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monday distractions…..


i don’t wear red lipstick ever because lipstick gives me coldsores on my lips, but then again i am not an old composite doll with a smoke in my mouth….and i’m not blond. that said….i am lucky to get a bath or put my sunscreen on. today was not an exception. yes….i have a million things to do, but i can’t stay out of the craft area. i seem to have the ideas coming faster than i can make stuff. maybe it is because i know this is the end of a vendor era for me. boo hoo.

i should be making dinner for arek, but instead i gave him specific directions to make a sandwich and clean up his mess. that will translate to…..make a sandwich….smear the crust into the couch; leave the plate on the couch to sit on later and spill the crust; smear the peanut butter on the couch; spill whatever he is drinking on the floor, leave all the bread and sandwich makings on the counter; watch too much bad tv; say he does not get enough attention and zoey gets it all; and follow it all up with a demand for gum. why?

onto some monday distractions….these are what i took to the booth today and sold at the booth today….



i used some cast off shutters and old wallpaper on a cupboard door that was headed for the junk pile. i hammered in some nails at the bottom, put a prism on the bottom and hung with wire….



i decided to hold on to this collage for me….


that is about it….enjoy the beginning of another week of inspiration and junking highs…..





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one peace of day at a timeworn….kids included….


they say everyday is holiday…..i know it’s a timeworn saying…..but i like timeworn, so it works. only today is not a holiday…nor is it a daycare day…. my wonderful childcare provider is taking her very much needed 1 day off for the week. that means i have zoey today instead of thursday and friday. i know…i’m her mom. she is my responsibility. i should not complain that i have to keep her home all day. i know zoey’s provider works her tail off taking care of her own children and a slew of others (it takes a mighty person to do that) and she is in need of  a day of peace….i know…what is the big deal…just have fun with zoey and enjoy the day….blah, blah, blah. wellllll, i do enjoy the day, but zoey has such fun at daycare because she has 3/4 other children to play with and that is way more fun than playing with boring old mom that is tooooo tired to put a puzzle together and toooooooo distracted by the mess in the house to read yet another barbie book. shame on me, but i’m having that kind of a day. i had poop on the floor to clean up, berries all other the place to wipe up. more dishes in the sink than you can find a shabby cottage antique store and a whopping responsibility to pack it all away and move in the next couple of months. i’ve had a short fuse today. i need to get over myself.  i even cried just for a minute and yelled at poor zoey. she said….”oh mommy….i help you. don’t cry. i listen to you.” then i felt guilty and picked her up and said i was sorry. it’s not her fault i’m having a day in pieces. she’s just a busy 2 year old that is used to having a chance to play during the day and get busy. i should have taken her out today, but i thought i might be able to get some stuff done around the house and i have….in pieces…..a little here and there. it is hot and windy out…..i don’t really want to go play outside until arek gets home. then it’s a house full of boys that drag in more dirt. i really just want to sleep. i should do that now instead of writing this blog. aaaaahhhh. but then i would lay in bed and think about writing this blog. or eating something else that i don’t need to.

i allow myself to get so overwhelmed sometimes. then i remember i am a junker and a crafter and that helps me relax and unwind…messes and all.  i don’t really let that overwhelm as much as the house and kids. the crafts..are a very wonderful project…ongoing…and sometimes messy and not so pretty…sometimes wondeful and lots of fun…pieces at a time….one at a time…one day at a time. am i a bad mom for comparing my kids to my junking habit???? what mom does that….lol……i just have to treat all of it the same… isn’t that ridgid….i can’t have it all done perfectly at once. messes are ongoing…..responsibilities ongoing….errands ongoing….housework ongoing….laundry ongoing….meltdowns ongoing…..and like junk….i barely get one thing dealt with or put away and it’s time for more, more, more. i guess i am getting excited and nervous about dad returning home. that is part of it. moving is another and fatigue is another. those three stressors are enough to allow me to enjoy my junking habits to keep me in line. that said….i had zoey help me plant a “fake” rose garden on some shelves while i cleaned up my craft area and took a few photos for the blog. zoey and arek both love to take my ‘fake’ flowers and make gardens. okay. fake flowers and hand mirrors. those 2 things are a go in this house for entertainment. i have to remember that this house is fun….even if it’s messy…’s a place to get inspired and regroup.

i shot a few photos of stuff that inspired me this morning. stuff to help relax me while i play the vision in my head of all the work i have to do over the next week. how can i take on a week in my head when i haven’t even faced an hour at home? i keep fantasizing that ron will come home and take the kids to a playground for 2 hours and i can take a nap. what kind of fantasy is that after not seeing a spouse for almost a year? i should be wearing a loin cloth and ron should be swinging from a rope beating his chest, but instead i have visions of the kids jumping on him while he’s on the trampoline in the backyard and me soaking in a hot bath long enough to pickle.

until then…..i dream of buttons, collages, and faded flowers……tarnished silver…old books and pearls…..cast off lamps and baby shoes…’s almost a daydream and pieced together right, it’s a good day.








2 re-dos on $2 and $5 lamps……………..



sign says vintage on cast off lumber…………..printed the word from the computer and used some paint and decoupage….buttons and pearls…..



loving this cheap dip…..$1 for dip and an eifel tower????? okay….but would this pass the dip test in paris??? i doubt it. it passed the zoey test in our kitchen. that is all that matters….oui, oui….

almost time to go get arek….i’m in scary house clothes and i haven’t brushed my teeth. i know a little girl that can relate….


you all enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by…..ROCK NIGHT on idol!!! can’t wait……i’m sure there will be a campout on the floor something like this before my night is over….


i’ll have to break out the cheap dip and carrots and pick up the messy pieces after i get these mess makers to bed….



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can a true junker really downsize all her cluttttter?……


so i have news to share, but i think it is too early to release my future plans……so i will keep quiet for now and just blog. i will say a move is in the works soon and i am wrapping up 2 years of what i considered a very productive and creative time at crafter’s corner. i appreciate all of you that supported me during those years. terry lee….thanks sooooooooo much for all of your support…marta…you too. and everyone else that has helped make vendor 030 a success story. i officially put my 50% off sign in the booth today for all the merchandise that is there.  the booth is still stocked quite well and what does not have a price will soon. as much as i need to stop junking and creating….it is hard, so i will continue to at least make gestures at my craft table and keep some projects going up until it’s time to pack. i hope to resume the junkin bug again and restore order to a new booth beaming with fun displays and great finds and creative projects.

i think i am the only military spouse that can pack a house fuller than a museum in less than half a decade. how????? can one live???? with so much stuff???? please tell me i am not the only one!!!! i love my little piles of cute things. i love my little collections of vintage cuteness that helps keep me inspired, creative and motivated. i can’t get rid of it all. that and two kids and one BIG craft area = cluttttter….with a bunch of TTTTTs. i guess between being sick all winter long and the crazy swine flu scares, i need to just enjoy my crazy junkin life and be happy that i have for one day, a really fun hobby that i completely love.

i did rescue a small collage i made not too long ago from the booth today. it’s one that i decided to keep and take with me.


she is hard to see, but i used a cast off belt buckle to put the photo behind. that lace, and a black cast off ribbon from a vintage necklace help finish it out. it says ‘a lasting impression’. that is what texas left for me, so i will take this collage with me to remind me of fun times.


i have still been into the wax collages lately. i use a ton of tea stained fabric scraps, an old book cover, lace, pearls, and a vintage collar, key and some paint and wax to make this collage.

i shot some photos of more flea market finds from this weekend. just some smalls, linens and a few other misc……i have been on a linen kick lately. i am struck by the graphics of old tea towels and hankies. i just adore them.






found a HUGE stack of these quilt cuters. i can’t wait to use these to make wreaths.

i also came across 4 of these hanger covers… the sweet flowers on them.



bowl of goodies…..zoey can’t stop carrying the GIANT rhinestone with her everywhere she goes in the house. she call it her ….jewries….


love the jar of buttons….and the trio of vintage, plastic angels. they will probably be glued to a shelf. i found a cute shelf at G.W. for $1.50. it is super HUGE, but now it is super WET because of the rain. i didn’t even get a chance to alter it. would have looked soooooo sweet with a rose plate covering the primitive heart at the top and these angels glued onto the bottom. oh well… least the idea is there.



loving these sweet old socks…..back in the day….order a magazine subscription and you get some little bo peep sweet hosiery… the form of children’s socks. nowadays….you just get a huge bill for missing issues of overpriced magazines you pass onto your friends.


i found this sweet fabric in the form of a crib bumper not too long ago at the bins in g.w.   total cost….50 cents. what to do???? i cut the batting out of each panel and will reuse the fabric. i will reuse the batting to make small pillows out of my old linens….


lastly…..i found this project somewhere on a texas blog out there, so i certainly can’t take credit for this one at all!!!


salt shakers that don’t have matches…..put a wire into the top of them and then they can hold a cute photo……love it.

zoey’s sweet hand and arm filled with home grown tattoos by arek…..that is what happens when i don’t pay attention to the kids for 10 minutes…..i am too ashamed to show you the rest of the tattoo destruction…..arek even drew zoey a new butt crack. hummmmm. arek too those foam stickers and drew on the sticky side of them with washable marker. then he stuck the design (sticky side) on zoey’s skin and made prints of his design. very clever arek… go take a bath.


okay…stomach is totally hurting. why???????? stop.

better go and figure out why i have this terrible stomach ache…..again.

have a glorious night….enjoy your clutter and don’t watch too much news….



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alone time at the city wide…….leads to a clutter binge!!!


i have not blogged in a million days it feels like. i have been distracted by many things lately. i will share those bits of news soon! good stuff…..but change…it will be a coming. i have decided to close down my booth by the end of the month of may. i am sad, but i have to do it. i have been reluctant about buying things lately, so i haven’t blogged much because of that. wellllll…….today changed that. i had 6 hours to myself for the lampassas city wide, and it was wonderful!!! there are folks out there that were willing to help me with the kids so i could have some alone time. i shopped until i ran out of money, strength and space. what clutter….what fun! thanks miss evette for all the goodies!!!! marta….i am glad you beat me to that typewriter!!!……and….i will share some of the really pretty vintage clothes i got soon. i also found a 25 cent bag sale at one booth that left me with at least 8 vintage dresses (not fab, but cute enough!!) and a vintage beaded sweater that nobody took. i found a 50% off table too……but mostly today i found linens galore!! i have to take a junking hiatus for the next few months, so this flea trip was a last hoohaa as my friend sally would say for the next couple of months. RON….SO SORRY THE TRUCK LOOKS INSANE. it will declutter soon… has to. i am way too ashamed of myself for my sloppy antics. i should go to clutter rehab, but then i would get addicted to the cookies we would share at the beginning of the meetings and if i eat those like i gobble junk…..oh know.


this is the back of the truck. i have 2 big boxes and other stuff…..what is the ladder and zoey’s toy doing back there???? and a rug from arek’s room???? and there is a car booster seat that has a black spider living in it that is so big, i’m afraid to disturb it for fear that it might consume me and all my pretty vintage dresses.

i brought about $100 with me today. i used to bring about $40 for all my flea attempts, but today was a special day. i think i did very well with my $$$$ funds. i collected so many neat things. i will show them as i unload them. i took a few pics of some of my finds. i am so into lace and linens right now. also anything pink/pottery/dishes, smalls, figurines, little clutter and old photos. i scored with some of those today.















i just can’t help myself.

starting next week i will mark ALL items in the booth 50% OFF. i will bring in some lot bags of stuff as well during the month and maybe a few other goodies too. the last week in may will be my blowout week. i will seriously discount what is left and will even take bids on all items left.

i have enjoyed my little booth endeavors ooooohhhh soooo much. for all of you that have supported my booth and my blog……thanks a billion. really……thank you. the blog will continue of course, and i plan to get back into the junk bizness sometime in the fall. once junk is in your blood… stays there i think.

hope you all had some happy hauls this weekend…..time for another glass of water and this wind to stop already. ooohhhh yo gabba gabba time…gotta go.

take it easy…..



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hayfever garden with a twist of thrift…….


i have a sore throat….AGAIN…thanks texas. i will blame it on alergies, but i think it is the beginning of a cold. what a better antidote than to do a small amount of gardening to ease my achy woes. i told myself i would not buy any plants this year. i can’t dig my gardening boots into this yard the way i wish, so i hate to spend money on plants that really can’t be treated the way i’d like…..vegetables, climbing roses, arbors, more climbing jasmine….etc. i can’t landscape the way i want really, but i like to look at a little green….so this is what i came up with for the back yard. it’s not much, but i had nothing… it is something i guess.



i love ferns. they grow so large and fluffy and they love the texas wind. it gets so stinking hot here….so they need TONS of water in the heat of the summer. besides that….low maintenance. i also hung an old pink gate up as a mock window. i think i paid about $20 for it. love it. i junked the wood table the plaster column is on today. i found 2 and painted both of them pink. i paid $7 for the plaster column.


i junked the metal plant stand and put the china on it instead of plant. needs no water or sun. maintenance free.


found a HUGE set of these sweet plates for $4 on the way back from brenham not too long ago. what better way to decorate an unattractive brick ledge.



found this chair curbside this morning. the back of it is missing. the cushion was gross and the chair was a completely different color. it has been sitting outside and in need of some TLC. i painted it out hot pink. added the fabric to the cusion and a big, fluffy pillow to hide the back. ron…i know….tacky….but think of the money i saved so i could buy the plants…eh? i planted marigolds and climbing jasmine in the hanging baskets. i love the way jasmine gets all wild and climbs around everything. it smells wonderful when it blooms. i have a ton of it in my front yard i planted 2 years ago. i also left seed out for the raccoons to eat???? no birds. so why does rocky raccoon come every night to eat the seed???? i didn’t know raccoons liked seed.


tabletop with arek’s birdhouse, cast offs and a frog and nozzle. i have a small collection of frogs and nozzles i will share one day. everytime we move, ron wonders why i have to bring my frogs and nozzles with me. duh?


zoey’s masterpiece. what is this???? she made it all by herself. hmmmm. lovely. yes…most of these are fake. can’t you tell???? she was soooo proud of this.

i managed to swing some thriftin in yesterday. just a bit. i bought some goodies at crafter’s…not too much, but that is okay. i am saving myself for a huge thriftin extravaganza this weekend. need to save my $$$ and strength.



found this great ticking pillow for $3 in the white elephant booth and the pink jewel box for $2 as well. love them.


trio of vintage slips… pretty……..paid $5 ea.


one of the vendors at crafters gave me these darling doilies. i plan to make some pillows from them. i have been on a pillow kick. made these little ditties from this before (found three pillows like this if you can imagine)


to these afters…..




my sewing machine has a timing problem (i can relate), so it’s not usable right now. i decided to pull out the needle and thread and use the old fashion way….not too hard, but my sewing is not very good.


yes….it’s a dog bed. zoey doesn’t have to know.

you all have a great night and i am going to find some pain relief from this sore throat. sleep is washing over me, but you know how hard it is to sleep with a sore throat. too bad chocolate won’t help a sore throat, but ice cream can’t hurt…..okay….i’ve twisted my own arm. i give in.



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been distracted by everything…..but it’s all good.


i guess my brain has turned and i have been neglecting my blog….sort of the way i neglect my purse or cleaning out the back of my car. it’s in my junkin blood. it’s the way i operate most of the time. i have responsibilities, but i put forth the effort for junk or projects instead of what i have to do. then i complain that i’m stressed out. anyone else do that???

i have been fortunate enough to have energy to blog almost everyday, but lately i have been distracted by everything…..but that isn’t a bad thing. i have been distracted by the lack of energy i have at the end of the night when it’s blogging time.  i have been sleeping instead of blogging. i’ve been playing with the kids instead of blogging. i’ve been watching the chiller channel late at night with arek instead of blogging. i’ve been cleaning out tons of neglectful piles of crafting stuff instead of blogging. i’ve been folding and putting away the leaning tower of laundry in my computer room instead of blogging. and mostly…i have been reading at night instead of blogging. i love to read, but reading has been on a hiautus since ron left. i read and nothing gets done. that’s the kind of reader i am. if i start, i stay up all night and then nobody gets breakfast the next day. anyway……i have just 3 books i want to read.

this one is turning my brain….


i love reading books that help me understand arek a little better. it helps reassure me that i only have so much control over what i can get from him. this book is facinating and brilliant. i can’t wait to finish it. it also make me understand that arek has his own brilliance that i can’t even begin to understand. all his garage band songs, music that he makes, little piles of things he creates, endless destruction to my things that he says aren’t destructful, his noises, distractions and lack of focus….it’s all just a part of who he is. it gets better and better every year. i am an optimist.

okay…on with the junk and some zoey photos for dad. i spent most of the day cleaning out my piles of crafting stuff, booth overflow and general clutter. the strange part is that my house does not look any less cluttered now. does this happen to you all when you clean stuff out? nothing looks leaner anywhere in the house. what does that mean??? i just moved crap around from one place to another is what ron would say. why? who cares really….it’s just fun.


my new living room rug. isn’t it fab????? yum.


way too much crap. i know, i know. LOOK.



here are a bunch of close up shots of random stuff that inspired me today……..


found the great fur collar for a song…like 10 cents or something…on the way to brenham. love the rusty clasp.





altered necklace i made from junk….



loving the doll head from marta’s shop!!!! she has a hook at the bottom of her head for prism hanging or baby shoe hanging or spare key hanging…whatever.


pretty lil mirror from crafter’s…donna’s booth…$4. can’t buy lunch for that. how sweet. i love it.


neatest old rusty tom’s rack holding old gacky books. i know…most women would be happy with a new metal baker’s rack or something and i can’t get enough of a rusty rack holding books that are eaten away from who knows what kind of critter. why?




zoey is still going strong with the cheese smile and all her makeup. she talks about makeup all the time. she loves barbie. she loves dressing up like a princess (although you would never know from these photos). she told me she is not a dragon nor is she a prince or a scary man. she is zoey….all 6 chins and cheeks of her.

how many purses does it take to change a lightbulb???? none…because they are all on zoey’s arm….


she has more than this and a basket too. all filled with makeup. whaa??? please, learn to read first. hey…she can count her purses…smart and fashionable. nice.  she loves this little dog. we call him club dog and he plays ludicrus (don’t laugh…i can’t spell)…shake your money maker song and he does a lil dance. she is crazy about him. rachel’s lil doll she made is also very comfy in this stroller. note the makeups and the purses again. i’m in trouble.


okay… all take it easy and enjoy the remaining 5 minutes of your weekend.


i know angus will….

now i am going to check out ROUND TOP blogs. i can’t wait to see photos and hear all the stories. hope you texas girls are whoopin it up and having a good time. the weather is better but this wind is just not fun for a flea market good time. it’s so strong, even those garden statues might blow away….maybe a really cute old one will blow into my yard.

got my reading eyes ready….where is my tea???



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i found my camera, but i left my heart at chuck-e cheese….


good sunday afternoon…okay…i lost my dang camera in the pile of clean clothes that i haven’t put away yet. seriously…it was stuck somewhere between a large bath towel and a wad of arek’s pjs. i didn’t post yesterday because i couldn’t find my camera, so i spent last night watching the chiller chanel with arek and saturday night live (why do i let my 9 year old watch that with me?). i’ve decided after watching the chiller chanel that i need a UNICK to walk with me and the kids. she can become my nanny so to speak and help us out until ron gets back. she will be perfect for early morning yard sales and long lines at carnivals. i would dare someone to touch the 25 cent flower frog yardsale pile with her standing next to us….anyway….i’m diverting.

okay….soooo much to talk about. i spent the better part of the afternoon at chuck e cheese today with crazy arek and zoey. zoey wanted to go there to get lipstick. whaa? she’s terrified of chucke, but will give herself whiplash trying to find him in the crowd!! zoey was shaking all over and said she was scared of chuck. i believed her until an hour later she was burning up with a FEVER. AGAIN. ack. why do i try? i let her eat 15 lolipops (well, she opened them and then got them stuck in her hair and threw them away) for breakfast and plain bread without the wrapper (crust) as she calls it. i have still been pretty sick too…on and off, but i felt so creative this weekend, so i worked on what i could with demanding zoey and hungry arek (i had to stop every 3 minutes of working to help arek get something from the kitchen). arek and zoey both did a little craft with me yesterday. arek made a voodoo doll out of old quilt parts and a sharpie marker. don’t ask. okay….blah, blah, blah…..

i will get to this YUMMY paint color above in a minute, but i want to link you all to LINDA’S GIVEAWAY over at My Shabby Rose Cottage. i haven’t read an issue of PORCH magazine yet, so i am crossing my fingers i win her giveaway!!!! if you would like to participate, please feel free to check out her fabulous blog and enter a chance to win!!!!!!!


thanks linda…..also i have 2 blogs that i want you all to check out!!! my blogging buddy Rachel has started up her blog the CHIPPY COTTAGE CHARM HOUSE. good luck rachel…her wit and charm and talent should not be missed!!!! also Jessica at SUGAR MOON…stunning photos…tons of talent, style and time-worn treasures to fancy your roving junk eye!!! thanks ladies for such cool blogs.

alright (or is it all right?)…onto the blue paint color above. I LOVE OOOOOOPS PAINT and i love this blue color sooo much. it’s such a perfect cottage blue. i found the little can for $2. i will paint everything in my path this blue for this next week. yikes. kids….hide your toys and pets. not only is it the perfect shade of blue, but it is very thick and goopy, so only 2 coats is all i need!!!! i usually open a can of paint and let it sit for a couple of days open so that it will thicken up. rachel ray may know how to thicken her sauces when she cooks, but i have a way with oooops paint…..and i can paint a bunch of trash in less than 30 minutes.




i love to paint cast off junk jewels with regular house paint or spraypaint. if i don’t like the gold or silver tones or it’s a piece i don’t think will work, i’ll paint it.  doesn’t all that junk jewelry look yummy painted blue? i see a collage or pillows maybe? i also found these cheap chandie shades for like 50 cents for 6. i just painted them out blue and i’ll spray them with glitter spray and maybe add a jewel to each. that’s it!! tie a bow around them and they are booth bound…….above is a LARGE lazy susan. i can’t wait to just paint it out blue and add some cute bird and nest inspired things to the top for the booth. collage in the works with the blue frame and the candle holder will become a tart holder with a tea lite and a little bowl on it. perfect.

i was also inspired by cream colored things this weekend. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE DREAM IN CREAM BLOG. i want to change my entire existence when i link to this blog. i’m such a tacky knock off and blog idea theif…but….



here are the finished altered shoes from the g.w. i found these for $1 and altered them with lace and beaded medalions i found off a 10 cent silk shirt. i found the shirt cheap and tea stained it (kathy….it’s coming your way!!) and was going to make a pillow out of that. i cut the beaded disks off the front of the shirt and tea stained them. i really do find a purpose for EVERYTHING. it’s sad. i also tea stained the shoes. i see all these neat, victorian altered shoes and boots and i LOVE them, but i can’t find the old shoes, so i’ve been appropriating with newer ones and copying the antique look. i painted a pair (kathy they are on they way to you too) and just white washed them. i loved them like that. when i find a pair i think i can paint, i snag them up. for a buck, it’s worth the haul.



i found these primitive stars at the g.w. friday. i paid a quarter for 3 of them. i decided to try my hand at stitching and put these lil vintage photos on them. i stitched a button and lace to the top to hold them and made little star collages. arek kept trying to take the needle to put in his voodoo doll. stop.


25 cent heart pillow….tea stained and i added a doily and a pin that i painted pink. i plan to add a few more embellishments to this and it will be cute hanging from a door knob. i may start rusting safety pins and hanging keys and rusty charms from pillows and what not. even wrapping this in rusty wire with an old photo and some buttons would be interesting.

this is the start of a new collage…..


i’m not sure where to go with her yet. i added a buckle at the bottom and another cast off one on top of that with words. i plan to give her a crown of lace and bling…she will get buttons and a saying of some sort. and i think i will add some wire wings i found somewhere crazy to her as well. maybe add some prisms hanging off of those. i also have some neat white wire garden fencing that would look awesome attached to this as well.


what does one do with a 25 cent hand made kitty???? i tea stained this one and added eyes, mouth of rhinestones, pearls, ribbon, lace collar, doily, painted pin and buttons. a kind of whimsy project that was quick and fun. zoey had fun helping me with this one.

that is all the project stuff i could squeeze out this weekend. sad. i did clean my back porch off and that was a HUGE accomplishment. between too much bad tv and waaaay too many sugar snacks, i have to take a craft break. i just have to. i look at other blogs and i am soooooo amazed at what accomplishments folks make with their crafts. there are some seriously talented artists out there. so much imagination. it is just awesome. thanks ladies sooooo much for sharing all of your ideas. it’s wonderful. it’s a necessity for me now. it’s food.

that and a snack break….cuz i have such a BIG sweet tooth. i can’t eat enough sugar. i’ll blame that one on my thyroid. that and my coffee addiction. i had a dose of childhood nostalgia last week and bought some malted milk. arek said it looks gross and he made a face when i asked him to try it. he would have not made in my childhood days. i lived on powdered milk and malted milk during our winters in maine. yum. takes me back, although i don’t like powered eggs…sorry…no green eggs and ham for me or sam and no powered eggs and ham for me…..but i can’t speak for sam.

i made a super yummy sweet tooth hot beverage today before i blogged…..BIG OLE GLASS OF MILK…on the stovetop with white choc. chips, malted milk and a wisk and milk steamer wisk…..heat milk, chips, malt and stir….



enjoy with a dollup…or more like a big, giant, fat spoonful…of whipped (wahiiiped…no whipped) cream. that is for you ron. top with sprinkles, jimmies, cocoa, little gnome hats…whatever. and SIP…..

okay…i am having more lolipop demands and arek roller coaster tycoon demands, so i need to go…..i tell them they both need to go some place where a kid can be a kid…oh…that is in my computer room.



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