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oodles of noodles…..


okay….so today was one of those lost days…..i had so many responsible things i should have done, but committed myself to something that fell thru and decided to make the best of it. i have been purging, selling, sorting, stacking, cleaning, and daydreaming lately. have i made much progress???? not really. i feel like my house is that big bowl of spaghetti that you order from one of those franchise restaurants. you keep eating and eating and then there is still a HUGE oodle of noodles staring at you at the end of the meal. that’s my progress. SOOO…why not add to the pile of noodles and hit the BINS!!!

i started at hobby lobby and should NEVER have gone in there. what was i thinking? i’ll leave it at that. it wasn’t too bad, but craft supplies are expensive. i try to think out of the box and use the unexpected for cheap, but some stuff i must have. anyway, after supplies, too many foamy stickers and a gift for arek’s teacher, i felt the impulse of bin diving taking over the pragmatic part of me that needed to go to the bank, go eat and sweep the driveway. glad the impulsiveness struck. yes, i know i’m moving, but a junker still needs to junk. if i were a runner, i wouldn’t stop running just cuz i was moving to a new place in a few months. i would keep running everyday.  i wouldn’t quit my desk job, teaching job, waitress job, volunteer job or any other activity that i was committed to… why stop junking?? oh that is right….because i am moving.  i found some seriously fun stuff for tags and pillows today. it was worth the haunt.

i hit the charity shop first and found some cute linens (post another time) and then i hit the bins at g.w. and got serious!! i thought everything would be gone, but today was CuTe JUnK dAy!! i was on pins and needles!!



found the shoe pin cushion (composite like material) and the lady w/the blue and pink skirt for less than a $1 for both!!!! also this super cute puppy cushion…..for a steal…photo is blurry, but you ge the idea how cute!


found a ton of other stuff hat i didn’t take pics of….lots of linens and some smalls and stuff to paint. little plates with flowers and 2 pairs of wicked cute shoes. all for $23. nice. i couldn’t stop myself from buying this uneeded piece of furniture. for $10, i have stressed myself out with this desk. the inside is very dirty and needs some repair. the top part has some part that broke off so it looks a little scary now, but….


imagine this painted out creamy white or the palest pink and these added to the front drawer…..


it will be a great place to hide my laptop that isn’t currently working right now. darn it. or it will become my tag center. the inside has little cubbies and it will be a perfect spot to sit down and write out my tags. i hope i will get a chance to open a new booth this fall or at least find a place to consign. positive thoughts…..

roses from the sweetest vintage tray!! i plan to poke holes in this on each corner and hang it with a wire and pearls and then make little button magnets to use this for a memo board. quick way turn a cast off tray (because who really uses trays anymore??? i do, but i’m old) into a functional item….


a trio of vintage sunhats… and so cute. i will probably embellish with some mill flowers and send them to the booth if i can find time.


or i can wear them when i go out to do all my gardening…..i’m kidding. i did manage to reuse the $6 pink sink i got from g.w. a while back. i also found the stand underneath of the sink for 50cents at the g.w. sometime ago. i put the sink on the stand and then filled the sink with geraniums and put vintage nozzles on the back of the sink. used a junked mosiac pan that cindy gave me and stuck it out in front of the house. i will probably get sited for something or another….like an unworking appliance in the yard. whatever. it’s only an appliance if you use it for that. now it’s a planter….duh…..



i’m sure my neighbors are wondering ‘what next?’…unwanted toilet planter….broken engine on blocks planter….old tractor tire planter….trees planted in the back of a broken pick up truck…fishing pole garden stakes…vintage pink ovens turned into potting tables??? don’t tempt me.

little girls with oodles of curls rule the world…..


so does using my noodle to deal with oodles of junk….so why can’t i??? guess i’m not hungry enough yet.


time to go get another pain reliever and get rid of my allergy headache for the 5th night in a row……i blame it on the climbing jasmine, but i probably have dust from all that linen digging….




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one peace of day at a timeworn….kids included….


they say everyday is holiday…..i know it’s a timeworn saying…..but i like timeworn, so it works. only today is not a holiday…nor is it a daycare day…. my wonderful childcare provider is taking her very much needed 1 day off for the week. that means i have zoey today instead of thursday and friday. i know…i’m her mom. she is my responsibility. i should not complain that i have to keep her home all day. i know zoey’s provider works her tail off taking care of her own children and a slew of others (it takes a mighty person to do that) and she is in need of  a day of peace….i know…what is the big deal…just have fun with zoey and enjoy the day….blah, blah, blah. wellllll, i do enjoy the day, but zoey has such fun at daycare because she has 3/4 other children to play with and that is way more fun than playing with boring old mom that is tooooo tired to put a puzzle together and toooooooo distracted by the mess in the house to read yet another barbie book. shame on me, but i’m having that kind of a day. i had poop on the floor to clean up, berries all other the place to wipe up. more dishes in the sink than you can find a shabby cottage antique store and a whopping responsibility to pack it all away and move in the next couple of months. i’ve had a short fuse today. i need to get over myself.  i even cried just for a minute and yelled at poor zoey. she said….”oh mommy….i help you. don’t cry. i listen to you.” then i felt guilty and picked her up and said i was sorry. it’s not her fault i’m having a day in pieces. she’s just a busy 2 year old that is used to having a chance to play during the day and get busy. i should have taken her out today, but i thought i might be able to get some stuff done around the house and i have….in pieces…..a little here and there. it is hot and windy out…..i don’t really want to go play outside until arek gets home. then it’s a house full of boys that drag in more dirt. i really just want to sleep. i should do that now instead of writing this blog. aaaaahhhh. but then i would lay in bed and think about writing this blog. or eating something else that i don’t need to.

i allow myself to get so overwhelmed sometimes. then i remember i am a junker and a crafter and that helps me relax and unwind…messes and all.  i don’t really let that overwhelm as much as the house and kids. the crafts..are a very wonderful project…ongoing…and sometimes messy and not so pretty…sometimes wondeful and lots of fun…pieces at a time….one at a time…one day at a time. am i a bad mom for comparing my kids to my junking habit???? what mom does that….lol……i just have to treat all of it the same… isn’t that ridgid….i can’t have it all done perfectly at once. messes are ongoing…..responsibilities ongoing….errands ongoing….housework ongoing….laundry ongoing….meltdowns ongoing…..and like junk….i barely get one thing dealt with or put away and it’s time for more, more, more. i guess i am getting excited and nervous about dad returning home. that is part of it. moving is another and fatigue is another. those three stressors are enough to allow me to enjoy my junking habits to keep me in line. that said….i had zoey help me plant a “fake” rose garden on some shelves while i cleaned up my craft area and took a few photos for the blog. zoey and arek both love to take my ‘fake’ flowers and make gardens. okay. fake flowers and hand mirrors. those 2 things are a go in this house for entertainment. i have to remember that this house is fun….even if it’s messy…’s a place to get inspired and regroup.

i shot a few photos of stuff that inspired me this morning. stuff to help relax me while i play the vision in my head of all the work i have to do over the next week. how can i take on a week in my head when i haven’t even faced an hour at home? i keep fantasizing that ron will come home and take the kids to a playground for 2 hours and i can take a nap. what kind of fantasy is that after not seeing a spouse for almost a year? i should be wearing a loin cloth and ron should be swinging from a rope beating his chest, but instead i have visions of the kids jumping on him while he’s on the trampoline in the backyard and me soaking in a hot bath long enough to pickle.

until then…..i dream of buttons, collages, and faded flowers……tarnished silver…old books and pearls…..cast off lamps and baby shoes…’s almost a daydream and pieced together right, it’s a good day.








2 re-dos on $2 and $5 lamps……………..



sign says vintage on cast off lumber…………..printed the word from the computer and used some paint and decoupage….buttons and pearls…..



loving this cheap dip…..$1 for dip and an eifel tower????? okay….but would this pass the dip test in paris??? i doubt it. it passed the zoey test in our kitchen. that is all that matters….oui, oui….

almost time to go get arek….i’m in scary house clothes and i haven’t brushed my teeth. i know a little girl that can relate….


you all enjoy your day and thanks for stopping by…..ROCK NIGHT on idol!!! can’t wait……i’m sure there will be a campout on the floor something like this before my night is over….


i’ll have to break out the cheap dip and carrots and pick up the messy pieces after i get these mess makers to bed….



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hayfever garden with a twist of thrift…….


i have a sore throat….AGAIN…thanks texas. i will blame it on alergies, but i think it is the beginning of a cold. what a better antidote than to do a small amount of gardening to ease my achy woes. i told myself i would not buy any plants this year. i can’t dig my gardening boots into this yard the way i wish, so i hate to spend money on plants that really can’t be treated the way i’d like…..vegetables, climbing roses, arbors, more climbing jasmine….etc. i can’t landscape the way i want really, but i like to look at a little green….so this is what i came up with for the back yard. it’s not much, but i had nothing… it is something i guess.



i love ferns. they grow so large and fluffy and they love the texas wind. it gets so stinking hot here….so they need TONS of water in the heat of the summer. besides that….low maintenance. i also hung an old pink gate up as a mock window. i think i paid about $20 for it. love it. i junked the wood table the plaster column is on today. i found 2 and painted both of them pink. i paid $7 for the plaster column.


i junked the metal plant stand and put the china on it instead of plant. needs no water or sun. maintenance free.


found a HUGE set of these sweet plates for $4 on the way back from brenham not too long ago. what better way to decorate an unattractive brick ledge.



found this chair curbside this morning. the back of it is missing. the cushion was gross and the chair was a completely different color. it has been sitting outside and in need of some TLC. i painted it out hot pink. added the fabric to the cusion and a big, fluffy pillow to hide the back. ron…i know….tacky….but think of the money i saved so i could buy the plants…eh? i planted marigolds and climbing jasmine in the hanging baskets. i love the way jasmine gets all wild and climbs around everything. it smells wonderful when it blooms. i have a ton of it in my front yard i planted 2 years ago. i also left seed out for the raccoons to eat???? no birds. so why does rocky raccoon come every night to eat the seed???? i didn’t know raccoons liked seed.


tabletop with arek’s birdhouse, cast offs and a frog and nozzle. i have a small collection of frogs and nozzles i will share one day. everytime we move, ron wonders why i have to bring my frogs and nozzles with me. duh?


zoey’s masterpiece. what is this???? she made it all by herself. hmmmm. lovely. yes…most of these are fake. can’t you tell???? she was soooo proud of this.

i managed to swing some thriftin in yesterday. just a bit. i bought some goodies at crafter’s…not too much, but that is okay. i am saving myself for a huge thriftin extravaganza this weekend. need to save my $$$ and strength.



found this great ticking pillow for $3 in the white elephant booth and the pink jewel box for $2 as well. love them.


trio of vintage slips… pretty……..paid $5 ea.


one of the vendors at crafters gave me these darling doilies. i plan to make some pillows from them. i have been on a pillow kick. made these little ditties from this before (found three pillows like this if you can imagine)


to these afters…..




my sewing machine has a timing problem (i can relate), so it’s not usable right now. i decided to pull out the needle and thread and use the old fashion way….not too hard, but my sewing is not very good.


yes….it’s a dog bed. zoey doesn’t have to know.

you all have a great night and i am going to find some pain relief from this sore throat. sleep is washing over me, but you know how hard it is to sleep with a sore throat. too bad chocolate won’t help a sore throat, but ice cream can’t hurt…..okay….i’ve twisted my own arm. i give in.



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i love junk. no doubt. i don’t like it as much when i am sick, but i am feeling better….so the ratio of junk in the house to functional items can stay high when i am well and feeling creative. even though i was pelted with hail during a biblical storm friday morning on my way home from a yard sale, i was still optimistic about finding goodies while i drove home thru several inches of standing water hoping not to float away. i made it home wet, tired, scared and junkless….BUT ALIVE. that said (texas can just be way too much), i hit the old faithful g.w. bins yesterday and found enough stuff to get the creative juices flowing….like the gushing rain water that i was avoiding friday morning.

i have decided to have a love affair with chalkboard paint. can’t have the hubby home….might as well find an alternative that won’t be illegal and break my heart. that said….JUNK + CHALKBOARD PAINT = TRUE LUST.

i have seen some really clever ideas lately with painted furniture….suitcases, etc….with chalkboard paint. the suitcase above was a freebie from cindy, so i pulled out the guts and painted the inside. it will go to the booth to hold linens or something. i’m not sure yet. i just think it’s a cute idea. i came up with some other painted items as well….


i plan to mark down several items in the booth for this week. thought this would make a perfect sale sign!! the purse was a freebie from cindy. not in good shape, i decided to paint it with chalk paint. i will probably pull the handles off and put a wire hanger on with pearls. i will tie bows on each handle and put it in zoey’s room and it will say DRESS UP.


found this suitcase at g.w. and decided to paint it with chalk paint. makes a great statement piece and has storage to boot. i ha


thought this tag was appropriate for this case. couldn’t stop with one tag……





a great way to use those old cheap trays you don’t know what to do with. cindy gave me this fatastic burlap stripping and i love it!!! very french…eh?



more tags above. i used some small plastic easter eggs to glue to tags i painted blue and stamped with nests. i used some old envelopes. i love old envelopes as tags. cheap and bountiful. i also used one the pages from my michelangelo book to make fill this tray.

on my g.w. excursion yesterday i found a few vintage books. juxtapose them and this is what you get…..





from one great iconic master MICHELANGELO……filled with symbolism, biblical references, and eternal greatness to THIS…….




to another iconic great master….BARBIE. not only barbie…but QUICK CURL barbie and she is having a yardsale!!!! i’m not sure which great master i am in more awe of at this very moment!!!!!!!

that said….you all let your junk rule and enjoy the sunshine…..



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been distracted by everything…..but it’s all good.


i guess my brain has turned and i have been neglecting my blog….sort of the way i neglect my purse or cleaning out the back of my car. it’s in my junkin blood. it’s the way i operate most of the time. i have responsibilities, but i put forth the effort for junk or projects instead of what i have to do. then i complain that i’m stressed out. anyone else do that???

i have been fortunate enough to have energy to blog almost everyday, but lately i have been distracted by everything…..but that isn’t a bad thing. i have been distracted by the lack of energy i have at the end of the night when it’s blogging time.  i have been sleeping instead of blogging. i’ve been playing with the kids instead of blogging. i’ve been watching the chiller channel late at night with arek instead of blogging. i’ve been cleaning out tons of neglectful piles of crafting stuff instead of blogging. i’ve been folding and putting away the leaning tower of laundry in my computer room instead of blogging. and mostly…i have been reading at night instead of blogging. i love to read, but reading has been on a hiautus since ron left. i read and nothing gets done. that’s the kind of reader i am. if i start, i stay up all night and then nobody gets breakfast the next day. anyway……i have just 3 books i want to read.

this one is turning my brain….


i love reading books that help me understand arek a little better. it helps reassure me that i only have so much control over what i can get from him. this book is facinating and brilliant. i can’t wait to finish it. it also make me understand that arek has his own brilliance that i can’t even begin to understand. all his garage band songs, music that he makes, little piles of things he creates, endless destruction to my things that he says aren’t destructful, his noises, distractions and lack of focus….it’s all just a part of who he is. it gets better and better every year. i am an optimist.

okay…on with the junk and some zoey photos for dad. i spent most of the day cleaning out my piles of crafting stuff, booth overflow and general clutter. the strange part is that my house does not look any less cluttered now. does this happen to you all when you clean stuff out? nothing looks leaner anywhere in the house. what does that mean??? i just moved crap around from one place to another is what ron would say. why? who cares really….it’s just fun.


my new living room rug. isn’t it fab????? yum.


way too much crap. i know, i know. LOOK.



here are a bunch of close up shots of random stuff that inspired me today……..


found the great fur collar for a song…like 10 cents or something…on the way to brenham. love the rusty clasp.





altered necklace i made from junk….



loving the doll head from marta’s shop!!!! she has a hook at the bottom of her head for prism hanging or baby shoe hanging or spare key hanging…whatever.


pretty lil mirror from crafter’s…donna’s booth…$4. can’t buy lunch for that. how sweet. i love it.


neatest old rusty tom’s rack holding old gacky books. i know…most women would be happy with a new metal baker’s rack or something and i can’t get enough of a rusty rack holding books that are eaten away from who knows what kind of critter. why?




zoey is still going strong with the cheese smile and all her makeup. she talks about makeup all the time. she loves barbie. she loves dressing up like a princess (although you would never know from these photos). she told me she is not a dragon nor is she a prince or a scary man. she is zoey….all 6 chins and cheeks of her.

how many purses does it take to change a lightbulb???? none…because they are all on zoey’s arm….


she has more than this and a basket too. all filled with makeup. whaa??? please, learn to read first. hey…she can count her purses…smart and fashionable. nice.  she loves this little dog. we call him club dog and he plays ludicrus (don’t laugh…i can’t spell)…shake your money maker song and he does a lil dance. she is crazy about him. rachel’s lil doll she made is also very comfy in this stroller. note the makeups and the purses again. i’m in trouble.


okay… all take it easy and enjoy the remaining 5 minutes of your weekend.


i know angus will….

now i am going to check out ROUND TOP blogs. i can’t wait to see photos and hear all the stories. hope you texas girls are whoopin it up and having a good time. the weather is better but this wind is just not fun for a flea market good time. it’s so strong, even those garden statues might blow away….maybe a really cute old one will blow into my yard.

got my reading eyes ready….where is my tea???



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calm before a trip always leaves me blue…..


i have been reluctant to post. i am like carrie bradshaw on the episode during season 5 when she and her friends had a dry spell and carrie had nothing to write about but french fries and men like socks….her column socked and i feel like this blog post might too, but ron told me to post something new, so here goes.

i have been in the house….still sick (me this time) and up to my armpits in arek and zoey. we have just piddled and rested and hung out and i’ve watched them fight and play and then fight more. my project list has been very diversed week. i do projects as i can, and sometimes i get a few brief moments when arek is actually playing with zoey and not taunting her. i have also been preparing for a small road trip, so i’m distracted by that. it’s calm now, but the day has been crazy.  sometimes it is a home, home sweet….but today it has been a home, home wreck. i’m so messy with kids home all day. it’s CRAZY. i’m also still in my blue phase…how many more things can i paint blue??? me and picasso.

my projects have been quick and easy this week….simple, but they keep my mind rolling. small projects are better than no projects. this day is a blur now. i’m trying to block it out. it started out with a picnic in the backyard, followed by a half of box of wasted goobers, soggy choc. chips, (i know, i know…what the ^%$ kind of picnic is that?) and wet clothes and a huge fight over a pink plastic teapot. whatever???? who has the sweet kids that sit still and shy on the grass and pour tea for each other….serving each other with a smile and grace???? not me.

i think after that zoey had a fit because she couldn’t wear my hair pin and then zoey lost her lipgloss lids and it went down hill quickly after that. arek is a homebody and want to stay around the house and zoey always wants to go to the store to buy something. just like grownups….the men watch tv and chill and the ladies are busy finding treasures. is this foreshadowing??? i’m not sure. i managed to get us out and about for a couple of hours tonite, but before that, arek and zoey had a fight over the hose and a mud puddle. why? how can they both think that is all the dirt in the world? i have more than that on some of the stuff i drag out of the trash. they could rinse off my junk pile and have mud hole large enough to water safari animals. i give up. oh…then zoey drew all over her hands and stomach w/red marker. i had to clean the car before our trip. zoey touched stuff and smeared marker on the NICE family car. no ron…i didn’t let her. i stopped her and you would have thought i cut off a limb. between that and brushing her hair tonight, i’m sure the neighbors think i’m taking candy away from a baby…..and i am so to speak.

here are my projects in the making and some complete……





i’ve been making egg pictures lately….they are so easy. i have soooo many cast off frames. i just attach a frame to an old sign or book cover…add words, some grass, egg paint, wire to hang and i’m finished. i the little bird on the top will hang from the bottom of the sign.

i also made a little sign that says porch. i find so many old drawers in the trash that are falling apart. i take the wood apart and voila….a board great to make a sign instantly!!! i printed this word out…decoupaged it….added some small rhinestones, shoe polish to make it look aged and a prism and buttons.

the angel above is actually a candle. i just painted it blue. i may add a little halo or crown atop her head. i’m not sure yet. i just thought she needed to be blue. she was a cast off and now she’s as good as a statue.

oh…i was recently asked how i make everything look so distressed….my BIGGEST AND BESTEST FRIEND….really rough sandpaper and acrylic paint. a semi-gloss will actually peel better and i let the paint sit out w/out the lid so it will get super thick and goopy. it will sand off easier if i let it get thick. i just paint and scrape with the sandpaper and that is it. NO tricks or special techniques at all. i’ve tried wax and petrolleum jelly and i can’t make those work. i’ve also tried those in collages and couldn’t get them to work. i also PAINT EVERYTHING. i don’t even prime stuff. i just paint right on top of whatever is there….other paint, fabric, metal, whatever. the trick is having really thick paint.

i found the greatest silver flower frog at the sally for only $1 yesterday. you can’t see the detail in the bowl part, but it’s gorgeous….tarnished and perfect. i am using it to store smalls…..


also been printing words to use for collages and tags. i print them out on heavy stock paper and they work as well as the ones pre-bought. they are cheaper and you can just type what you want. i have been typing little sayings to add to my booth lot bags i’ve been making…..below i painted a vintage bracelet pink. it was a dull goldtone and brown stones. i wasn’t feeling that, so i painted it a shabby pink. i will add something to each stone. i think typewriter keys would look awesome or small broken china. i also have some old, small cameos i could glue to each or a mother of pearl button and pearl.




found these sweet, sweet, sweet trio of vintage birds at the sally for $1. i have no plans for them yet. they are very small and adorable. may dangle them from a collage.

i put them on a compote i glued today. i find the prettiest mis-matched plates and saucers. i also find lots of tea cups, candle holders, tins and vases. marry the two and you have a sweet, unique compote…..


i happened to glue this plate to the top of an old flour shaker. there was only one shaker and i didn’t know what to do with it. this would look great in a kitchen with a bar of soap, or holding a glass with your favorite measuring spoons in it. you could do this with tins that say coffee or tea and have them hold glasses with cute silver teaspoons in them. make it stop….


found this little bunny in a BIG yard sale craft bag. he is so adorable and made from clay.


i got so nuts, i even painted my knock off crocs blue……..ron….are you reading this???? what has happened to me? i think i will glue some cuteness to these too. what the heck. my fancy shoes…..mary randolph carter has a pair of shoes she photographed for one of her books. i think it was GARDEN JUNK. i loved that her shoes became another one of her junk displays. they say to walk in another man’s shoes, but i haven’t ever heard to walk in another junker’s painted cast off crocs….


it (the craft area) has stayed in this debaucherous state all week….it’s like a party here that doesn’t end….someone needs to go home so it can clean itself up.

i will leave you with photos of  arek and zoey playing with my lazy susan…nothing lazy about these two. they were spinning each other around on it. why??? they have tons of yard toys and a BIG ole trampoline and they insist on getting right in the middle of the junk…electrical cords…lamps…frames….old boards….oh…this is safe and what is arek wearing???? and why isn’t zoey wearing anything again???? hey…she has a bag of makeup.



arek planting seeds for cubscouts…..



he is wearing an indian outfit that is 3 times too small for him. we had the meeting at my house, so he was in his PJs. i wish i could get away with that…oh wait…i do.

some art from arek. why does this bear have pins in his head? why does arek decorate his stuffed animals with my vintage straight pins? this is papa bear that my mom made me when i was 8. i don’t remember ever putting straight pins his head when i was little. hmmmm. boys….


it is a cd cover for one of arek’s garage band cds. nice. trent reznor in the making. yikes.

okay….i smell catfood, but i’m nowhere near angus’ bowl. better go investigate. you all have a great night……

blah, blah, blah…..yes dana…my husband tells me CONSTANTLY that i am a giant run on sentence and this blog entry has no theme and makes absolutely no sense whatsoever…..



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bag lady, pack rat, hoarder, shopaholic….if it quacks like a duck, it’s probably spring or something like that.


yes….that is me. the bag lady. what does one do with a hyperactive two year old, way too much rain, a sore throat and $20 in her pocketbook (well, if i can pick one out that is)???? she heads off to the g.w. bins and buys more crap!!! i found this little heart that says THE BAG LADY today and it made me laugh. i want to alter it and glue buttons to it or something, but i think i may keep it and hang it in my closet to remind me what a pack rat i really am. i have great intentions of clearing the clutter. i dream of organizing and downsizing the sweet junk in my life, and i do…..BUT i go back out again and again and buy more, more, more. what do they call that????? crazy. but it’s way too much fun. my back porch looks like santa’s workshop….only i have no elves to help me work.

i have no idea what my post header means,  but i know that it’s spring almost and that means cleaning out. so why do i not do that? why do i insist on bring more home???? welllllllllllll……i think shopping for junk over and over again spawns new ideas over and over again. the process of picking thru bins and plowing thru baskets gives me an opportunity to come up with new ideas.  i see my old existing junk with new light and my new junk finds are exciting, so it justifies my junking cycle. life has cycles….frogs have cycles….seasons, crops, ad campaigns….why not junk?

after i hit g.w….i put some new goodies in the booth and took zoey lipstick shopping (she has more of it than a drag queen with a $1000 macy’s gift card) and told her we had to hit the sally store next. i didn’t hit pay dirt, but i did find some super cute stuff!!  a vintage scale (from the 1940’s and cottage green!), a lazy susan (my twin), tons of vintage pictures and frames, glassware, shabby chic curtains, a few linens, a really big metal lamp, teacups, saucers, and a pink riding toy for zoey. total spent…..$35. is that too much? ack. i had to carry 4 bags of crap….including a metal, rusty scale and a lazy susan that wouldn’t fit in the bags and a HUGE metal suitcase (99cents) packed with all my other crap. zoey was wearing flannel p.js. (cuz that is what she wanted to wear) and pushing her toy down the shopping center sidewalk and i was carrying all my crap. the ladies at the german bakery laughed at me. i know i looked like a freak. i was still wearing the same sweat pants i’d had on the day before and the day before that. what a shame. what have i done to myself????? ron…you must come home.

i don’t even go near the mall. i go nowwhere near department stores. i stay out of’s way and i try not to go to the bookstore. this justifies my junking habit. i think i didn’t pay more than 75 cents for any of those purses above. i really have been like this since i was small…..a collector….a visualist….a decorator. i don’t think that justifies the 4 bag of plastic eggs (very cute ones may i add) i paid 25 cents for the other day. like i can’t stop at one cuz they are 25 cents.

blah, blah, blah….oh….why is it that i can find a cute vintage purse for 75 cents, but i can’t find ziplock bag of food that will open correctly? is it just me or do others have problems with those darn bags that say ‘tear here’ and then say on the front that they will zip back up for your food’s freshness. whaaa? i get so frustrated. i can’t ever find a pair of scissors when i need one to cut the bag. i can’t tear it. they DON’T tear. i end up cutting them with a knife (almost slicing my fingers) and then securing them back with a vintage plastic clothespin. so much for convienence. and don’t get me started on opening salad dressing bottles with all that plastic and then the little thingy you have to pull off the top of the bottle with your teeth???? and spices???? whaaaaaa….i end up piercing them with a fork and then i rip that little shaker thing right off and just use them that way.

see…vintage stuff is simple….easy to use….the way it’s intended to.


pillow i glued together with an old slip bottom and toile cutter fabric i found for a quarter.




found the french book at the knot hole last weekend. i love these handwritten papers i found it the book. i put the book at my booth, but i kept these papers. they are so wonderful. i also put the statue shelf at my booth. i flanked it with postcards i found in france a few years ago. flea marts in france are waaaay too expensive for me, but the postcards are plentiful and cheap. i wish i would have bought more actually.


found the shabby curtains for $6. i am saddened about the closings of rachel ashwell’s stores. i read her blog and she’s so true to her style. i am sure things will work out. i am sure she has ‘people’ working for her that can help her restore and rethink her stores, products and image. i think she is writing a new book or already has. i CAN’T WAIT. loved rachel since day one!!!


since my sink is ALWAYS full of dishes, i make sure they are cute ones!! i love florals, melmac and silver plate trays and bowls. i also love clear glassware….little plates, cups, serving bowls and trays. i don’t use paper plates. i’m too lazy to take the trash out….so i have dishes to do constantly.


found the shoes today (vintage 80’s) and plan to alter them.


love this book for 25 cents.


primitive stars, quilt, and rusty can for less than $2. i plan to alter these stars with old photos and buttons and rhinestones. we’ll see.


love this….i know it’s vintage because nobody has just 4 toothbrushes in their home anymore. i like 10….some light up…some have themes….some vibrate….some sing……it’s too much.

i plan to use this as a vase of some sort to hold button flowers.



random studio stuff….vases filled with plastic prims, big ole wood buttons i spray painted egg blue, candles, little cloche with egg….just random things to inspire me.


here is a new statue i found for $4 at crafter’s!! that is her original patina blue paint. yummy.


random pretties in a vintage cream bowl…..zoey keeps rearranging it for me.


what to do with all those cute sheets you find at yard sales???? i found this one for $1. i tossed it over a brown round table and now it looks completely elegant. it was quicker than paint and less messy.


let’s see how long it takes me to fill this basket with pink doilies???? why???

okay…i’ve gone on long enough about absolutely nothing. it’s a good distraction from worrying about other stuff i don’t find as interesting….like for instance…the lady at g.w. that told me today that her son was potty trained at 15 months old. i don’t want to think about how that is TRULY possible….i mean really trained…how?? how can a 15 month articulate their bathroom business when they can’t even talk yet? i hear people tell me stories of their 8 month olds potty training and their 11 month olds potty training….but i just can’t believe it…not TRULY anyway. sorry. anyway, she just couldn’t believe that zoey wasn’t potty trained. she said she didn’t ‘DO’ babies (funny she called her that) that aren’t potty trained. i felt like telling her i don’t ‘DO’ adults that aren’t people trained.

will this sore throat ever leave? i better go put arek to bed and sip some tea. time to do nothing else but rest. the junk will still be there tomorrow…and i’m afraid, the day after that too.

you all have a great weekend filled with ideas, cool junk, lots of bag lady tendency shopping trips……



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