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oodles of noodles…..


okay….so today was one of those lost days…..i had so many responsible things i should have done, but committed myself to something that fell thru and decided to make the best of it. i have been purging, selling, sorting, stacking, cleaning, and daydreaming lately. have i made much progress???? not really. i feel like my house is that big bowl of spaghetti that you order from one of those franchise restaurants. you keep eating and eating and then there is still a HUGE oodle of noodles staring at you at the end of the meal. that’s my progress. SOOO…why not add to the pile of noodles and hit the BINS!!!

i started at hobby lobby and should NEVER have gone in there. what was i thinking? i’ll leave it at that. it wasn’t too bad, but craft supplies are expensive. i try to think out of the box and use the unexpected for cheap, but some stuff i must have. anyway, after supplies, too many foamy stickers and a gift for arek’s teacher, i felt the impulse of bin diving taking over the pragmatic part of me that needed to go to the bank, go eat and sweep the driveway. glad the impulsiveness struck. yes, i know i’m moving, but a junker still needs to junk. if i were a runner, i wouldn’t stop running just cuz i was moving to a new place in a few months. i would keep running everyday.  i wouldn’t quit my desk job, teaching job, waitress job, volunteer job or any other activity that i was committed to… why stop junking?? oh that is right….because i am moving.  i found some seriously fun stuff for tags and pillows today. it was worth the haunt.

i hit the charity shop first and found some cute linens (post another time) and then i hit the bins at g.w. and got serious!! i thought everything would be gone, but today was CuTe JUnK dAy!! i was on pins and needles!!



found the shoe pin cushion (composite like material) and the lady w/the blue and pink skirt for less than a $1 for both!!!! also this super cute puppy cushion…..for a steal…photo is blurry, but you ge the idea how cute!


found a ton of other stuff hat i didn’t take pics of….lots of linens and some smalls and stuff to paint. little plates with flowers and 2 pairs of wicked cute shoes. all for $23. nice. i couldn’t stop myself from buying this uneeded piece of furniture. for $10, i have stressed myself out with this desk. the inside is very dirty and needs some repair. the top part has some part that broke off so it looks a little scary now, but….


imagine this painted out creamy white or the palest pink and these added to the front drawer…..


it will be a great place to hide my laptop that isn’t currently working right now. darn it. or it will become my tag center. the inside has little cubbies and it will be a perfect spot to sit down and write out my tags. i hope i will get a chance to open a new booth this fall or at least find a place to consign. positive thoughts…..

roses from the sweetest vintage tray!! i plan to poke holes in this on each corner and hang it with a wire and pearls and then make little button magnets to use this for a memo board. quick way turn a cast off tray (because who really uses trays anymore??? i do, but i’m old) into a functional item….


a trio of vintage sunhats… and so cute. i will probably embellish with some mill flowers and send them to the booth if i can find time.


or i can wear them when i go out to do all my gardening…..i’m kidding. i did manage to reuse the $6 pink sink i got from g.w. a while back. i also found the stand underneath of the sink for 50cents at the g.w. sometime ago. i put the sink on the stand and then filled the sink with geraniums and put vintage nozzles on the back of the sink. used a junked mosiac pan that cindy gave me and stuck it out in front of the house. i will probably get sited for something or another….like an unworking appliance in the yard. whatever. it’s only an appliance if you use it for that. now it’s a planter….duh…..



i’m sure my neighbors are wondering ‘what next?’…unwanted toilet planter….broken engine on blocks planter….old tractor tire planter….trees planted in the back of a broken pick up truck…fishing pole garden stakes…vintage pink ovens turned into potting tables??? don’t tempt me.

little girls with oodles of curls rule the world…..


so does using my noodle to deal with oodles of junk….so why can’t i??? guess i’m not hungry enough yet.


time to go get another pain reliever and get rid of my allergy headache for the 5th night in a row……i blame it on the climbing jasmine, but i probably have dust from all that linen digging….




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can a true junker really downsize all her cluttttter?……


so i have news to share, but i think it is too early to release my future plans……so i will keep quiet for now and just blog. i will say a move is in the works soon and i am wrapping up 2 years of what i considered a very productive and creative time at crafter’s corner. i appreciate all of you that supported me during those years. terry lee….thanks sooooooooo much for all of your support…marta…you too. and everyone else that has helped make vendor 030 a success story. i officially put my 50% off sign in the booth today for all the merchandise that is there.  the booth is still stocked quite well and what does not have a price will soon. as much as i need to stop junking and creating….it is hard, so i will continue to at least make gestures at my craft table and keep some projects going up until it’s time to pack. i hope to resume the junkin bug again and restore order to a new booth beaming with fun displays and great finds and creative projects.

i think i am the only military spouse that can pack a house fuller than a museum in less than half a decade. how????? can one live???? with so much stuff???? please tell me i am not the only one!!!! i love my little piles of cute things. i love my little collections of vintage cuteness that helps keep me inspired, creative and motivated. i can’t get rid of it all. that and two kids and one BIG craft area = cluttttter….with a bunch of TTTTTs. i guess between being sick all winter long and the crazy swine flu scares, i need to just enjoy my crazy junkin life and be happy that i have for one day, a really fun hobby that i completely love.

i did rescue a small collage i made not too long ago from the booth today. it’s one that i decided to keep and take with me.


she is hard to see, but i used a cast off belt buckle to put the photo behind. that lace, and a black cast off ribbon from a vintage necklace help finish it out. it says ‘a lasting impression’. that is what texas left for me, so i will take this collage with me to remind me of fun times.


i have still been into the wax collages lately. i use a ton of tea stained fabric scraps, an old book cover, lace, pearls, and a vintage collar, key and some paint and wax to make this collage.

i shot some photos of more flea market finds from this weekend. just some smalls, linens and a few other misc……i have been on a linen kick lately. i am struck by the graphics of old tea towels and hankies. i just adore them.






found a HUGE stack of these quilt cuters. i can’t wait to use these to make wreaths.

i also came across 4 of these hanger covers… the sweet flowers on them.



bowl of goodies…..zoey can’t stop carrying the GIANT rhinestone with her everywhere she goes in the house. she call it her ….jewries….


love the jar of buttons….and the trio of vintage, plastic angels. they will probably be glued to a shelf. i found a cute shelf at G.W. for $1.50. it is super HUGE, but now it is super WET because of the rain. i didn’t even get a chance to alter it. would have looked soooooo sweet with a rose plate covering the primitive heart at the top and these angels glued onto the bottom. oh well… least the idea is there.



loving these sweet old socks…..back in the day….order a magazine subscription and you get some little bo peep sweet hosiery… the form of children’s socks. nowadays….you just get a huge bill for missing issues of overpriced magazines you pass onto your friends.


i found this sweet fabric in the form of a crib bumper not too long ago at the bins in g.w.   total cost….50 cents. what to do???? i cut the batting out of each panel and will reuse the fabric. i will reuse the batting to make small pillows out of my old linens….


lastly…..i found this project somewhere on a texas blog out there, so i certainly can’t take credit for this one at all!!!


salt shakers that don’t have matches…..put a wire into the top of them and then they can hold a cute photo……love it.

zoey’s sweet hand and arm filled with home grown tattoos by arek…..that is what happens when i don’t pay attention to the kids for 10 minutes…..i am too ashamed to show you the rest of the tattoo destruction…..arek even drew zoey a new butt crack. hummmmm. arek too those foam stickers and drew on the sticky side of them with washable marker. then he stuck the design (sticky side) on zoey’s skin and made prints of his design. very clever arek… go take a bath.


okay…stomach is totally hurting. why???????? stop.

better go and figure out why i have this terrible stomach ache…..again.

have a glorious night….enjoy your clutter and don’t watch too much news….



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alone time at the city wide…….leads to a clutter binge!!!


i have not blogged in a million days it feels like. i have been distracted by many things lately. i will share those bits of news soon! good stuff…..but change…it will be a coming. i have decided to close down my booth by the end of the month of may. i am sad, but i have to do it. i have been reluctant about buying things lately, so i haven’t blogged much because of that. wellllll…….today changed that. i had 6 hours to myself for the lampassas city wide, and it was wonderful!!! there are folks out there that were willing to help me with the kids so i could have some alone time. i shopped until i ran out of money, strength and space. what clutter….what fun! thanks miss evette for all the goodies!!!! marta….i am glad you beat me to that typewriter!!!……and….i will share some of the really pretty vintage clothes i got soon. i also found a 25 cent bag sale at one booth that left me with at least 8 vintage dresses (not fab, but cute enough!!) and a vintage beaded sweater that nobody took. i found a 50% off table too……but mostly today i found linens galore!! i have to take a junking hiatus for the next few months, so this flea trip was a last hoohaa as my friend sally would say for the next couple of months. RON….SO SORRY THE TRUCK LOOKS INSANE. it will declutter soon… has to. i am way too ashamed of myself for my sloppy antics. i should go to clutter rehab, but then i would get addicted to the cookies we would share at the beginning of the meetings and if i eat those like i gobble junk…..oh know.


this is the back of the truck. i have 2 big boxes and other stuff…..what is the ladder and zoey’s toy doing back there???? and a rug from arek’s room???? and there is a car booster seat that has a black spider living in it that is so big, i’m afraid to disturb it for fear that it might consume me and all my pretty vintage dresses.

i brought about $100 with me today. i used to bring about $40 for all my flea attempts, but today was a special day. i think i did very well with my $$$$ funds. i collected so many neat things. i will show them as i unload them. i took a few pics of some of my finds. i am so into lace and linens right now. also anything pink/pottery/dishes, smalls, figurines, little clutter and old photos. i scored with some of those today.















i just can’t help myself.

starting next week i will mark ALL items in the booth 50% OFF. i will bring in some lot bags of stuff as well during the month and maybe a few other goodies too. the last week in may will be my blowout week. i will seriously discount what is left and will even take bids on all items left.

i have enjoyed my little booth endeavors ooooohhhh soooo much. for all of you that have supported my booth and my blog……thanks a billion. really……thank you. the blog will continue of course, and i plan to get back into the junk bizness sometime in the fall. once junk is in your blood… stays there i think.

hope you all had some happy hauls this weekend…..time for another glass of water and this wind to stop already. ooohhhh yo gabba gabba time…gotta go.

take it easy…..



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junkin food diet… foolin!


this ain’t no april fools……i love junk food almost as much as i love junk!!! seems fitting, righ? well…not really cuz nothing fits. i stepped on my pretty, vintage country green scales today and i realized i should lay off the SPARKLE (as zoey calls them) donuts and stick to some lowfat yogurt and a rice cake instead. then i remembed how delicious these babies are and i realized that the world runs on donuts and coffee. i’m part of the world…therefore i fit the donut equation and x=custard filled with chocolate glaze. yum.

arek and zoey insisted we buy a dozen donuts yesterday after school. okay. arek touched like everyone in the display case, so i had to buy a bunch.  then they both begged me for one before we could get to the car.  don’t you love when kids throw a fit about eating something they just can’t wait to devour while you are driving somewhere??? i don’t let them eat in my car, but ron’s truck is a feeding trough for this power hungry family of 3. sorry ron. i am sure there are hard tator tots that have fossils in them by now under your seat.. you truck is officially the chow mobile.

anyway, i gave zoey a colorful sprinkle donut to eat on the way home. by the time we got there, she had licked all the sprinkles off and squeezed the remaining donut cake in each hand until her hands oozed with sugar and glaze. her face was sticky and she had a sprinkle mustache and her clothes (yes, she had some on) were covered with little, sticky crumbs. yum. she asked me very politely when we got into the house to ‘wash the sticky donut off her hands’. she used an adjective and i was so impressed. then the real feeding frenzy happened………

me…i ate FIVE of those evil cakes. my gosh…i’m starting to gain so much weight. i have a very active sweet tooth after i get the kids home from school. i pig out on JUNK and drink coffee and then i want to sleep. today i turned U2 on the ipod in the kitchen and adjusted my fatique to a much more manageable level. i consider the sugar a creative surge to make it thru to the evening. i know a walk would be much more beneficial, but i’ve habitually turned to carbs the way i do to junk. woe is me. where is the treadmill? richard simmons….would you like to join me in a tea staining project followed by an hour of disco sweat? i need to be workin at the car wash instead of eatin in the carseat.

anyway…onto just a few projects and some really fun jewels i found at a new junk haunt on the way to georgetown, texas. it is a trading post and packed with lots of rusty, dusty, neat old stuff. i didn’t take photos of the other finds yet, but i did find a bunch of costume jewels i thought interesting….




love the rhinestone pins!! they were marked $15 for the set, but i am sure i got them for less than $1. score.

i plan to use the prisms for a chandie redu i’m in the process of finishing and a funky, retro chandie lamp i will finish soon as well. it came with these 60’s green prisims…


i think i will use them to make necklaces with. also may use them for my white chandie redo!!

i also found these brilliant old bingo cards and dusty playing pieces at the trading post as well. i took several cards to the booth today.



i washed all these pieces and took them to the booth as well. they just go on and on! if they were donuts, they would stack to the ceiling like a dr. suess story.


i found this statue at the trading post as well. she was painted gold, but i had to put a creamy coat of white on her. she resides with 4 other ladies in the living room now. they are competing for a space on the next season of the bachelor. i made this little collage quickly last night and thought the statue was golden once, so she deserved a tribute to her past look.



this is the best arek could give me. at least it’s not a ghost pose. i was told today by arek that he ‘broke up’ with his girl. broke up? what grade are you in? a third party female was the wedge that divided him from his ‘girl’. how can this happen already? please…just go play with your legos and make roller coasters on the computer and have another sparkle donut. yikes.


if you are in the area this weekend….. please come shop at CRAFTER’S  for a SATURDAY yardsale/sidewalk sale!!! should be lots of bargains and i think the weather is going to be nice!!!the sale has already started today…tomorrow…friday and saturday will be the BIG outdoor day for the sale!!!! i won’t have tons and tons to sell for the yardsale part, but i sure will be buying!!! sorry ron. i will have a 20% off sale for my entire booth on saturday only. i have also marked several items down as well.

hope to see you all there!!!!!!

okay….i need some water and a 5K run. that means i am going blogging instead…..need to see what the gals at round top are up to!! you all stop foolin around and go get ya a snack already….that way i won’t feel like the only one…



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bag lady, pack rat, hoarder, shopaholic….if it quacks like a duck, it’s probably spring or something like that.


yes….that is me. the bag lady. what does one do with a hyperactive two year old, way too much rain, a sore throat and $20 in her pocketbook (well, if i can pick one out that is)???? she heads off to the g.w. bins and buys more crap!!! i found this little heart that says THE BAG LADY today and it made me laugh. i want to alter it and glue buttons to it or something, but i think i may keep it and hang it in my closet to remind me what a pack rat i really am. i have great intentions of clearing the clutter. i dream of organizing and downsizing the sweet junk in my life, and i do…..BUT i go back out again and again and buy more, more, more. what do they call that????? crazy. but it’s way too much fun. my back porch looks like santa’s workshop….only i have no elves to help me work.

i have no idea what my post header means,  but i know that it’s spring almost and that means cleaning out. so why do i not do that? why do i insist on bring more home???? welllllllllllll……i think shopping for junk over and over again spawns new ideas over and over again. the process of picking thru bins and plowing thru baskets gives me an opportunity to come up with new ideas.  i see my old existing junk with new light and my new junk finds are exciting, so it justifies my junking cycle. life has cycles….frogs have cycles….seasons, crops, ad campaigns….why not junk?

after i hit g.w….i put some new goodies in the booth and took zoey lipstick shopping (she has more of it than a drag queen with a $1000 macy’s gift card) and told her we had to hit the sally store next. i didn’t hit pay dirt, but i did find some super cute stuff!!  a vintage scale (from the 1940’s and cottage green!), a lazy susan (my twin), tons of vintage pictures and frames, glassware, shabby chic curtains, a few linens, a really big metal lamp, teacups, saucers, and a pink riding toy for zoey. total spent…..$35. is that too much? ack. i had to carry 4 bags of crap….including a metal, rusty scale and a lazy susan that wouldn’t fit in the bags and a HUGE metal suitcase (99cents) packed with all my other crap. zoey was wearing flannel p.js. (cuz that is what she wanted to wear) and pushing her toy down the shopping center sidewalk and i was carrying all my crap. the ladies at the german bakery laughed at me. i know i looked like a freak. i was still wearing the same sweat pants i’d had on the day before and the day before that. what a shame. what have i done to myself????? ron…you must come home.

i don’t even go near the mall. i go nowwhere near department stores. i stay out of’s way and i try not to go to the bookstore. this justifies my junking habit. i think i didn’t pay more than 75 cents for any of those purses above. i really have been like this since i was small…..a collector….a visualist….a decorator. i don’t think that justifies the 4 bag of plastic eggs (very cute ones may i add) i paid 25 cents for the other day. like i can’t stop at one cuz they are 25 cents.

blah, blah, blah….oh….why is it that i can find a cute vintage purse for 75 cents, but i can’t find ziplock bag of food that will open correctly? is it just me or do others have problems with those darn bags that say ‘tear here’ and then say on the front that they will zip back up for your food’s freshness. whaaa? i get so frustrated. i can’t ever find a pair of scissors when i need one to cut the bag. i can’t tear it. they DON’T tear. i end up cutting them with a knife (almost slicing my fingers) and then securing them back with a vintage plastic clothespin. so much for convienence. and don’t get me started on opening salad dressing bottles with all that plastic and then the little thingy you have to pull off the top of the bottle with your teeth???? and spices???? whaaaaaa….i end up piercing them with a fork and then i rip that little shaker thing right off and just use them that way.

see…vintage stuff is simple….easy to use….the way it’s intended to.


pillow i glued together with an old slip bottom and toile cutter fabric i found for a quarter.




found the french book at the knot hole last weekend. i love these handwritten papers i found it the book. i put the book at my booth, but i kept these papers. they are so wonderful. i also put the statue shelf at my booth. i flanked it with postcards i found in france a few years ago. flea marts in france are waaaay too expensive for me, but the postcards are plentiful and cheap. i wish i would have bought more actually.


found the shabby curtains for $6. i am saddened about the closings of rachel ashwell’s stores. i read her blog and she’s so true to her style. i am sure things will work out. i am sure she has ‘people’ working for her that can help her restore and rethink her stores, products and image. i think she is writing a new book or already has. i CAN’T WAIT. loved rachel since day one!!!


since my sink is ALWAYS full of dishes, i make sure they are cute ones!! i love florals, melmac and silver plate trays and bowls. i also love clear glassware….little plates, cups, serving bowls and trays. i don’t use paper plates. i’m too lazy to take the trash out….so i have dishes to do constantly.


found the shoes today (vintage 80’s) and plan to alter them.


love this book for 25 cents.


primitive stars, quilt, and rusty can for less than $2. i plan to alter these stars with old photos and buttons and rhinestones. we’ll see.


love this….i know it’s vintage because nobody has just 4 toothbrushes in their home anymore. i like 10….some light up…some have themes….some vibrate….some sing……it’s too much.

i plan to use this as a vase of some sort to hold button flowers.



random studio stuff….vases filled with plastic prims, big ole wood buttons i spray painted egg blue, candles, little cloche with egg….just random things to inspire me.


here is a new statue i found for $4 at crafter’s!! that is her original patina blue paint. yummy.


random pretties in a vintage cream bowl…..zoey keeps rearranging it for me.


what to do with all those cute sheets you find at yard sales???? i found this one for $1. i tossed it over a brown round table and now it looks completely elegant. it was quicker than paint and less messy.


let’s see how long it takes me to fill this basket with pink doilies???? why???

okay…i’ve gone on long enough about absolutely nothing. it’s a good distraction from worrying about other stuff i don’t find as interesting….like for instance…the lady at g.w. that told me today that her son was potty trained at 15 months old. i don’t want to think about how that is TRULY possible….i mean really trained…how?? how can a 15 month articulate their bathroom business when they can’t even talk yet? i hear people tell me stories of their 8 month olds potty training and their 11 month olds potty training….but i just can’t believe it…not TRULY anyway. sorry. anyway, she just couldn’t believe that zoey wasn’t potty trained. she said she didn’t ‘DO’ babies (funny she called her that) that aren’t potty trained. i felt like telling her i don’t ‘DO’ adults that aren’t people trained.

will this sore throat ever leave? i better go put arek to bed and sip some tea. time to do nothing else but rest. the junk will still be there tomorrow…and i’m afraid, the day after that too.

you all have a great weekend filled with ideas, cool junk, lots of bag lady tendency shopping trips……



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just what the doctor ordered……..


so i needed a revival today……

i had a moment of hysteria this morning after running on 2 or so hours of sleep and trying to get arek ready for school with drama, and now i’m trying to recover from not one, but TWO sick kids. zoey has a double ear infection, hives, fever, and a crazy, bad cough. arek now has a fever and threw up in the trashcan in the bathroom tonite. i had one of those days when i couldn’t stop doing laundry (accidents in the bed from arek), when i couldn’t stop cleaning up messes (zoey pooooed on the floor like a puppy and threw dishes on the floor today to watch them break, and i couldn’t stop waiting on kids (arek and zoey both wanted to make a diet coke cake and kept asking me for glasses of milk, something to eat, and army men to float in muddy water out back). i figure for sick kids….they sure are hungry, active sick kids. anyway, i think i had xray eyes today. i had one of those days when i could see all the dirt on the walls and floors….thru the cabinets, walls and carpet. i think i could see the bacteria and viruses like the ones they show on cleaning commercials promising you to get rid of creepy, crawly crud. my poor mom had to listen to me whine and go on and on about how stressed out i am. my poor husband had to listen to me go on and on about how much i wish he was here to help. and my poor kids keep asking me about their grammy and their dad. i think they can only stand so much of my neurosis and mood swings. i feel bad for them, but my crew called in sick again and ‘thyroid’, so it’s just mom trying to maintain a string of sanity and and ounce of energy to keep going. i also ache all over and i have a bad sore throat. i’ve been coughing and feeling really out of it too. i wish i could clone my good self. my i’m happy when i am junking self….where are those cloning sheep when you need them? does anyone have a vintage test tube kit i can use to get started?

so after a morning of meltdowns, my husband called and told me to leave the house. i took his advice. zoey said she wanted to go to the bin store. YAY. fine with me!! so to the bin store we went. g.w. bin store. i found very little, but one of my ‘finds’ of the day was there…..ALL $6 WORTH. after we went to the bin store, we went to a charity shop… of the kind with fill a bag of clothes for $1. i can handle that. YAY. found some cute clothes, smalls and a pile of vintage books. i have been buying clothes that have nice prints on them….pretty buttons i can tear off, sequins, etc…. when clothes are super cheap, it’s worth it to use them for projects. i’ve used baby skirts for lamp shades, old slips for stool covers, shirts for pillows….etc.

zoey had a great time at the charity shop. she carried her little baggie around, helped me shop for books and clothes and politely helped me take the hangers off my dresses. thanks zoey…..

on with my finds. a little antidote to a crappy morning and a teaspoon of junk will help the medicine go down…..i was so excited to find this treasure. i can’t wait to put her in my booth for display and fill her with vanity finds, material, small pillows, soaps, plates….etc. whatever!! i am so sure ron is so happy i found this. thanks for suggesting i get out of the house, ron. i can’t wait to move with this thing……..I ADORE IT.


a pink sink!!! love it. only $6. what a find. i wonder what my neighbors were thinking as i was taking this photo outside with a cast off sink, a plate, and some pretty ticking and floral fabrics. swoon.


i also found this crib bumber. no, i don’t have a crib to put it in, but i bought it anyway, because i am a junker and that’s what we do. RACHEL, i know you are eyeballing this, right? can you use it for the baby’s crib? you let me know and i’ll save it for you. it’s soooooooo cute.


found this sweet pillow at the charity shop. it’s so wonderful.


found these two cuties. i totally love these. i found the bunny at g.w. barn and the kitty at the charity shop. i loved vintage toys, but they are a HARD sell at the booth. for the price i found these, i couldn’t just leave them there. i will tie a pretty vintage bow around the bunny’s neck. i will put a sparkly pin on the kitty’s bow.


found some smalls….button pin i plan to paint, pearl candle thingy, birds nests and little garden candles. so sweet.

i also found two really sweet robes for $1 a piece. the one below has a real vintage barkcloth feel to it. i plan to use it to make a pillow….if and when i get that sewing machine to work.



cute books….10 cents and 25 cents a piece. i found about 10 books today. i love them….again, a hard sell at the booth, but arek loves to read, so he enjoys any books i find for him….especially the old school comic books and joke books.

after all the craziness of the day, i made a diet coke cake with the kids….just add a can of diet coke to a store bought cake mix and bake. strange, but it works. you can use regular coke as well. i read this one someone’s blog, but i can’t remember where i saw it. here is zoey before chocolate (i only had a white cake mix on hand, but i added some cocoa powder to it and it worked like a champ)…..




and after licking the spatula……



gross….but hey….a little chocolate is the perfect antidote to a double ear infection and too many rash outbreaks.

guess we all need a little revival…..chocolate, junk shopping, rest and a little diet coke cake slice…..just what the doctor ordered.

now i’m pretending to do this…..


both kids just fell asleep. i don’t plan on sending arek to school. between the three of us tomorrow, i’m not sure if the house will recover. it too….needs a revival.

you all have a great weekend. hope there are an abundance of great treasures out there waiting to go home with you. revive them and then sit back and enjoy.



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purging, book racks, dentists, and enchantment by the way of buttery lace…..


it has been a few days since my last post. life is crazy busy right now. i’m in the process of purging. it is time. may be moving on soon, so i need to start getting organized. for those of you with the junking bug… know how hard this is to do. i have been organizing lace, trims, jewels, boxes of papers, what nots, etc, etc and that is just in my craft area!! i know…my priorties are a little skewed, but that is where i bulge the most with my junk. i have things in boxes…boxes of boxes…foolishness and crazy. i have tons and tons of buttons mixed in with my jewelry, mixed in with my pliers, mixed in with my wire, mixed in with a tangle of necklaces and old earrings. nothing was where it should be a few days ago. i had glue sticks mixed in with safety pins and scraps of paper i don’t even need. wads of old tape stuck to the sides of beads….utter debachery for a night of craft supplies….like a wild party with no supervision. it’s my way of storing stuff i can’t seem to stop buying. i love the way things looks when i buy them.

i become ‘enchanted’ (thanks sally for using that phrase) by the looks of old lace in a bag…sweet old buttons in a jar…a stack of old postcards or bottles of trinkets and what nots that have only a need to come sit on my craft shelf and wait for participation in my collages and lot bags. it’s complete madness.  junk is  the poison apple of my life. it tastes so good, but it is tricky and haunting when it comes to having too much. but clearing it out is my kiss of a prince….i become once again….enchanted by lace…buttery lace; sweet doilies; pearl buttons in jars; old broken shiny rhinestones in bags; old pearl colors; vintage purses; tattered, faded trims, ribbons and linens. vintage pretties cast their spells on me and i take the bite. what can i say???? i told my husband i was starting to purge my stuff and he told me to relax and go have fun. what does that mean????? it means X=LACE. i don’t have enough. the equation is solved. i will continue my hunt. thanks ron.

this is the AFTER. it took me 2 days to clean. it is only 4 shelves worth of stuff. argh.


i have started cleaning my back porch studio area too. same demise….same solution. just keep clearing and clearing until X=LACE and i can continue my hunt for more. i’m almost there. then there are the closets….oh dear….the closets. do any of you have those dreaded cluttered closets???? yikes. i used to store tons of my vintage clothes in arek’s closet when he was little, but if i do that now, his friends will tease him or become jealouse cuz their mommas don’t stash vintage bias cut slips in their closets. i can’t do that to arek anymore. a growing boy needs his space. i redid his room today because i’m trying to clear the clutter from his closets as well. arek is a MAJOR book worm. he loves to read. he loves his books. he still read the ones he read when he was 5. i trashed picked this fantastic rack from germany and i’ve stored his books in here for about 3 years now.


i also recently bought some vintage racks to store the vintage books….very cool…i bought them from a woman that lives on a huge farm. i had so much fun driving to her ranch and digging thru her shed of junk. i bought mainly big items and keepers. i thought it was time to not clutter me up with tons of little things for a change. big things are easier to see, so i know when to say stop (well….not really  little things get lost and hidden and shoved back into corners. it’s hard to know what i have or how much until i have to got thru it.



i know these are juvenile, but zoey sits here and draws while arek is playing in his room. i use both of their rooms as double duty. stuff both of them can play with in each other’s rooms. this is a painting i painted in collage. those dark artist college days….i don’t paint like that at all anymore. i don’t even paint. i craft now….i’m a mom. i don’t have time or energy to paint anymore. i just create. it’s a positive way to look at art making as busy mom.


found this cute french looking fabric face at a junk shop a long time ago for 50 cents. i glued it to a pillow and i thinks it’s super cute.


folk art i collected when i lived in georgia. i totally love folk art….it’s pure and narrative and fun. arek made the wizard of oz sign. i love it. dorothy has a poppy red head and toto looks like a bat. all of the characters only have 3 fingers. talk about folk art.


i also have some photos of cute things i picked up at crafter’s. i am in love with a white butterfly shelf i found for $3 and a gorgeous white cotton shirt i found for $3 as well. i became enchanted…..



sweet pink tickets i found at walmart today….enchantment….


bliss sign going to the booth…  i also altered a box, a little vintage clutch purse and made a huge refrig. magnet all going to the booth…..don’t have pics of the other things. i managed to make like 25 $2 grab bags that i will take to the booth this weekend as well….each filled with bits and pieces of my ‘enchantments’ i have purged to make room for more….lol.


i also took zoey to the dentist for the first time this past week. she did great. she has huge bunny teeth and a 90% overbite. how can a 2 year old have a 90% overbite? what does it all mean?





okay….wind is starting to get really strong….i’m wrapping this up before i lose my DSL. i was enchanted by lace today while the kids were jumping off the couch. they got really loud, so i walked away and hung pretty lace on my crazy, overpriced coat rack.


i also wrapped a big chair in a white cotton duvet cover and pinned it with a rhinestone bling. what a quick way to enchantment….


i’ve gone on and on….like my revolving junk habit….a continuing cycle of embracing small trinkets….like i find them, raise them, and then let them go back into the wild to enchant someone else.

you all have a great friday and hope your sat. mornings are filled with tons and tons of enchanting treasure hunts. blah, blah, blah. i can’t stop



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