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monday distractions…..


i don’t wear red lipstick ever because lipstick gives me coldsores on my lips, but then again i am not an old composite doll with a smoke in my mouth….and i’m not blond. that said….i am lucky to get a bath or put my sunscreen on. today was not an exception. yes….i have a million things to do, but i can’t stay out of the craft area. i seem to have the ideas coming faster than i can make stuff. maybe it is because i know this is the end of a vendor era for me. boo hoo.

i should be making dinner for arek, but instead i gave him specific directions to make a sandwich and clean up his mess. that will translate to…..make a sandwich….smear the crust into the couch; leave the plate on the couch to sit on later and spill the crust; smear the peanut butter on the couch; spill whatever he is drinking on the floor, leave all the bread and sandwich makings on the counter; watch too much bad tv; say he does not get enough attention and zoey gets it all; and follow it all up with a demand for gum. why?

onto some monday distractions….these are what i took to the booth today and sold at the booth today….



i used some cast off shutters and old wallpaper on a cupboard door that was headed for the junk pile. i hammered in some nails at the bottom, put a prism on the bottom and hung with wire….



i decided to hold on to this collage for me….


that is about it….enjoy the beginning of another week of inspiration and junking highs…..





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a spectrum of doodles and dresses…….


i forget that when i move, i must unturn all those memories that have been stored in a box or in this house…. an old suitcase. i have 100’s of arek doodles that i’ve managed to sift thru for the last few days. i know i can’t keep them all…..i’ve decided to part with lots of them; save some for zoey to read and look at and keep the really important ones that remind me of the progress arek has made over the last few years. i’m not aware that i’ve shared this FYI before, but arek is 9 and was diagnosed on the autism spectrum at age 5. he has asperger’s……like so many young boys and girls these days. i have stopped trying to figure out why…..i have stopped trying to figure out what i did to make it so….it is what it is. i’ve moved beyond my self absorbed pity and focused more on arek. i’m not perfect. i have days i take pride in being pissed off at a boy that can’t stop humming or won’t look up when he walks. i have days when i want a magic pill to make arek play the ‘same’ way the other kids play, but it is his brain doing that….not mine and i’ve realized over time that i am more worried about what people think than i am about him. i admit it. it sucks to be different sometimes. i should know.

anyway….. i found some crazy arek doodles when he was 3 and 4. i sent him to a very good private church school at that age, although i am not particulary very religious and even had some bad experiences with a previous church school.  his current school worked okay because they took pride in their pre=k teachers’ credentials. arek had a pre k teacher that understood his sensory needs. his needs for understanding his peers and coping, but with very little skill and experience to do so. she gave him the ability to write random alphabet letters over and over and over again in a corner alone, while his 4 year old peers would follow along with the regular lesson plans of the day. i wasn’t as lucky when arek was 3. he was in the same school, but had teachers that didn’t understand him at all. they thought he was naughty and had ADHD. i knew there was something more. i knew he had other issues, but could not convince anyone at the time. i was told to put him on medicine at the time, but refused. i knew his pre-pre k teachers weren’t doctors. i knew they were tired teachers that had a hard time following arek’s activity level and non compliance to conforming. arek sat in time out for extreme amounts of time over and over again everyday for compulsions and distractions he couldn’t help at all. it was a very confusing time. if any of you have a kid on the spectrum, you know what i mean.

arek knew how to write all the letters of the alpha. by the time he was 3. he also knew how to spell all the kids’ names in his class. he knew how to spell his colors and write most of his numbers forward and backward. he was zoey’s age and could manage to spell his name aloud. he has a total obsession with the alphabet. he would write names and random letters over and over again and spin in a circle while the kids would play. arek could read by three. it was crazy. he would attach his emotions to words, letters, numbers, textures, things, objects, and sounds more than people……he still does somewhat. he carried a string around that he waved in his face for 4 years. he made a humming noise for 4 years. he would make noises with his mouth that were so loud and annoying and strange, i would get the ugliest stares from strangers and my friends would get so tired of me screaming at him to stop. he didn’t stop until he was ready. last year.

i remember arek having a fascination with circles, curli cues and triangles. he drew circles and curli cues over and over and over for about a year. he still attaches himself to something he finds fascinating and does that thing over and over and nothing else. he drew roller coasters and built them on the computer for a solid year. he was completely obsessed with tornadoes and lightning. he loved CDs and drew all over them for the longest time. i gave him blank ones, old ones, broken ones to decorate. he could not walk in a straight line or look up, but he could read a book. it was strange.  arek would fall down a lot and trip on stuff. he still lays on the floor at walmart sometimes when he gets overwhelmed and can’t focus, but it’s getting better. somedays he would just bend over and walk around like that all day….no matter how much i yelled at him. i had so many strangers tell me ‘how’ to fix it or to ‘spank’ him or ‘punish’ him, but what little of that i tried, failed. i did what worked the best for me and that was to just keep him really, really busy with lots of activity….motion, textures, sensory, and sound.

to make a long story short….i managed to snap some photos of arek’s love for writing letters and doodling. by the time arek was 4, he memorized ALL  our songs on itunes. he knew the names, artists, genre’s and content of all the songs. he was infatuated with hip hop. i think it was all those beats that he memorized for their odd sounds and textures. i purchased quite a bit of hip hop for about a year. arek also loved all my alternative songs……aphex twin, 808 state, dj cam and moby are still some of his favorites. i feel scared letting a 9 year old be open to so much ‘adult’ music, but his song continuity isn’t equal to mine. he listens to the music and the sounds and not the words. i don’t allow the explicit stuff, because he is obsessed with knowing that something may be ‘bad or wrong’.  he cares about stuff that most kids have no time for. it’s so odd.

on a positive note, i’ve seen so much growth and progress over that last year with arek. he is finally starting to understand personal boundaries better…..not well……but better. lots of that comes from the excellent teachers he’s had over the past few years. lots of help form each of them has paid off. he does not touch other kids as much. he listens better. he understands the rules and is more compliant and restrained in school and public. he isn’t as impulsive. what most kids learn by 6, he is learning at 9….but he is more advanced than a 6 year old so many ways, so it’s once again odd. i am proud of him. i get frustrated, but not as often. i have chosen to never medicate him. that is just a personal choice. i want to see progress that is NATURAL arek and not the medicated arek….and it has paid off….for both of us. his coping skills are getting stronger and his self control is getting better. his range of interests are getting bigger finally and he is opening up to people better. he is starting to understand empathy a little and he sees a picture a little bigger than one compulsive thought or activity. i have a hard time with this and i am 44. i know the frustration of trying to multi=task when something you love to do is so much more rewarding. it must be really tough for a 9 year old on the spectrum.

if any of you have a child on the spectrum, i hope this inspires you. if you have a young one on the spectrum, they will learn with lots of help and intervention. it will pay off. there is a light at the end of the spectrum…..

here are some doodles……..the first 2 are when arek was 3 years old


he did doodles like this for hours sometimes…seriously….and he would flap his hands and hum and rock while he doodled like this. it was hard sometimes to break his spell. i remember him taking all his toys and putting them in a pile and then throwing them hard against a wall and humming and making a shsseeesseee noise and just blinking his eyes over and over. he loved to shred paper….especially newspaper or paper towels. he would shred paper until the entire floor in his room was covered. then he would spin around and around in a circle on his bottom and kick the paper and make odd sounds and close his eyes. i would tried to redirect him to do something else, but it didn’t work. i would get angry, but that didn’t stop it either. now i realize he had intent.

these are some doodles when he was 4



then when he was 5……






and this is a current computer doodle. arek is still obsessed with making music and cds. by the time arek was 4, he managed to change all the titles of songs in itunes. ron and i tried to keep him from doing it, but he managed to get in there and change stuff anyway. at age 6, arek was taking ‘cheat’s off you tube and putting them in his marble blast gold game software to create his own levels…..what???????? go outside and play and learn to tie your shoes and brush your teeth. why is that so hard??? my mom says kids on the spectrum are so DISTRACTED by their own thoughts, it’s hard to stop and just do stuff they are supposed to do. i have the same problem with junk. i get it. are we equipped with a distraction faction?? do we each have the ability to get distracted by consuming thoughts that fire over and over again so much that it is hard to just stay on task? or do we learn to develop ways to stop and cope. i’m hoping that arek will learn those abilities, but still maintain some of his impulsiveness to the point that it helps get him a job or gives him a talent or skill. he needs boundaries, but he needs freedom too. we’ll see.


i have no clue what this is?

i have john elder robison on my blogroll. what a great site. john elder robison is the author of the book LOOK ME IN THE EYE. great book. good insite.  there are so many resources and advancements for ASD kids these days. i feel lucky that i can get the help i need and arek needs and manage a positive outlook and attitude about a child that i used to feel so helpless about.


with that said, i took some photos of vintage dresses for my saturday salvage i got last week at lampassas. i get it sue….i do…i cut stuff off of dresses too. what the hay. if the dresses are ripped, too old or torn, i can manage to use the parts….like old cars.




talk about obsessions…..geeze…..i am on the junking addiction spectrum.

okay…..guess i better go groom myself. after a hot day in the sun with cub scout boys and a sleepy zoey, it’s time i scrubbed.




now onto a DADDY DOODLE. ron drew this doodle about 5 years ago. i found it in a suitcase last night and pulled it out and laughed out loud. i have often told ron that he would be a great folk artist. i mean that. i see a retirement career now. the whole family can doodle together.ron is on the preschool art talent spectrum….


i think this is me w/out my glasses. or a scary man pretending to be ron’s self portrait. i’m not sure. i love the pointy teeth. good for my cooking.

you all have a fabulous saturday and i’m going to go get back into the clean spectrum….



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can a true junker really downsize all her cluttttter?……


so i have news to share, but i think it is too early to release my future plans……so i will keep quiet for now and just blog. i will say a move is in the works soon and i am wrapping up 2 years of what i considered a very productive and creative time at crafter’s corner. i appreciate all of you that supported me during those years. terry lee….thanks sooooooooo much for all of your support…marta…you too. and everyone else that has helped make vendor 030 a success story. i officially put my 50% off sign in the booth today for all the merchandise that is there.  the booth is still stocked quite well and what does not have a price will soon. as much as i need to stop junking and creating….it is hard, so i will continue to at least make gestures at my craft table and keep some projects going up until it’s time to pack. i hope to resume the junkin bug again and restore order to a new booth beaming with fun displays and great finds and creative projects.

i think i am the only military spouse that can pack a house fuller than a museum in less than half a decade. how????? can one live???? with so much stuff???? please tell me i am not the only one!!!! i love my little piles of cute things. i love my little collections of vintage cuteness that helps keep me inspired, creative and motivated. i can’t get rid of it all. that and two kids and one BIG craft area = cluttttter….with a bunch of TTTTTs. i guess between being sick all winter long and the crazy swine flu scares, i need to just enjoy my crazy junkin life and be happy that i have for one day, a really fun hobby that i completely love.

i did rescue a small collage i made not too long ago from the booth today. it’s one that i decided to keep and take with me.


she is hard to see, but i used a cast off belt buckle to put the photo behind. that lace, and a black cast off ribbon from a vintage necklace help finish it out. it says ‘a lasting impression’. that is what texas left for me, so i will take this collage with me to remind me of fun times.


i have still been into the wax collages lately. i use a ton of tea stained fabric scraps, an old book cover, lace, pearls, and a vintage collar, key and some paint and wax to make this collage.

i shot some photos of more flea market finds from this weekend. just some smalls, linens and a few other misc……i have been on a linen kick lately. i am struck by the graphics of old tea towels and hankies. i just adore them.






found a HUGE stack of these quilt cuters. i can’t wait to use these to make wreaths.

i also came across 4 of these hanger covers… the sweet flowers on them.



bowl of goodies…..zoey can’t stop carrying the GIANT rhinestone with her everywhere she goes in the house. she call it her ….jewries….


love the jar of buttons….and the trio of vintage, plastic angels. they will probably be glued to a shelf. i found a cute shelf at G.W. for $1.50. it is super HUGE, but now it is super WET because of the rain. i didn’t even get a chance to alter it. would have looked soooooo sweet with a rose plate covering the primitive heart at the top and these angels glued onto the bottom. oh well… least the idea is there.



loving these sweet old socks…..back in the day….order a magazine subscription and you get some little bo peep sweet hosiery… the form of children’s socks. nowadays….you just get a huge bill for missing issues of overpriced magazines you pass onto your friends.


i found this sweet fabric in the form of a crib bumper not too long ago at the bins in g.w.   total cost….50 cents. what to do???? i cut the batting out of each panel and will reuse the fabric. i will reuse the batting to make small pillows out of my old linens….


lastly…..i found this project somewhere on a texas blog out there, so i certainly can’t take credit for this one at all!!!


salt shakers that don’t have matches…..put a wire into the top of them and then they can hold a cute photo……love it.

zoey’s sweet hand and arm filled with home grown tattoos by arek…..that is what happens when i don’t pay attention to the kids for 10 minutes…..i am too ashamed to show you the rest of the tattoo destruction…..arek even drew zoey a new butt crack. hummmmm. arek too those foam stickers and drew on the sticky side of them with washable marker. then he stuck the design (sticky side) on zoey’s skin and made prints of his design. very clever arek… go take a bath.


okay…stomach is totally hurting. why???????? stop.

better go and figure out why i have this terrible stomach ache…..again.

have a glorious night….enjoy your clutter and don’t watch too much news….



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hayfever garden with a twist of thrift…….


i have a sore throat….AGAIN…thanks texas. i will blame it on alergies, but i think it is the beginning of a cold. what a better antidote than to do a small amount of gardening to ease my achy woes. i told myself i would not buy any plants this year. i can’t dig my gardening boots into this yard the way i wish, so i hate to spend money on plants that really can’t be treated the way i’d like…..vegetables, climbing roses, arbors, more climbing jasmine….etc. i can’t landscape the way i want really, but i like to look at a little green….so this is what i came up with for the back yard. it’s not much, but i had nothing… it is something i guess.



i love ferns. they grow so large and fluffy and they love the texas wind. it gets so stinking hot here….so they need TONS of water in the heat of the summer. besides that….low maintenance. i also hung an old pink gate up as a mock window. i think i paid about $20 for it. love it. i junked the wood table the plaster column is on today. i found 2 and painted both of them pink. i paid $7 for the plaster column.


i junked the metal plant stand and put the china on it instead of plant. needs no water or sun. maintenance free.


found a HUGE set of these sweet plates for $4 on the way back from brenham not too long ago. what better way to decorate an unattractive brick ledge.



found this chair curbside this morning. the back of it is missing. the cushion was gross and the chair was a completely different color. it has been sitting outside and in need of some TLC. i painted it out hot pink. added the fabric to the cusion and a big, fluffy pillow to hide the back. ron…i know….tacky….but think of the money i saved so i could buy the plants…eh? i planted marigolds and climbing jasmine in the hanging baskets. i love the way jasmine gets all wild and climbs around everything. it smells wonderful when it blooms. i have a ton of it in my front yard i planted 2 years ago. i also left seed out for the raccoons to eat???? no birds. so why does rocky raccoon come every night to eat the seed???? i didn’t know raccoons liked seed.


tabletop with arek’s birdhouse, cast offs and a frog and nozzle. i have a small collection of frogs and nozzles i will share one day. everytime we move, ron wonders why i have to bring my frogs and nozzles with me. duh?


zoey’s masterpiece. what is this???? she made it all by herself. hmmmm. lovely. yes…most of these are fake. can’t you tell???? she was soooo proud of this.

i managed to swing some thriftin in yesterday. just a bit. i bought some goodies at crafter’s…not too much, but that is okay. i am saving myself for a huge thriftin extravaganza this weekend. need to save my $$$ and strength.



found this great ticking pillow for $3 in the white elephant booth and the pink jewel box for $2 as well. love them.


trio of vintage slips… pretty……..paid $5 ea.


one of the vendors at crafters gave me these darling doilies. i plan to make some pillows from them. i have been on a pillow kick. made these little ditties from this before (found three pillows like this if you can imagine)


to these afters…..




my sewing machine has a timing problem (i can relate), so it’s not usable right now. i decided to pull out the needle and thread and use the old fashion way….not too hard, but my sewing is not very good.


yes….it’s a dog bed. zoey doesn’t have to know.

you all have a great night and i am going to find some pain relief from this sore throat. sleep is washing over me, but you know how hard it is to sleep with a sore throat. too bad chocolate won’t help a sore throat, but ice cream can’t hurt…..okay….i’ve twisted my own arm. i give in.



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can you put a price on junk????


so i am now the one that is sick. zoey is well. arek is well. i have a virus. yuck!! the intestinal kind….i read online that there is no such thing as a stomach flu. as a matter of fact…intestinal viruses are just that….a virus that takes place in the small intestines i think i read….not the stomach. SO WHY DOES MY STOMACH HURT SO DARN BAD???? i haven’t eaten in 3 days. three days are like cat years for me. each one represents at least 5 years!! ugh…i also have a very, very painful headache. where does that play into a virus of the digestive system? since when does one’s head connect to one’s colon??? i don’t get it, but i do know i hurt. my teeth hurt. my eyes hurt. my legs feel like jelly and i haven’t eaten in what did i project????? uh 15 years. and yes….that include COFFEE. geeze…  i have spent 2 days in bed and my house looks like a dr. suess book, but whatever. i just want to feel better. i want my heartburn to go away and all my aches and pains. maybe it is a sign that i need to eat better or wash more hands more often or something. with all the junk i handle, you would think i’d get tetanus before i got a stupid non stomach virus.

well….it’s okay. the perfect antidote today was a fabulous and VERY, VERY gracious junk run from my junkin bud, crafting bud, and sewing extraordinare….CINDY. thanks cindy for all those goodies. if i didn’t seem too over joyed, blame it on the energy and junk appreciation zapping virus that is sucking the very creative love for all things vintage and fabulous out of my body. I LOVE WHAT YOU BROUGHT. can you put a price on junk???? i guess not. i asked cindy for the total price i owed and she said FREE. she said the price of friendship, listening, bickering, swapping of other great junk and just the overall excitement i may get from creating something great out of cast off what nots that she had hangin’ around was enough payment for her. THANKS. that is payment enough and that is a gift. seems like nothing is free anymore.

i not only got some great junk, but yet another sewing lesson. okay cindy…after you left, i tried tonite to sew a little purse for zoey and the NEEDLE BROKE. where have i failed? i’m like an elephant in a room of swans when it comes to sewing. i just break stuff.

did manage to pull off this pillow…..well, cindy did. i sewed on the buttons. how hard can this be???? i just want to make some quick pillows. i will get there…i will get there.


cindy also brought me this little lovely. she’s all pink and shabby…torn and worn and ready for some new love…


i got this fabulous pink candle. i love the gold mixed in with the pink. it is too pretty to burn. you know those kind of candles. they were especially popular in the 70’s. i had a unicorn candle, a pig candle, a pink dragon candle…..all too pretty to burn. i didn’t understand the candle thing? why not just make statues instead? okay…i’m off track.


this pretty little plate….


pretty hand painted cards….these are great!! i plan to make tags with these.


wooden hangers….always a hit with me.



tons of stuff to paint white above and below a suitcase filled with cast off what nots…..what is in there????? i don’t care. it was FREE. i will take it!!! is that liquor???? i know cindy….it’s not, but it would make a great story…


sweet doll that zoey claimed….


the best egg napkins from germany…..


there is more, but this is all i could squeeze in tonite……i need to go rest. ron….look at arek’s long ole hair. CRAZY cute long. like a 1970’s cute long. it’s tough having a boy with long hair. i have to schedule in hair washings during the week and it’s drama….just like a girl….i have to wash, listen to the crying, then condition and listen to the crying. oh well….it’s worth it. it’s the price to pay for serious hair.


you all have great night!!! kaye…if we ever get stationed together again, i’m bringing my birds for you. sue from down under….thanks for all the inspiration and support…michelle too….both michelles!!! and the rest of the readers out there….thanks so much for hanging in there with me blog after blog about a bunch of blah, blah, blah…….

time for more vitamin water….



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candy day and package day and a lovely retreat….


with most of zoey’s sickness behind me (and zoey), easter’s chocolate candies have replaced small sips of milk and tiny tubs of yogurt. i am pleased by this!! i welcome the tiny bites she’s taken out of the chocolate bunnies she’s eaten today.  gummy worms have been chewed on and she even ate a plate of mac and cheese and some strawberries. that’s more food in one day than she has had all week…..

i don’t think the candy above was eaten. she has carried candy eggs around with her for a few days lately and let them turn into this…..although messy….the perfect shabby shades of pastel, easter colors….

between the two packages i received today (one from RACHEL and one from MOM)….and the lovely time i had at margarite’s house (thanks sooo much), it was a full day. a good day. a relaxing day. i felt the need to get out of my very messy house and visit with friends. margarite’s house is always a doorbell ring away. BT…WHERE WERE YOU??? i am lucky to have friends like that here….cindy rongey…you are one too. you all help me get thru this deployment more than you know.

rachel….thanks soooooooo much for such a sweet (literally) package. i am in love with the bunny basket and the kids went crazy over the candy. the pink bunny melted all over zoey’s hands during our road trip today and arek and zoey both carried those worms around with them like pets…



i love this card and i love the angel too. she will sit on one of my pink light that cheryl gave me.


after zoey opened her boxes today, she wouldn’t look up. hey…at least she is dressed!!!!

MOM…thanks for the candy, animals and the $$$$$. the money was a hit. the candy was a hit and that FABULOUS fabric a BIG hit. i love it. thanks so much.


margarite…thanks again for dinner and your wonderful retreat of a house. it’s relaxing and i always feel at home. all those european treasures look as good here as they did in germany. they make me calm and i don’t feel like i’m running around all day just trying to keep my head above water with all my clutter and chores….





you can build a small cottage at the end of your yard and rent it out to folks. i’ll be the first in line.




thanks again….sorry we ate all your m&ms and put fingerprints and chocolate stains on your countertops. arek and zoey had fun……i did too.

you all have a great easter…..RON….happy easter. we can celebrate your birthday and have an easter egg hunt when you get home. we will hide slices of filet mignon nstead of goopy jelly beans and malted milk eggs…




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poor dad….we are missing you on another birthday!!!


hi ron…I DID NOT FORGET YOUR BIRTHDAY…PROMISE, we took a photo for you for your birthday, but my camera battery went weak, so the kids and i had to resort to the above. NICE. you get a sweet vintage hand knit hat, a cake you really can’t eat because it’s a piece of art and some pretty little statues and rose paintings you care absolutely nothing about. haa haaa.

sorry we missed your birthday. sorry this is late. zoey is very sick. she has pushed my limits of motherhood today and i am feeling like i may be a particle in a dirt pile or a leaf on the ground. that’s how much i’ve been away from the human world lately…ugh. have i forgotten the adult english language??? i think all i can manage to say lately is ‘AWE..poor thing and arek pick up your mess’.

please enjoy a trip down memory lane….it’s not a cake. it’s not a new wheel for your bike or a subscription to your favorite magazine. no card either. i apologize. i’ll just try to cheer your birthday after with a little (well a lot) of little photos and blips…whatever that means…….have another cookie and another scoop of icecream. do you remember back in the day when you made your guys buy you that girlie cake and sing to you and wear hats? i have a photo of that somewhere. i should have scanned it for you, but it was one more thing i would have to pull out of a cabinet and i can’t have one more thing pulled out of a cabinet today. it might send me into a state of who knows what. between zoey’s fever, blisters, bad breath and refusal of medicine and demand of being held all day, i can’t have another thing to clean up…..ALTHOUGH…arek cleaned zoey’s room today for me!! he did such a fine job.  okay


in case you have forgotten what it feels like to be 38..


in case you have forgotten arek’s obession with letters…..


in case you have forgotten what it was like to have the best neighbors in the world and the simple things to keep the kids happy….




in case you have forgotten how much you love your hobbies….


in case you have forgotten how to be silly and be OCD about computer monitors….



in case you have forgotten what the beach looks like and i used to look like when i was hot….





in case you can’t remember how much crap i had in our old, fun house…how long my hair used to be… and how i loved to make arek homegrown halloween costumes…..


in case you can’t remember how crazy my house clothes were when it was snowing outside in germany….







in case you have forgotten what a vacation is…..


in case you have forgotten your family pet…



in case you have forgotten arek’s photos he loved to take during your last deployment……god, i was HUGE….only 7 months along i think.



in case you have forgotten why i was so huge…..



in case you have forgotten zoey’s breastmilk caffeine high……


in case you have forgotten this little dish……



and this and this…


and this BIG dish…


and in case you have forgotten what it tastes like to have a glass of wine and work on a REAL computer….


know you will always have a place to sit when you get home


a smile on our faces….


and some new photos to take for birthday memories next year…..

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD….WE LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU…even though you are old…but not as old and crusty as mom or all her dumb junk!!!!



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