overbite? what does it all mean?





okay….wind is starting to get really strong….i’m wrapping this up before i lose my DSL. i was enchanted by lace today while the kids were jumping off the couch. they got really loud, so i walked away and hung pretty lace on my crazy, overpriced coat rack.


i also wrapped a big chair in a white cotton duvet cover and pinned it with a rhinestone bling. what a quick way to enchantment….


i’ve gone on and on….like my revolving junk habit….a continuing cycle of embracing small trinkets….like i find them, raise them, and then let them go back into the wild to enchant someone else.

you all have a great friday and hope your sat. mornings are filled with tons and tons of enchanting treasure hunts. blah, blah, blah. i can’t stop



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shopping delights and too much lace……


hi all…..i want to take a post to self promote a little and tell you about CRAFTER’S CORNER, the craft mall where i have my booth. i know i’ve showcased it bit before, but today i wanted to show some photos. i’ve had some bloggers ask me where my booth is. i’m located in crafters corner….copperas cove, texas off 190. if you are out and about and passing thru this part of central texas, stop by!!! the staff is friendly and helpful. kids are welcome. small dogs are welcome. monsters and live hermit crabs are welcome. whatever…’s a laid back shop with lots of treasures…..a little of this and that. there is a fridge full of drinks and an entire booth up front filled with old schoold candy, chocolate and gum for all the shopping energy you need. there are two fabulous resturaunts located next to the shop….a thai (the best spicy beef salad) and china rest. (the most amazing mongolian beef i’ve ever tasted!!) and a wonderful german bakery right down from the shop as well (amazing cheesecake).

CRAFTERS is filled with lots of finds…… some new and some old. lots of craft items…tons of costume jewelry…vintage, antique, modern, primitives, candles, soaps, baby items, wedding items, collector items….you name it. vendors are great about restocking and packing their spaces with fun, great items!!!! i would link you to the website, but it is down for now.


i’m booth 030 in the back. i sell mostly shabby, vintage goodies…lots of frill, pink, and time worn stuff. i make lots of collages and trash to treasure projects. i sell vintage clothes, hats, shoes, accessories, vintage kids things, home goods, buttons, notions, plates, teacups, lots of lace, very time worn items…lots of ephemera and post cards, some european treasures and who knows what will strike my fancy and be taken for the week to sell. i will also mark items down if they sit around too long…….here a few photos from today…..


cast off lamp painted out with shad decoupaged with vintage patterns…..tags….painted candle holder….


sign…statue, pink shelves, linens, garden pots to hang on the wall with decor mags in them….


here are several shots of the store. there are soooo many vendors i didn’t take photos of. i ran out of time. i will try to post again next week with more photos…..lots and lots of vintage jewelry, painted furniture, an entire isle of primitives, country and vintage kitchen….an isle of victorian and romantic country….an isle of craft items and fabric…’s copperas cove’s best kept secret!!!! come stop by….
















that is it for the tour. for the vendors i did not inclued, i will include you next post. i will also have try to have a list of vendors with links to their websites. audrey sells wonderful candles, and i will try to get photos of her booth as well…..great gifts….great scents!!!

okay…..i totally got carried away with lace today!!! one of crafter’s vendors has tons of lace for sale in her booth. she will be very happy with today’s sales!!! i bought quite a bit from her!!! i got a great deal and i love lace….

i started tea staining some of it tonite…..just boiled some tea and stuck that lace right in. really does make it look much older than it is! i can’t wait to start projects with this batch…….



about 6 cups of water…….10 small tea bags……….lace soaking for 2 hours.

if i put tea stained items on the grass in the sun to dry….the uniformity of the stains are uneven which makes the item look even older!!! its great.


out of control!!!! love this all. will look great on collages and jewelry.


i also made a sign out of those ubiquitous letter i found a few weeks ago. i can’t stop…..


heart and star pendants in the making……..


that is about it for my junking/thrifting/crafting adventures. i’ve been doing really well with my haitus…even after the impulse lace purchase!!! i’ve been purging and organizing. i have so much stuff. it’s maddening really, but it is so much darn fun to find it!!! the thrill of the hunt…right?

zoey in her pop up house taking up more space in the house….a house in a house….


zoey feeding fluffy some princess juice. have fun zoey….that is as close to a puppy as we are going to get…. this poor pink poodle is covered in lip gloss and sticky juice. so are my floors. so is my couch. oh the joy.


hope your weekend is filled with abundant yard sales and thrilling thrift adventures……

thanks so much for stopping by….

take care



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